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Summary: A world afraid of the night, have good reason for the fears, for dark things may lurk within the shadows of the night.

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Shadows of the Night

Chapter 1: Of Children's Stories and The Night

On the other side of the Stargate, it was quiet. A soft mist clung to the air, while a lone breeze stumbled across the land, whispering sweet nothings into Jonas's ears. Hanging above him, the sky smiled down on him, a dark, peaceful smile that touched him to his very soul. Hundreds of tiny stars blinked at him, while the moon drifted amongst them, shrouded in the dark shadows of lingering clouds.

The entire world was asleep, apparently the visit of SG-1 had interrupted the night at a bad time. Even as Jonas squinted to see the village hiding off in the distance, nobody came to greet them. There was supposed to be a welcoming party. The leader of the village said to come any time, day or night, there would be a party awaiting their arrival. Nobody had said anything about that party being invisible.

"I don't think there's anyone around." Jonas mused aloud.

Jack turned to him, dark eyes sparkling sarcastically. "Ya think?" O'Neill replied, keeping his voice barely above a whisper.

Jonas said nothing to the Colonel's comment. He only shrugged and took tentative steps away from the gate. Something moved beneath his foot, and when he looked down, he was greeted by two tiny, glowing red eyes. Eyes that watched him eagerly, waiting to see what his next movement would be. Without thinking, he let out a slight yelp and jumped back. The red eyes quickly scurried away, an annoyed squeal following it.

"The locals are slightly antisocial, don't you think?" Jack questioned, watching the tiny creature hurry off.

"I don't think that was one of the locals that we're looking for, sir." Major Carter replied, her voice slightly amused.

Somewhere from the right of the gate, a series of snapping branches was heard. The sound split through the night, and SG-1 jumped, Colonel O'Neill drawing his weapon and taking a quick aim.

Nothing crept from the shadows of the gate to greet them, there wasn't even a second sound that gave away the fact that there may have been something there. Something hiding, and watching.

Jonas shook his head, his mind was beginning to wander in directions that he didn't really want it to go. His mind kept drifting, running rings around the past missions in which they found themselves in situations slightly more supernatural than their training had prepared them for. Surely this couldn't be another of those types of missions. No, he was almost certain that it wasn't one of those mission types. This was supposed to be a simple meet and greet to make new allies and trading partners. That was it. Nothing more, nothing less, the team had a job to do, and they were bound determined to do it properly.

"We couldn't have come at a good time. Perhaps we should go back to Earth and wait until the sun comes up." Jonas suggested.

This wasn't one of those supernatural missions, but he often found that staying in one place for any amount of time, drew trouble to them. Their presence was like a trouble magnet, and there was really nothing any of them could do to stop it. Trouble just seemed to follow them around, and find them in the least likely of places.

"I think that's a very good idea, Jonas. Carter dial us out, we'll come back later." Jack replied.

"Yes, Sir." Sam replied and moved to the DHD so that she could dial them out.

Just as she began to punch in the address, a small, shadowy group of people came walking slowly toward them from within the small village.

"Hold up, Major. Let's see what these people want first. Maybe they're the welcoming party." O'Neill said, raising a hand in a sort of greeting to the approaching shadows.

"Hiya, folks." Jack called, his voice taking on a cheerful undertone.

"You must be the beings from Earth. Forgive us for not being here when you arrived." Came a voice from one of the forms, but it was impossible to tell which while they were only illuminated by a foggy light from the stars.

"Yes, we are from Earth." Jonas answered.

"It is good to meet you, please, come with us into the village. It will be quiet, but it is late, and so I'm sure you would expect nothing more. Come quickly now, we can't stay out here too long." Came the same voice.

"Well, if it's better, we can come back in the morning, whenever that is." Jack replied.

"No, it is quite all right, come, we'll take you to the king's palace."

"Are you sure about that? I'm sure the king is visiting dreamland right now. We wouldn't want to disturb him." O'Neill said.

"You will not disturb him, he is waiting up for you. He has been waiting for several hours."

"Oh, well, in that case. Abort the sequence, Carter. We're going in." Jack said, winking at Jonas's more than pleased, smile.

They walked in shadow, away from the gate, which was a dark shape against the night sky. The mist danced around them, and the breeze whispered to them, words that were inaudible, but it whispered nonetheless.

Entering the village was like entering a whole new dimension. If it was possible, it was even more quiet than what they had just walked out of. There was absolutely nothing going on, not anywhere. All windows were dark. All doors were closed and locked. There wasn't even a single tendril of smoke escaping from a chimney. There was nothing.

"Are we there yet?" Jack asked the shadowed shapes in the lead.

"No, it will be a few more moments." Came a different voice than the one that had spoke to them earlier.

Jack was silent as he followed, his team behind him, gazing curiously about the village that had been silenced by the night.

"It's awfully quiet here. Quieter than I'd expected it to be. You have absolutely no night owls around here?" O'Neill questioned.

"Night-owls?" Came a curious voice, spoken slowly as it twisted around the unfamiliar term.

"People that like the night." Jack clarified.

An uneasy silence fell over the group leading them.

"Nobody dares to stay out long enough to enjoy the night." The voice spoke, sounding slightly taken aback.

"Why not?"

"Strange happenings take place after dark."

"Well, you folks don't seem to be afraid of the big bad wolf." O'Neill replied, smiling slightly.

"What is the big bad wolf?" The curious voice asked again, and once again, the voice was slow and measured as it spoke the words.

"Ever hear of Goldilocks and the big bad wolf?" Jack asked.

"Uh, Sir, that's a different story." Sam answered.

"Oh yes, I remember now, Goldilocks had some weird conspiracy going on with the three bears. Little Red Riding Hood was stalked by the big bad wolf, and it ate her granny, right?" Jack asked innocently.

"Yes, Sir." Sam replied, a trapped laugh thickening her words.

"What's so funny, Carter?" Jack asked.

"You're making children's stories sound like something connected with the mafia, Sir." Sam replied, and now she allowed herself the freedom of laughing.

"Well, you never know, that Little Red Riding Hood could've been a member of the Boston Mafia." Jack replied.

"Ah yes, the innocent looking ones are always the guilty party." Sam murmured to Jonas. He smiled at the statement.

"Forgive me for interrupting, but I am unsure of what you're speaking of." Came the curious voice again.

Sam ceased her laughs and turned toward the voice.

"Don't worry about it. Some things are never understood." She cast an accusing glance at Colonel O'Neill, but Jonas was the only one to see it, for the Major's face was hidden in the shadows.

"I do not believe that Little Red Riding Hood, would be capable of residing in the ranks of a mafia, O'Neill." Teal'c replied somberly.

Sam dissolved into childish giggles again, and this time Jonas, joined her merriment.

"You've read Little Red Riding Hood?" Jack asked, hiding laughter of his own.

"Indeed, I have become familiar with many of your stories told to entertain children." Teal'c said.

"I just never thought of you as a guy that would go for girls in red jump suits and capes. What do you read to your children anyway?" Jack asked.

"We tell our children stories of great warriors and teach them the basics of battle training to entertain them." Teal'c replied.

"Wow, you'd think that would be a lot for a little kid to take in."

"It is not difficult for them."

"Okay, so it'd be a lot for me to take in" Jack said.

"Indeed." Teal'c answered. Jack suddenly fell silent, and a look of mock shock crossed his face.

Carter and Jonas began to laugh again.

"What's that supposed to mean?" O'Neill asked quickly.

"It does not mean anything. I was simply agreeing with your assessment." Teal'c answered.

"Ah." Jack murmured.