I dunno where I'm going with this; probably no where. I've just read a few stories with Tim and Dally and I thought that they were interesting together, just some thoughts on what could have happened when they fought that night that Bob got killed. Obviously AU from there on out (or revisionist as I prefer to call it ;) I dunno if I like this much, but I was bored. I probably won't continue it.

Warnings: Slash, language, violence. I deleted a few uses of the "F" word and bumped the rating down.

"It's WRONG to slash tires," Dally said to himself mimicking a random authority figure. He grinned faintly. Tim's car was now sitting on the rims of the wheels.

"What the hell?"

Dally turned around quickly and saw Curly standing there.

"You are so dead, Dallas," Curly exclaimed and took off running.

Dally swore and considered for a moment chasing him. It wasn't really worth it though. It didn't matter, Tim would know it was him anyway. This was basically how things always went. They'd fight, Dally would vandalize something of Tim's, they'd fight some more, then they'd have make up sex. It was a constant cycle. Tim went through a lot of tires.

It wasn't until later that Tim actually managed to catch up with Dally. Dallas was in a dangerous mood. Having pop thrown at you and getting told off by the guy you considered your best friend would do that to you. Dally was walking along Sutton, considering whether or not to head over to the Dingo.

An arm was flung over his shoulder suddenly. "You know Dallas, destruction of private property isn't very nice. Didn't they teach you nothing in the cooler."

"Tim," Dally's voice was cool.

"Hey hot stuff."

Dally glared. "Screw off and die."

Tim laughed. "Think we could skip the part where I kick your ass and go to the sex?"

"No. 'Cause there ain't gonna be no sex this time. It's over."

Tim rolled his eyes, confident that the younger boy would come around quickly enough. "Let's do this."

Dally sighed. They were standing by the abandoned lot; a perfectly good place for a rumble. He glared at Tim and dropped into a fighting stance.

Just then Curly Shepard came running up, grinning from ear to ear. "I told you you was gonna be in deep shit. I told you didn't I?"

Dally shook his head. Curly had to be one of the dumbest hoods he knew. I couldn't understand why Ponyboy would even give a guy like that the time of day, much less be buddies with him.

Curly grinned excited about the prospect of a fight.

"Shut up and stay out of the way," Tim commanded his brother, turning his attention back to Dally.

Tim threw the first punch, which Dally ducked almost effortlessly. He countered, catching Tim in the face. Tim had a feeling that that was going to bruise. He knocked Dally to the ground and half sitting on him began pummeling his ribs. He could almost hear them crack under the force of his fist. Dally rolled Tim off and they rolled around neither getting the upper hand of a few minutes. Finally it seemed that Dally was winning. Tim was on his stomach, Dally kneeling on his back, twisting his arm behind him and screaming his hatred for Tim and the world in general.

Curly was standing off to the side screaming encouragement to Tim, who was ignoring him and he realized that Tim was definitely going to lose. He couldn't stand Dally. He didn't like the amount of time that Tim spent with him and couldn't understand how they were constantly going from inseparable to trying to kill each other. Anyway, if Tim lost a fight to Dally it would be trouble. Tim was a gang leader, Dally was just some stupid punk. If it got out that he beat Tim, pretty soon everyone would be challenging Tim's authority.

Almost without realizing it, Curly pulled the switchblade out of his pocket, and charged at the two boys fighting.

Tim's face was mashed into the dirt and Dally was kneeling on him. He wasn't too surprised by this. It wasn't that Tim wasn't a good fighter, but Dally was obviously angry and well, that could be a pretty lethal combination there.

Suddenly it stopped, Dally's weight was suddenly off of him. Tim rolled over, confused, wondering what was going on. Dally was sitting there, a shocked look on his face, which was now a sickly white. Curly was standing over him, knife in his hand, looking nearly as pale.

"Oh God, oh God," Curly began mumbling over to himself. Tim was still trying to take it in. He stared at the front of Dally's white shirt. It was staining quickly with blood.

Dally wasn't saying anything. Tim could see the fear in his eyes though. It was only overpowered by hatred. "You told him to do that," Dally whispered.

Tim shook his head. "No, I… no don't think that." He didn't even know what to do. Scream at Curly? Take care of Dally? At the moment Dally took precedence. Curly's sorry ass would be there tomorrow for a beating.

Tim nervously knelt next to the blond. He started to lift Dally's shirt.

"Don't touch me. Don't you touch me," Dally whispered. He struggled, trying to get to his feet.

"Dally, please… I swear I didn't know he would do that. I mean I knew he was dumb but I didn't know he was that dumb."

Curly was still standing there, holding the knife. He'd never stabbed someone before. He'd expected Tim to appreciate the help, not be all worried.

"I'd drive you to the hospital, but my car doesn't have any tires," Tim said. Still trying to figure out what to do. He hoped just talking would calm Dally down enough that he could at least look at the wound.

Tim tried again to look at the injury. Dally didn't protest this time. He just sat there trembling, glaring openly at both the Shepards.

To Tim's relief, Curly didn't appear to have hit any major organs. It was pretty deep though, and Tim worried about blood loss. "You need to be in the hospital. Curly, gimme that damn knife and go run and get help. Say that we was just walking by and we found him like this and somebody must have jumped him."

Curly nodded and handed the knife over to Tim, glad to have it out of his hands.

"The Curtis's are just around the corner," Dally said.

"Good, go get them then," Tim commanded.

Curly took off running.

Tim wiped the handle of the knife, hoping to have eradicated any fingerprints and tossed it quickly across the lot, using his shirt as a buffer between his hand and the knife.

"You got it Dallas? Some one jumped you and stabbed you."

Dally glared. He wasn't promising anything.

Tim pulled off his shirt and pressed it against Dally's side. "Please?" God this was embarrassing, begging like this. "Look, Curly is just a kid, and he could get in deep shit for this. I mean this ain't no kiddy crime: assault with a deadly weapon?"

Dally was silent.

"I swear to God, go along with this or I'll kill you."

"Don't threaten me. I'll say what I want to who I want."

It was Tim's turn to get quiet. Why the hell can't I have normal relationships? He wondered.