Dimensional Disaster Part 1

                                                                                      Fallen Angel


Sailor Janus

Author's Notes: Takes place during the Dragonball Z Android Saga and after Sailor Stars six months after my last fic A Double Edged Sword.

Here's a brief rundown of my last fic so you don't have to go read all 16 parts.

       Hotaru has aged to her appropriate age, which she should have been at before she died in the S series. There is a new senshi, Sailor Janus/ Deidra, who is the dimensional senshi. She is both good and evil although her power bracelets tend to keep her in control. When her ex from the Silver Millennium stole them and injected her with the Dark Light serum, she went homicidal on the Sailor senshi, nearly killing them all. She is also the around the same age as Hotaru. The rest will be explained in this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but Sailor Janus. The other characters belong to their respected creators.


       "Hotaru. I'm sorry, but there is nothing we can do."

       The words echoed in her head as she stared at her father's still form lying on the starchy, white sheets in his hospital room. Shock. Numbness soon took over as reality finally set in. Her father would never come back.

       Tears slowly appeared in her eyes as she continued to stare at the lifeless body. 'This isn't happening. No, this is not happening. He can't be dead,' she thought as her head bobbed back and forth.

       Trista, carefully put her hand on the girl's shoulder, trying to get Hotaru leave the room, but she wouldn't budge.

       Hotaru wanted to scream and drop to the ground sobbing hysterically as nurses try to pull her to her feet, but she couldn't. Somehow she knew this unfortunate event was going to occur soon. She knew and felt her father, who was once a brilliant scientist, slowly slip away from her. She knew death quite well. Often it seemed a normal feature to her life. She had died several times after all. Thankfully, she was fortunate enough to be reborn thanks to Serena's Imperial Crystal and was even able to age to a few times before finally stopping exactly where she should be. A sixteen-year-old girl.  

        "I'm so sorry, Hotaru." Deidra softly said to her friend as her burgundy curls fell in her face. Deidra was a year older than Hotaru, but that didn't matter to them. It was rather pleasant that the dark-haired girl was able to skip a grade.

       A slight smile appeared on the violet-eyed girl's face as she bid farewell to her deceased parent and left the room with Trista and Deidra close behind her.

       It wasn't her fault, Hotaru tried to remind herself. She was evil then. Yeah, but she tried to kill you too.

       The emerald-eyed girl who was also known as Sailor Janus, the two-faced senshi that once guarded the dimensional gates, increased her pace to catch up to the girl known as the senshi of destruction.

       They had grown to be good friends after meeting each other. Both teens were outcasts, regarded as freaks by their classmates. Transferring to a new high school didn't make matters any better. Even after all the tragic events that occurred due to her evil side taking control, Hotaru stuck by Deidra's side. The dimensional senshi knew she would never be completely good, but she tried her hardest and usually succeeded except when she got a little adventuresome.

       "I know it isn't your fault," Hotaru softly said to the girl who had a guilty look on her face. "After he was released from possession, he began to get weaker because, he was supposed to have died in the lab accident. The only thing that kept him alive was that demon, and when it was gone, he slowly began to die. It had nothing to do with you."

        Deidra looked at her shoes. Black boots similar to Hotaru's except hers were knee length boots while Hotaru were lace-up ankle length. She still couldn't get over the notion that she was to blame. She had to do something. "Oh. I'm still really sorry. If only I had killed that bastard ex of mine to begin with, this wouldn't have happened!"

       "Deidra, you weren't yourself. I know how that is. You were like his little puppet," Hotaru calmly said. 'I wish she'd lay off the subject!'

       "Yeah, I just feel responsible. Oh, here's your student ID. They gave then out in class yesterday when you skipped," the burgundy haired girl smiled as she handed Hotaru the small plastic card.

       "Thanks," Hotaru smiled back as she accepted the card and shoved it in a pocket in her dark colored jeans.

       "Anywhere you two want me to take you?" Trista asked as they pushed through the glass doors of the hospital. The warm breeze eased Hotaru's mind slightly.

       "To my house. I just want to spend sometime in there," Hotaru answered as she looked up at the green-haired woman.

       "Are you sure?" Trista asked with a concerned expression on her face as she unlocked the doors to her car.

       "Yes, I'm sure. The house is mine now after all," Hotaru softly said waited for Deidra to climb in the back before taking the passenger seat.

       "Okay, but if you need anything at all you know where to reach us."


       "Hotaru, you are looking really terrible," Deidra said feeling concerned for her friend as they unlocked her front door and walked in.

