Going to the Dogs

Chapter Four

His fears were confirmed.

His potential girlfriend was crazy.

Thoughts, unless noted differently. (Telepathy)

Beastboy started to slink off, hoping that she wouldn't notice.

"Oh, no you don't." Her hands shot out and grabbed him. "C'mon, Robin's got some leashes and collars in the basement."

(How do you know what's in the basement?)

Raven sent him a sarcastic glance. "Ever notice how I just disappear sometimes?"

(Oh,) He said, feeling a little bit sheepish.

Raven led the way to the elevator, and throughout the twisted labyrinth of boxes downstairs.

(This place,) Beastboy began, (Would make the most awesome setting for a horror movie.)

"Yes, and it's titled When Tofu Goes Bad."


"That was a cheap shot, I'll admit it."

Raven rummaged in a box labeled Pets.

Come on, I know it's in here somewhere…


Raven pulled out a black collar, and a leash still in the package.

She noticed Beastboy's wary look.

"Hey, it's a fifteen foot leash, okay? It will give you some run. And I won't put the collar on too tight, I promise."

(Okay, I'll trust you…)

Raven tore the collar out of the plastic, and adjusted it. She slipped her arms around Beastboy's neck, and fastened it.

"Is that okay?"

A green dog looked up at her, the collar nearly hanging on his shoulders.

(It could be a wee bit tighter, don't you think so?)

Raven narrowed her eyes, and with a flick of her wrist, the collar was way too tight.

(I'm sorry, I take that back!)

Raven's eyes returned to their normal color, and the collar finally hung just right.

"We're going now." She announced, slapping the leash on.

(Wait. We're going now? Why now?)

"Because if we wait forever," Raven said through gritted teeth, "Then we won't get anything we need."

Beastboy had half a mind to sit on the basement floor, but he remembered that she held the leash.

He had never felt so controlled in his life.

A few minutes later, Raven stood in front of her mirror.

She twisted around, and turned this way and that way.

"I have got to get new jeans." She remarked, taking notice of the hole in one knee.

She had abandoned a hooded sweatshirt- it was way too hot out, anyway. She also felt slightly vulnerable without her hood, so to compensate, she pulled on a black bucket hat. Purple hair still peeked out.

Slipping her feet into cheap flip-flops, she made her way out of her room to find Beastboy sitting outside her door.

He stared at her.

Her cheeks heated.

Damn, she looks good.

(You look… different.) He decided, and then wanted to kick himself.

"Thaaanks, that makes me feel so confident." Raven shot back, unsure of how to respond.

(I mean different as in nice.)

"Okay," Raven said, raising an eyebrow. "Let's go."

She took the leash into her hands, and proceeded to drag Beastboy out the door.

(Wait! Wait!) Beastboy said frantically, (Don't I get a disguise?)

"It would be too much work." Raven answered.

(Too much work?) Beastboy demanded, his voice rising up an octave or two.

"I could dye you blonde so you'd look like a golden retriever, but you'd give yourself away anyway."

There was silence for a minute, and then he said, (Are you mocking me?)

Raven exited the tower, saying, "Of course not."

But I think you are, anyway.

Once they had managed to get inside the city, both of them grew wary.

"As long as no one recognizes you, we'll be fine."

(In case you haven't noticed Raven- I'M FREAKING GREEN!)

"Well, there is that problem…" Raven continued absentmindedly.

"Once we're past the park, we'll be okay."

(But don't we have to go through the park first?)

"Oh yeah…"

(Wouldn't it be easier to teleport?)

Raven bit her lip. "Yeah, it would be, but we'd attract too much attention."

(Don't you think we're attracting attention now?)

"Oh, be quiet and act like a frickin' dog!"

Beastboy and Raven were safely inside the park.

But they could only stay safe for so long.

They had made it past the kissing couples.

They had made it past the sandboxes and toddlers.

But they couldn't make it past the swings.

"Oh my God, it's them." A girl stood up at remarked.

Beastboy and Raven stopped short.

Oh sh- both of the thought at the exact same time, a thought they never got to finish.

"I KNEW IT!" The same girl who pointed them out screamed, dancing happily. "Beastboy and Raven all the way!"

"No one can deny us the experience!" Another girl hooted, spinning around.

A guy sat with them, observing with a smile on his face.

(We're in trouble, right Rae?)

(Oh, yes, we're in trouble.) She answered back.

(They look harmless.)

(They support us getting together, but I don't think this is the violent pack.) Raven informed him.

(And how would you know all of this?)

Raven didn't answer because she was blushing too hard.

They both decided that they better move, fast.

Another boy sat down on the grass, conversing with someone else, wearing a custom-made tee that said BB/Rae is all I sleep, breathe and read!

However, the doggy instincts in Beastboy started to act up again.

(Oh, not again.) Beastboy moaned, not aware that he had "spoken" aloud.

"What is it?" Raven hissed, while another fan professed his love for their coupling.

Another sat with a photoshopped picture of Beastboy and Raven kissing on her shirt. Hordes and hordes of "shippers", they called themselves, nearly surrounded them.

(RUN!) Beastboy concluded.

"With pleasure."

They, however, had to make it through two last people.

Two girls sat near a tree, obviously proofreading each other's works.

"That's gonna be hilarious, Lastie-dear…" The blonde trailed off, and looked up to notice them.

"Whoa." The girl, called "Lastie-dear" remarked causally.

And then they both proceeded to squeal girlishly.

Raven picked up the pace, the exit just in sight.

"My day is complete!" The blonde cried, and then both of them shouted:


Beastboy and Raven made it out of the park unscathed.

Both of them collapsed- Raven on the bench, Beastboy on the sidewalk.

"We," Raven said between gasps for breath, "Are never doing that again."

(Damn straight.)

The supermarket was in front of them.


(To get out of this morph? I was ready ten minutes ago.)

Both of them glanced over their shoulders, and saw that their fans were following them.

"Let's go."

And with that they walked into the supermarket, neither of them ready for what was in store.

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