Bonnie sat in a chair, listening to the couple on the bed. The blonde and redhead told her what had happened, only getting nervous when they got to their admissions of their feelings. "So, we thought it only fair to talk to you first," Kim said.

She took a moment to collect her thoughts before responding. "That's fine as long as we're still friends."

The two teens were amazed. "You're sure you're ok with this?" Ron asked.

"Yeah. I've been thinking about it for a while. You were half right. I still feel the same about you, but I need to find out if that's because of you or the attention you give me," the girl answered.

"That's definitely not what the old Bonnie would have said," the redhead stated.

Bonnie smiled. "I still get to say he was mine first, but I also know if he can't have one, then he won't chose either. It's better to see how this new arrangement works, than to make everyone miserable."

Kim got up and gave the brunette a hug. "Thanks, Bonnie. I hope everything works out for all of us."

"No big," Bonnie laughed.

The brunette cheerleader rummaged through her locker before lunch. She smiled to herself, realizing once again that the past few weeks hadn't been as difficult as she had thought. Ron had gained some popularity as he could usually be seen with one, if not two, beautiful cheerleaders on his arms. Once everyone figured out Kim and Ron were dating and she was just a good friend, guys started asking her out. She'd turned them all down gently, most because she'd found out they thought she was Ron's mistress or something. She still thought it was funny that the guy she had thought a loser had become the standard she measured other guys to.

Closing her locker, a different blonde caught her attention. Seeing the small look of hope in his eyes, she waited for him to walk up. "Hey, Josh."

He smiled. "Just the girl I needed to see. I have a question for you."

"Ok," she replied as they walked to the cafeteria.

"I'm working on the poster for the talent show, and I need a model that can show grace, beauty, and charm."

"And you though of me?" she asked, raising a brow.

"Well, Ron convinced me the other day when I talked to him about using you."

"You know he and I aren't dating."

"Sure, but I wanted to be sure to choose the right person. He seems to have gotten to know you pretty well, so I wanted to make sure those traits I see are true."

She looked sidelong at him. "Are they true?"

He gave her a small smile. "Yeah. And I wouldn't mind getting to know the sides I've heard about."

"And what sides are those?" she asked cautiously.

Josh shrugged. "Intelligence, perseverance, mischievousness. The overall impression was a goddess on a pedestal before holy light." He arched a brow curiously. "I should paint that."

Bonnie laughed. "All right. You can pick me up at seven this Friday for dinner. We'll see about modeling after that."

He smiled at her. "Cool."

The two teens sparred intensely, testing the limits of their control and new abilities. Now able to control the shift of forms, they worked to be able to change under pressure and adapt their fighting styles to use the best form at the right times. They had been able to determine that while Kim's new form enhanced her strength, speed, and agility, it did not provide any mystical energy for other uses. Ron's new form gave him the same benefits as Kim's, but it also made his mystical powers stronger and easier to use. He could even form balls of energy if he tried, but this took a lot out of him.

They stopped and switched to their normal forms when they heard the familiar tone of the Kimmunicator. "What's the sitch, Wade?" Kim asked.

"There's a weird hit on the site. Monkey Fist is saying he broke out of prison, and he left a video message for Ron," the boy said.

The heroes shared a look. "Play the message," the blonde boy told him.

The screen changed to Monkey Fist smiling jovially. "Good day, Mr. Stoppable. I assume Kim Possible is watching as well. I congratulate you on fulfilling your destiny as it means I have fulfilled my own. I was to create the Ultimate Monkey Master, not to become it. It has been a difficult journey, and I am glad to see my sacrifices were not in vain.

"My monkey ninjas are at your command by right and will heed the call of your magic. Until they are needed, I have brought them with me to Yamanouchi. I shall continue my training there and know that I will fight by your side if the need arises. I bid you adieu and hope we are not needed by the world in your lifetime."

The screen flashed to the young boy again. "That's all of it. Are you going after him?"

Kim looked to Ron before answering. "No. If what he says is true, we don't need to worry about him anymore. Just keep an eye out in case it's a trick."

Wade nodded as he ended the call.

After a quick kiss, Kim switched to her monkey form and threw Ron with a shoulder roll, starting their training again.


Well, that completes the story. Hopefully, everyone enjoyed it. I admit this is a short chapter, but everything that needed to be said was said. Not sure if I'll continue this since I'd have to up the ante with the villains or make my own. Or I could cross over to some magical show like Jake Long. We'll see. Also, thanks to GargoyleSama for waiting so long to tell me I'd forgotten the line breaks. :P I've gone back through and added them.