A/N: Well, this is my first Outsiders/That Was Then This Is Now fic. It's a bit of a crossover but if you over look that, the main plot is primarily focused on one characters obsession. Anywayz, hope you enjoy!

When Was This?


The lion eyed his prey, carefully analyzing it's movements and making sure that there were no others around to help it. He licked his lips hungrily as the prey bent down to grab at some grass.

Now the lion made its way towards its victim. The animal had no way of knowing that its life was about to end. Then there was a snap as the lion stepped on the tall grass in front of it.

The prey's head shot up, looking in all directions while trying to find the source of the sound that had startled it so. The lion tensed, slowly forcing itself to duck out of site so as to not aware the prey of its presence.

The prey finally deciding that there was nothing to be afraid of out in the plain went back to eating its grass. Now the lion could move.

Even more cautiously than before the lion proceeded to sneak up on the animal it was stalking while said animal was still unaware of its existence. Finally coming to within range of the prey, the lion set itself up.

Its knees bent, muscles contracting and flexing. The lion steadied itself on all fours gathering the strength that it would need for the jump to the prey. The still unsuspecting animal continued to feed itself with the yellowing landscape.

Once the animal had bent down to get another helping the lion knew it was time.

He sprang. With a mighty roar the lion came down on the back of the stunned animal. The lion's claws dug deep into the animals flesh causing rivers of blood to start flowing, almost like a dam that had just been breached. The prey's eyes were wide and were rolling into the back of its head as the animal lost consciousness.

The lion latched it's jaws over the now unconscious animals neck, and with another roar, this time full of a savage blood lust that had taken over from the moment he had caught his prey's scent in his nostrils, it bit down and slowly but surely suffocated the animal.

The breathing slowed and as the lion continued to tear at the throat, the head ripped off the now dead body of the animal.

As blood spewed from the new opening, the lion dropped the decapitated head and while walking away, had what looked like an evil, satisfied smirk on it's face.

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