Going to the Dogs

Chapter One

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Thinking, or if noted, Flashback Telepathy> "Speaking" Narration

Peace and quiet.

That was the only sound in the tower now.

Raven leafed through a spell book, looking for something to entertain her. She was hoping to come across something relatively interesting to learn, and maybe something challenging, too.

Most of the Titans had miraculously landed vacations, or working purposes, all on the same two weeks. Starfire had seen that her favorite Earth show, "The World of Fungus", was hosting a convention in the next state over. Robin, not being able to turn down anything the alien said to him, had gone with her.

Cyborg had learned that the security system at the Titans East was going haywire, and some very interesting things had happened to them when the tried to get in…

This now left her, and Beastboy, alone in the Tower. All of the cities major criminals had been locked up, and weren't due to escaping for another month, Raven figured. All that left to worry about was the normal bank robber or mugger.

Kraal's Guide to Advanced Spelling fell to the ground. Raven hesitated, remembering what had happened the last time a book had fallen. The book contained Malchior, and she still hurt from it, too…

Why hadn't he hugged her back?

She cautiously looked through it, her empathic senses branching out to see if anything was abnormal about the book, or if anything was trapped inside of it. After a thorough search, she gave a half-smile. Time to learn a new spell.

Beastboy was in the training room, working with the virtual reality program. He wanted to get better at fighting, and what a better opportunity to start when nobody -save Raven- was around?

A fist suddenly swung at him, and he ducked instinctively. He changed into a ram, plowing down the virtual Mumbo. From there, he morphed into a lion, grabbing the wand from Mumbo's hands, and snapping it in half.

The startled now-human looked up at him, and attempted to make a break for it. He morphed into something better suited for running, a cheetah, and was so concentrated on formulating a plan to bring him in that he never noticed the telephone pole.

Beastboy shook his head woozily. Though it may only be virtual, it still hurt. He tromped back up the stairs, listening for the sound of Raven walking around.

He poured a glass of soymilk and sighed. He wanted to really get to know Raven while the others were gone, when Cyborg wouldn't smirk anytime he so much as looked at her.

He knows, He thought. He knows I like her- a lot.

Well, at least he doesn't know how long I've liked her.

Suddenly, Beastboy had the oddest urge to see if his journal was still "safely" hidden under a mound of clothes.

He had pretty much zoned out, glass of soymilk still in hand, staring unseeingly at the blank wall, when the alarm sounded.

He jerked, sloshing soymilk all over the place, and half dropping the glass in the process. There was a thump from Raven's room, and a cry of "DAMMIT!"

Raven was downstairs in a flash. Beastboy hurried over to the huge screen, as it showed that Jump City National Bank was in danger of being robbed.

"Whozit this time?" He asked.

Raven's eyes narrowed. "Someone new. Someone average."

He half-nodded, distracted a bit. "That's nice."

At the scene of the crime, the normal, everyday person was going to rob a bank. He looked guiltily up at them, like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar.

"You know," Raven said, rising up above them, and her eyes glowing white, "Consider yourself lucky. Robin isn't here to impose all these speeches on you, and you've got it easy."

"Yeah!" Beastboy added energetically, "And if you come over to us nicely, we'll put in a good word for you. As in, you cooperated."

The bank robber immediately dropped the bag of cash and held out his wrists to Beastboy.

"Well," Declared the green teen, clearly taken aback. "You took it seriously."

The bank robber sat obediently down on the floor, still holding his wrists out.

"I'll go call the police." Raven walked off in search of a payphone.

Ten minutes later, the cops were going through their normal, "Thank you so much, Titans! What would we do without you?"

Back at the tower, Raven took off to her room again before Beastboy could ask her if she wanted to rent a movie.

Wonder what she's up to, Beastboy thought off handedly.

Occasional soft sounds came from Raven's room, but Beastboy thought nothing of it. He merely sat on the couch, literally twiddling his thumbs, debating whether or not he should get up and ask Raven if she wanted to rent a movie.

But really, short of sudden death, incineration, sarcasm, or a near-fatal "accident", what could go wrong?

Raven, in her room, with her book held open in front of her, cautiously exhaled.

"I can do this." She said to herself, flexing out her fingers for no apparent reason. She cracked her knuckles, and murmured, "C'mon Rae, you can do this."

"Wait, did I just call myself Rae?"

Beastboy, what the hell are you doing to me? Raven wondered furiously. You're making me lose my mind! And I'm talking to myself again. There I go, one of the first signs of insanity, talking to yourself…

"Snap out of it, Rae!" She commanded herself, and then closed her eyes in disgust.

Downstairs, Beastboy pushed himself off the couch, having made up his mind. He was going to ask Raven, no matter what fate could dish out once he knocked on her door.

Though it could hurt, it would probably be worth it.

Walk, feet, walk, He commanded himself, maybe Raven won't kill you this time.

"Cinco sentidos, não mais!" Raven cried, finally feeling the spell work. The power felt great, as the energy swooshed through her veins, thrumming through every nerve, awakening each one.

"Cinco sentidos, não mais!" The rat in front of her suddenly ran headlong into her ankle, as another suddenly looked very disorientedas if pawed at the floor, as though trying to figure out if it was still there.

Beastboy could hear incantations being recited behind Raven's closed door, but he decided it must not be too important. It didn't sound like something could be flying around the room, so he knocked on the door, but he found that it slid open easily.

"Cinco sentidos…"

"Hey Raven, do you want to go get a movie?"


Beastboy suddenly saw a get of black energy, cackling with yellow lightening, being sent straight at him. Reflexes doing into action, he went for a morph. He felt the spell hit him, and an odd fizzy sensation, as though he was drowning in carbonated bubbles, engulfed him. Feeling as though floating, he stared up at Raven's angry face.

"BEASTBOY!"Raven roared.

"Roof!" Came the reply.

Raven glanced down, and noticed that Beastboy was currently in dog morph.

"Well, gee, thanks stupid!" Raven snapped, her hands thrown up in the air, various objects shimmering with black, "You made me mess up!"

"Woof, grr-oof! Roof!" Dog Beastboy continued barking, seemingly intent on telling her something.

Raven looked oddly down at him.

"You can change back now."

"Grrrr…. Woof! Woof!" Dog Beastboy seemed to be grinning lopsidedly, his tail going a mile a minute.

"Oh, for the love of Azar!" Raven snarled.

She concentrated on Beastboy's head for a second, and then she felt her "connection" click into place. She dearly hoped that Beastboy would be able to talk back to her.

Beastboy? >

Huh? What? Who said that? And what are you doing in my head?>

And obviously he was.

ME, you idiot. Raven, the creepy one.>

You're not creepy.>

That's not the point. You can change back now.>

Dog Beastboy let out an apologetic sort of woof. Raven glanced at him sideways, confused.

Well, you see, I sort of…can't…>


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