Happy (late) birthday Kokuei no Onchuu!

Characters: Sasuke, Itachi, and if you squint hard enough, Naruto. Drink a bottle of wine and spin widdershins five times, and it's an ItaSasuNaru triangle.

I own not Naruto.


He tries to capture the water in his hands, but it always trickles away…

c a p s i z e d

Water is never still.

It's always changing;
always flowing;
an endless dance.

Fluid unstopping motion.
back and forth.

back and forth

And so you must continue struggling to keep up.

(keep your head above water)

Feel the waves lap against your naked skin, pushing then pulling you back in. The ocean seems to be neverending as it stretches on around you in every direction with nothing else in sight, and the bottom so, so far below. No light reaches…

So easily you are pulled beneath.


tangled in the undertow, its icy hands drag you down, down, down…


the coldness of it, plunging into your lungs and reintroducing you to the numb tormentation…


open your eyes and see yourself reflected on the underside of the surface, glimmering from far away. The image distorts, wavers, fades. It isn't really you, but

(deep enough?)

…the nightmare departs, but the pain lingers for a little while longer.

You can feel it
inside of your
pretty little head.

You can still
see him.
Always there.

(i n s i d e o f y o u)

In every sweet droplet of rain.

In every river, recklessly going forwards.

In every wave, crashing down vehemently.

(too deep)

He is the water that keeps you alive, yet threatens to drown you.

Weighing down your waterlogged heart.

Near impossible for you to cup in your hands.

But just one stone can start the ripple that can shatter the entire image.

After all, it's just a reflection.
(the memory)
through it and what you'll find there

and you keep staring at the pool…