Written 06/28/05

Fear of the unknown

(Dr. Elizabeth Whir point of view)

By: Potterfan2006

Getting in a Puddle Jumper for the first time for the first time since we arrived to Atlantis I have to admit it was a little scary especially after that dream that I had that put me in the infirmary because I got sick. I just keep telling myself that it was just a dream and flying in a Puddle Jumper is safe and the wraith cannot kill us while we are in the Puddle Jumper. As I set down and got strapped in with John Shepherd next to me in the other pilot seat. He was checking everything for take off he then said the six little words that I dreaded the most at that moment. That we were ready to take off, he then opened the roof of the hanger where we kept the entire Puddle Jumper fleet. I felt my butterflies grow about 10 and I felt that I was going to be sick. Unfortunately John looked over and saw the look of horror on my face. He put his hand on my shoulder and he said "Elizabeth look this is a routine mission." But I still couldn't get my self to calm down as I felt what little lunch I had eaten that day start to come up. So I unbuckled myself from my seat and I ran to the back of the Puddle Jumper and opened the back hatch. I ran out to the trashcan on the other side of the Jumper bay and let that little bit of soup and sandwich go. As my stomach was starting to calm down, I felt a cool hand on the back of my neck and I heard a familiar voice.

"Lass are ye ok?" Dr. Beckett asked calmly.

I turned around and forced my self to look into his eyes there I saw a look of worry, love and fear in his eyes. I shook my head yes and then he said, "Lets get ye to the infirmary lass." After he said that I had to agree all I wanted to do was sleep but I knew I had to go on this mission.

" I have to decline your offer because I need to go on this mission," I declined.

I did not miss the look of worry on his face and I knew that he wouldn't let me leave without him being close to monitor me. So I said, "Why don't you come along we might need you anyway." He shook his head with a sigh.

"Aye lass you might be right," he finally answered.

So we headed back to the Puddle Jumper and we got the mission underway with no further incidents as of yet

The end

Note: I do not own Stargate Atlantis or any of the characters from that show I am just using them