AN: This started as a werid essay like fic that Dawn was suppose to write but it became stupid. So I chopped it up and turned it into a 200 word ficlet. I hope it sounds okay. If it's confusing, I'm sorry.

Bleach blonde hair and Caribbean influenced eyes were his trademarks, along with his worn in, leather duster, his kickass doc martins, and permanent sardonic smirk. He threw around harsh words and obscenities like they were salt-there to bring out the flavor, but it was only for show. He was harmless even though it wasn't his choice. No one knew how much the man with evil, and dark brown, roots saved the world.

"And then what happened?" she asked with bright eyes.

"Well…" he drawled with a grin, fully enjoying his story time with her.

Stories that escaped drunken lips amused her in a twisted way. But she listened to him, brunette hair bouncing about, absorbing all the information she could of him because she was obsessed, complete with little red hearts around "S + D" on her Math book. After school, against her older sister's wishes, she would run to his crypt and spend precious time with him until Buffy would come and drag her by her brunette braids out.

"Dawn!" came a holler from the door.

The little girl's eyes went wide and she gave her story teller an apologetic smile.


"Cya nibblet," he replied with a wink.

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