Another new one? Yea… I know. I had deleted With you… so I decided to stick another one up. The beginning of this one is kinda lame… but I promise as long as you get past this part, it gets way more detailed, and way better. The beginning isn't very much of 'tragedy' but that will come later. Romance is in the beginning though :P Please read it, and I promise it will get a lot better.

Snowy Nights

Chapter one: Intro.

The car got filled with Sam, Tucker, my mom, my dad, Jazz, and I, as we headed for a trip to Snowy Mountain, given its name for an obvious. Tucker and Jazz sat in the back, Sam and I in the middle and my parents of course, in the front of our RV.

"This is going to be so much fun! Skiing all weekend!" Sam said, as she squeezed my hand tightly.

"Yeah, can't wait…" I teased her, and she hit me with her elbow in the side, and I stuck my hand to my side, as though she hurt me badly. We both laughed, and I felt Tucker kick my seat behind me.

"What was that for?" I asked him, turning around to look at his face, and he just shrugged.

"All of you kids need to settle down," Maddie said, afraid of Jack not paying attention to the road that was filled with snow, making it hard enough to concentrate.

"Ok, we'll settle down," I told her, and I smiled at Sam, who knew that wasn't going to happen.

Although, it did because before I knew, it, I found Sam with her head on my shoulder sleeping, and me with mine on the window, slowly closing my eyes, drifting off to sleep…

"Danny, wake up!" I heard Sam yell, and I could hear commotion throughout the rest of the car too. I sat up, and looked out my window to see white, total whiteness outside.

"We're there!"

"Oh… I hadn't noticed," I said, shaking my head to wake myself up, since I was still half-asleep.

"Grab your stuff, we are going straight to the hotel for the night," Maddie said, and I looked around, expecting someone else to grab my stuff for me. Sam saw my look and sighed, but picked up my two bags as well as hers.

"Thanks," I said, and hopped out of the car. But… I hopped back in.

"It's cold out there…"

"You think?" Sam asked me, and laughed, I just looked at her dazed.

"Come on, the hotel isn't that far from the car," Sam said, and grabbed my hand, dragging me out of the car. I came out finally, but stayed close by her side.

Once in the building, Sam handed me my stuff, and I grabbed ahold of the bags, and almost fell over. I looked at a clock behind the service desk, and it was 1:00 in the morning.

"No wonder why I'm tired," I mumbled, and Sam took ahold of my hand.

"Come on, we can go to our rooms while your parents are taking care of the payments," Sam said, and drug me down the hall. There were 2 rooms for us, one for my parents and Jazz, and one for Sam, Tucker and I. Tucker followed us, noticing we were leaving the room.

"Where are you going?"

"To our room," Sam answered for me, and we got up to room #66.

"This would be it," Sam said, and opened up the door. When we entered the first thing I noticed, was the room was black and white, there were no colors to it at all, just black and white, which I found to be so cool.

"Wow... This room is a bit odd," Tucker said, but of course, did he really care what it looked like?

Two beds were placed at each end of the room, and there was a TV in the middle of the two, hung on a wall. The beds were made of black metal, with black and white sheets, and a striped black and white blanket, which looked like the suit prisoners supposedly, wore.

"I get this bed," Tucker said, and ran to the one closest to the door, so he wouldn't have to move as far I guess…

Sam and I shrugged, and walked to the other bed. My mom said for Tucker and I to share a bed, since she didn't like the idea of Sam and I sharing a bed… but I liked it better.

"Fine by us," Sam said, since it probably was better for us to be farther from the front anyway. Plus, we weren't nearly as lazy as Tucker was, so it didn't bother us to walk a couple of extra steps. I dropped my bags by the bed, and shot under the covers, since it was just as cold in here, as it was outside.

"Tired?" Sam asked me.

"No, I'm freezing," I shivered, and she glanced at me, but didn't pay much attention, because she was unpacking her bags right now and sticking her stuff in the dresser, which was also black… that was next to our bed. Her getting the top 2 drawers, and me the bottom two. Of course though, I wasn't leaving the warmth of the blankets to put my clothes away at 1 in the morning.

"OK, I give up, I'm doing this in the morning," Sam retreated to the bed, and I smiled at her.

"See, Tucker and I aren't the only two lazy ones."

"I'm not lazy, I just didn't sleep the whole ride like you," she teased me.

"Yes you did!"

"Actually hun, I only slept for an hour, while you slept for six hours."


"Are you two gonna talk all night?" Tucker hollered over to us, as though we were really far apart.

"NO!" Sam and I both yelled to tease him, and we both started to crack up laughing after that.

"I didn't shout that loud," he told us, as though we didn't know that.

"Just a joke Tucker," Sam said.

"Good night," he said, and turned the light off on us.

"Hey, I wasn't even in bed all the way yet!" Sam shouted, and the lights flashed back on.

She crawled into bed, and Tucker watched, and as soon as she was under the covers, the lights turned off again.

"Night," I told them both, and turned in the opposite direction of Sam to fall asleep.

"Night," Sam said, and Tucker said nothing, because he was fake sleeping, since he was probably too lazy to even say anything.

I drifted off to sleep eventually, although I was all pumped about being able to go skiing the next day…

Okey-dokey, that was just a beginning, and was REALLY dull, I know, I even think it was dull… but it was an intro., what are you expecting? It didn't even really explain the story at all, trust me, it won't be a happy story after the next chapter… well… maybe some happy moments… but you get what I am saying… I think… But anyway… I ensure you it will get better, and the story will have more detail and stuff, for now though, I didn't feel like it, cuz this part really has nuttin to do with the story…