       "I'm fine. Let's just change the subject," Hotaru sighed as she pushed the door shut and looked around. It seemed so different for some reason. Like everything was an illusion. Nothing appeared familiar anymore.

       Deidra noticed Hotaru's far away expression and suddenly got an idea. "Hey, Hotaru, I know what we can do to get your mind off of everything!" she eagerly cried out with a huge grin on her face.

       Hotaru broke out of her trance when she turned to look at her friend, noting the girl's face and glimmering eyes. "What? Wait, Deidra, you have that look in your eyes. No! Whatever it is, no!" 

       'At least that worked,' the burgundy-haired girl thought as she tried to persuade her friend to go along with what she was planning. "Come on Hotaru! It won't hurt! I just want to try my dimensional powers!"


       "Please! Nothing will go wrong, I promise!" Deidra continued to beg as Hotaru stood her ground crossing her arms.

       Hotaru arched her eyebrow at her friend. "Are you sure? Remember the last time you said that? You blew up our science experiment!" the violet-eyed girl said as her curiosity started getting the best of her. 'I do wonder what the power would be like though. Anything to get my mind off of father! With my luck, Deidra will have talked into it in no time anyway.'  She decided as she bit her lip.

        "Don't worry Hotaru. Besides, that was an accident. Who knew that stuff was flammable! Everything will be fine. All you'll need to do is contact me on your communicator and I can come and get you!" The other girl grinned as she realized that her friend was slowly putting down her guard. 'After all, what could go wrong?' she thought as she took out her henshin pen and transformed into Sailor Janus.

       The dark-haired girl was still a little hesitant by the adventure. "Are you sure, because you haven't used this new power before. What if you lose me or something happens like I get turned inside out or you send me to a two-dimensional world where I'll be flattened!"

       Deidra giggled at her paranoid friend. "You've been reading a Wrinkle in Time again I see. Don't worry so much! If it helps, transform into Sailor Saturn, that way you'll feel more secure. Besides, I'm going to send you to dimension 517. There is no danger there whatsoever."

       Hotaru was still very skeptical about the girl's newest scheme. "And how would you know?"

       "Geez, Hotaru. Why the third degree?" the green-eyed girl said with a mock hurt expression, flipping a strand of hair out of her face. "As Trista can see into the time, past and future, I can see into other worlds. Trust me." Deidra smiled as she tried to coax her friend along. "Try transforming. You'll probably feel better and no harm can really come to you although you would be going to a very serene forest complete with deer, rabbits, and cute little squirrels."

     Hotaru sighed, knowing she was in a losing situation. Deidra always managed to be able to convince her into doing something that she'd rather not do, but reluctantly the violet-eyed girl agreed as she took her henshin pen out and transformed into Sailor Saturn. "Okay, you win. Just don't lose me there!"

           Janus grinned as her silver and gold twin fans materialized in her hands. 'That took longer than I expected, but it worked,' she concluded as she looked happily at her friend who still appeared to be rather nervous.  "Ready?"

       Saturn bit her lip as she looked at her friend. 'Oh why does she always do this to me?'  she thought as she nodded, "Yeah. Okay, I'm ready."

       Janus's smiled disappeared from her face as she began concentrating on what she was doing. Closing her eyes briefly, she faced Sailor Saturn. "Dimensional Portal Breach!" the sailor senshi dressed in burgundy and hunter green cried out as she brought the two fans together to the point where there was only a triangular sized space between them. With a burst of light, a black hole appeared directly under the purple clad girl, which she suddenly fell through, screaming before it closed.

       Deidra realized that something did not go quite as she planned and her train of thought was broken. "Oh no! That's not supposed to happen like!" she cried out, dropping the fans, which fell to the hard, wooden floor with a clatter. "NO! HOTARU! Oh no...what have I done?!" the girl gaped as she buried her face in her hands and started rocking back and forth on her heels. "Okay, Deidra, calm down. She can always call you on her communicator and then you can go and get her. But where exactly did I send her?!"

           Sailor Janus tried to clear her mind and search for the shorter dark-haired girl, as well as a clue to where exactly she was sent. Deidra's eyes suddenly popped open. "Oh, no. Not there! Dimension 117 is an extremely dangerous place....... Oh no. I lost location of her! Damnit! Why did I have to test out the power now when I have no knowledge as far as how I can bring Hotaru back! Oh am I going to hear it from Trista....." Deidra said aloud as she winced, imagining the lecture she was about to hear.       


