Rainbows are nice, she thought as she stared at the sky. Her overlarge eyes reflected the colors that sparkled from the end of her mother's wand.

Luna laughed and danced beneath the weaving spell.

"Luna," her mother cried, "Luna, stay back."

But what was the fun of that? If you kept safe than nothing exciting would ever happen. So Luna giggled and ran and twirled through the brilliant colors.

It was just a simple spell, after all. Her mother had told her all about it over roasted cheese and pepper sandwiches. Just a little different, a little better. So what, really, could be the harm? And it was so pretty...

The explosion knocked little Luna Lovegood to the ground. The colors were gone, so suddenly. Snuffed out.

And her mother...

After that, Luna didn't think rainbows were very nice after all.

Disclaimer: Luna and her universe belong to JK Rowling, who is kind enough to let me play with her toys.

A/N: Just a short drabble, nothing more.