Written 06/28/05

Fear of the unknown

(DR. Carson Beckett Point of view)

By: potterfan2006

Is has been a fairly calm this day, Major Shepherd and his team are taking Dr. Elizabeth Weir out on the lasses first Puddle Jumper ride. Yea see she is going along on a trade mission to find more food and medical supplies because we are starting to run low on both. That is making me worried because we all know what might happen if we run out of them we will starve to death and will have no way to treat and heal all wounds and sickness. Oops is guess that I was wrong on it being quiet because one of my nurses just told me that Major Shepherd just called. He needs me down in the Jumper Bay because Elizabeth just got sick. I knew that I should have never let her go so easily especially after the dream that the poor lass had. In that dream the wraith attacked the Puddle Jumper team while the were in flight and they were all killed. The poor lass was in the infirmary because we could never get her to sleep on her own so I sedated her for a few days so she wouldn't get sick. Well now as I am walking into the Jumper Bay I see her leaning over a trashcan and it does never sound good. I walked over to her and put my hand on the back of her neck. She felt so warm and I started to worry. So I asked her, "Lass are you ok?" she didn't answer me but she turned to me and looked me in the eyes. She just stared and I guess that she was searching for something, she must have found it because she shook her head yes. I still wanted to have her checked out properly so I said, "Lets get ye to the infirmary lass." After that she seemed to think abut it for a little bit before answering me.

"I have to decline your offer because I have to go on this mission," she declined.

Then she looked at me again and the next thing that she said caught me off guard "Why don't you come along we might need you any ways." I figured that she might be right because you never know what will happen with Major Shepherd and Rodney McKay so I shook my head with a sigh.

"Aye lass you might be right," I agreed.

So she turned around and headed for the Puddle Jumper. I followed her, when we got in the mission was underway and I vowed to myself that I will tell her one of these days that I loved her but just not now because I need to make sure that she is ok. So I watched her the whole time during the mission and she was fine she must have just been nervous. In the end everything was great.

The End

Note: I do not own Stargate Atlantis or any of the characters from that show I am just using them