        Hotaru fell through darkness for what seemed like forever.  Her screaming had long since ceased since it seemed futile not to mention her throat was now very scratchy. The teenaged girl desperately tried to keep her climbing skirt down and was thankful that she didn't have her silence glaive with her that way she could use both hands. "Oh, why did I let Deidra talk me into this!"  

       Suddenly, a bright light flashed and shone brilliantly before dissipating, blinding the violet-eyed girl for a split second before she finally realized that she now entering a different world. Hotaru could at least see land now, but at the rate she was falling, she was very worried about the landing part!              

      Before the girl knew what happened, another flash of light appeared and suddenly she was no longer Sailor Saturn! Somehow the light caused her to detransform back into her regular clothes, a simple attire consisting of a black tank top with a deep purple lace shirt over it, indigo jeans and a pair of black boots were now clad to her thin body. 'At least I don't have to try to keep that stupid skirt down,' she thought as her shoulder length hair whipped her face, when she suddenly looked down and wished she hadn't.       

        "Oh this is going to really hurt! Damn you Deidra!" were her last words before she hit the hard ground, knocking herself unconscious.


        At the same moment a lavender-haired teenaged boy from the future, was attempting to slowly land his time capsule when he suddenly found himself being the only audience to Hotaru's graceful fall and her rather painful landing. "What the hell was that?" he said has the object fallen and landed on the ground with a thud.

       'I know I should really check on how the others are doing against the androids, but I want to see what just fell from the sky. I don't think that Goku could send an android flying this far, but who knows?' Trunks thought with a smirk on his face as he climbed out of the capsule. After all the pain and suffering those machines of death had caused during his time, they deserved to be dismantled and recycled into soup cans. "But what if they need my help?" Trunks continued to argue with himself as he put away the time capsule.               

        Glancing back to the site where he witnessed whatever it was, fall from the sky and crash on the ground, and then to the sky, the blue-eyed boy, finally decided that his curiosity was winning so he took off and flew to the exact location where the object fell. However, Trunks was not prepared for what he found.

       "Whoa! What is she doing here?!" he said of the dark violet-haired girl lying in a rather awkward position on the ground as he hovered over her. "Is she what came from the sky? Is she another android?" the half saiyan said to himself as he examined his surroundings, but found nothing unusual. Once again, Trunks looked down at the girl, but didn't notice a change in movement.

         Cautiously, he landed softly on the ground, listening closely to the vicinity, in case it was a trap. Detecting nothing out of the ordinary, Trunks carefully knelt down and peered at the girl, lightly touching her neck, searching for a pulse. "Warm and you are actually breathing so you couldn't be an android, and you are still alive. Now what am I going to do with you? You probably were what fell from the sky, although I don't know how that happened and I can't just leave you here in the middle of nowhere. I guess I could take you to my mother's, after all she does have medical facilities there."

      Deciding, it was the best possible thing he could do, Trunks carefully picked the dark-haired girl up and flew to Capsule Corp.


       Bulma was busy preparing a bottle for baby Trunks when suddenly the doorbell rang.

       "Mom! Can you get that?" she yelled out as she pouring the creamy, white liquid in the plastic bottle. "Hello! Can someone get that! Ahh! Why must I do everything?!"

       Bulma quickly put the bottle down and hastily walked to the front door, swinging it widely opened while looking a little perturbed.

       This look was not exactly the look Trunks was prepared to see as he stared wide-eyed at his mother and nearly dropped the girl in his arms.

        Bulma's expression quickly changed when she recognized the boy standing in front of her. "Hi! Wow, you're back! It's great to see you again!" she exclaimed as she cheerfully greeted the stranger who was actually her future teenaged son. "Oh, who's that?" the mother questioned when she noticed the girl cradled in Trunks's arms.

       "To tell you the truth, I do not even know myself. I think I saw her fall out of the sky and crash to the ground. I didn't want to leave her there so I was hoping you could take her until at least she woke up. I really don't know where else to take her." He explained as he adjusted the girl's weight in his arms.

        "Well, I guess it'd be okay. Follow me." Bulma said as she led Trunks to a spare room where he gently put the girl down on the soft bed, then scratched his head in confusion. "At least I think she fell out of the sky. It's really weird and confusing. Well, I hate to run now, but I want to check to see how the others are doing with the androids. Sorry to leave her here like this, but I figure this would be the safest place. Bye!"    

