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Chapter 6

With a sickening thud, the arrow landed in the tree behind Steve, narrowly missing his head.

"What in the…" Steve started, but was cut off as yet another arrow hit the tree behind him with a thwang! "Jesus, Billy, and Sarah!" Steve shouted as he hit the ground pulling Jake with him.

With no other alternative Steve decided to go for the international and well- known way to say that you come in peace. Holding out two fingers in a v-shape he cautiously raised his head and shouted,

"We come in peace!! We mean you no harm!!!"

The arrows stopped. Then all around them there was a muttering in a strange tongue. The mutterers seemed to be having a discussion about what to do with the unknown creatures that had fallen from the sky.

Then after what seemed like an hour, one voice rang out, "Rise humans!"

Taking this as a gesture of trust and promise that there would be no further arrows shot at him, Steve rose, followed closely by a reluctant Jake.

"Who are you?" asked the voice of the obvious leader of the group.

"My name is Steve and this is my friend Jake Marks and we don't know where the heck we are."

"You are in the forest of Trollshaws east of Rivendell and you are in the presence of Lady Arewen daughter of Lord Elrond and you would do best to show some respect human."

"I'll show respect to whoever I please when I think they deserve it. Also, I have to be able to see them." Steve replied boldly.

"How dare…" Said the voice but it was cut off as another, almost heavenly voice, penetrated the clearing.

"That's enough Gladmer." Then, out of the forest that surrounded them, there emerged a woman. But this was no ordinary woman; she was a captivating creature with beautiful features. The only thing that separated her from a normal woman, aside from her heavenly voice and entrancing features, were her pointed ears.

"These humans are obviously not from around here and are in need of our help." She turned away from the still camouflaged group she was apparently talking to and was now facing Steve and Jake. "Please, if you would be so kind young one; tell us what it is you are doing."

Steve smirked. "We're on the trail of a villain/murderer that we need to catch. However, we've been traveling to different worlds and now that we're here we have no way of knowing where we are and how the inhabitants of the worlds we land in will react to us. As you could see, your friends nearly put an arrow through my head, and, well, let's just say I thought you guys were the violent type."

Arewen looked at Steve in befuddlement. "You talk of travel between worlds. We have never heard of such things here in Middle Earth. Please, if you would follow us to Rivendell, I'm sure my father would help you with your search."

With that she turned and started to walk towards the forest. So as not to lose her, Steve and Jake ran to her sides and continued walking with her.

It took about half an hour to get to Rivendell and it was well worth it. The sight that befell them was indescribably beautiful.

The greenery was lush and abundant as well as the life forms. The "city" was stirring with life and new sights as their group made their way towards the heart of the city, ignoring the whisperings that usually occur in a "city" and/or village when outsiders walk through the streets.

They made their way to a tall structure with hardly any walls, almost all of it was held up by concrete columns. As they were entering the bottom of the building, Jake noticed a lone figure, nearly as mystifying and as intriguing as Arewen herself. The figure just stared at them with what seemed to be a glare on its face.

"That was my father," said Arewen, "do not let his distaste for humans bother you. Ever since the incident with Isildur and the ring…" she trailed off as she reminisced.

Steve and Jake just stared at her, not knowing what she was talking about. The ring? Isildur? They shrugged it off as nothing that would affect them.

When they walked onto the top floor of the building they were met by Lord Elrond.

"Arewen why do you escort humans into our midst?" He asked angrily.

"Please father, they are lost and in need of help. We found them in the forest of Trollshaws, just coming out of unconsciousness. We saw two orbs of light falling from the sky and followed them. When we got to where they had landed, these humans were there. They say that they come from another world and are chasing after a murderer who has also crossed into another world."

Elrond looked at her, a questioning gaze fixed on Steve and Jake. "You say that they come from another world and they are chasing after a mystery murderer?" Jake and Steve nodded enthusiastically, hoping that he would believe them.

Just then, someone strode out onto the floor and came to a rest next to Elrond. "Elrond the…who are these humans?" The man who was speaking was old. He had a long white beard and long white robes with a white staff that he used to support himself.

"Ah, Gandalf, just the wizard I was looking for!"

Wizard? Just where in the bloody universe were they?

"My daughter tells me that these two humans are from another world and that they are looking for a murderer who likewise can jump from world to world. What do you make of this?" Elrond asked.

The old man, now known as Gandalf, stared at the two for a long time and then, without looking away, spoke to Elrond.

"One of them speaks the truth." Arewen's features changed to one of surprise, as did Elrond's and the two boys. Gandalf continued, "The other however, tells lies."

Then all of a sudden, there was the familiar feeling of weightlessness and the loss of consciousness as a bright light filled the room.

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