       "Okay. Well, it was very noble of you to stop and rescue her like that. I'll be sure to tell her it was you when she wakes up!" Bulma smiled as he nodded and went off to find the others. "Hmm, He seems so familiar and I don't even know his name! Wait minute...androids?! But it isn't until a few months before he said they'd arrive. Oh well. " Bulma said as she turned her attention to the unconscious girl. "Now what am I going to do about you? I hope you wake up sometime soon."  


        This is strange. Am I early? Trunks thought as picked up more speed. He just left the site where the mass destruction granted by the androids was supposed to take place but everything appeared peaceful with no evidence of a fight. "What is going on?! Did they already kill them? Did time change?" the frustrated teen from the future said to himself as he decided to pay Goku a visit just to make sure that everyone was still okay and find out whether or not the androids had been activated.

       "Hey Trunks!"

       "Huh?! Oh Goku! Sorry, I didn't even realize you were here!" Trunks said as he tried to appear less startled than he already was. Goku just smirked at the teen as they both stopped their flight and stood in midair.

       "Sorry to have snuck up on you, Trunks. So what brings you here?" The cheerful man said with a laugh as the boy looked puzzled at the saiyan.

       "I came to check and see how you were doing against the androids. They were activated, right?"

       "No, not yet at least," Goku answered as he scratched his head in thought. "Wait, aren't you a few months early from when you said they'd arrive?"

       "What?! This doesn't make sense! Nothing today makes sense!" Trunks grumbled as he landed on the ground and then began to pace. Goku watched the lavender-haired boy curiously as he too landed on the soft earth.

       "Wait, what do you mean, nothing makes sense? Maybe you just programmed your time capsule wrong or something."

       Trunks's frustration was hitting a peak now and he knew he was about to lose it in two seconds. "Maybe, but that doesn't explain the weird lights and the fact that I almost lost control of the capsule or that girl falling out of the sky."

       Goku arched his eyebrow at the boy and then frowned. "Well, maybe the lights caused the problems with the time capsule but what is this about a girl?"

       The lavender-haired half-saiyan looked puzzled as he tried to explain exactly what happened. "Well, it's weird because in a way I think it's possible she maybe the reason I am so early. Like she messed up the time I was supposed to come at or something," Trunks paused to think of how to explain what had happened as Goku looked on in interest.

       "Go on."

       "Well, as I was going from my time to yours, there was this large flash of light and then the time capsule started to shake violently. I feared that I would be stuck in a time current forever. Next thing I know, I am landing the capsule and see something falling out of the sky so curiosity got the best of me and I went to investigate, only to find this dark violet-haired girl unconscious."

       "Whoa! Was she still alive? Or maybe she was an android." Goku brought up.

       "That's what I thought, but she had a pulse so she was neither dead nor an android. I wonder where she came from?" Trunks said as he replayed in his head seeing her fall out of the sky and then finding her on the ground.

       Goku stood there and scratched his head. "So where is she now? You didn't just leave her there?"

       "No, I took her to my mother's. I figured that would be the safest possible place for her. I wish I knew who she was. I don't even know if she woke up yet..."

       "So do you think she is harmless?" Goku thoughtfully asked as Trunks froze at his question.

       "I-I hope so! She didn't appear to be dangerous! Damn it! And she's at my mother's place!" Trunks stammered looking nervous now.

       "It's probably nothing," Goku said trying to reassure the boy when a new thought came to mind. "So, since you're here now, where are you gonna stay?"

       "You know, I never thought of that. Think my mother's past self will take me in? Wait, what am I going to tell her?! Hi, I'm your teenaged son, Trunks from the future. Can I stay here until the evil androids have been activated and then recycled to scrape metal?!"

       "Well, you should have been born by now right? Not to mention you can keep an eye on that girl in case she might be dangerous."

       "Yeah. I did hear my baby-self babbling in a room with my grandfather when I was carrying that girl to a spare room. It would also be a good idea to make sure she is not a threat." Trunks nodded as with a deep sigh. "Um, do you want to come with me in case my mother freaks out or something?"

       "Sorry, you're on your own here. At least you'll have time to train in the mean time." Goku answered with his trademark grin.

       "Oh boy. This will be interesting."


        While, Trunks, was busy training and trying to figure out what exactly he was going to say to his mother, Hotaru was finally, coming to. "Ow, my head," she groaned as she tried to sit up but was forced back down by a killer headache. Displeased, she rubbed her face with her hands and took a deep breath. 'Where am I?' she thought when she came to a scary realization. "Wait. Who am I?"