1Authors Note: So I've been wanting to write a story for sometime now but haven't. Mainly because my past fan fictions did not turn out so well. I re-read some of them today and decided that I'm older and more experienced and maybe should give it another shot. So here it goes. Constructive criticism is more than welcome! It's not a one shot but shouldn't be too long. Maybe 4 or 5 chapters.

Title: Another Chance

Summary: Harry Potter gets a chance to have something he's never had before, a family. AD/MM. With Harry and Hermione. Although they are one of my favorite couples I decided to do it a little different.

Another Chance: Chapter One

Harry Potter walked the short distant to his head of house's office, dreading what she was going to say. He thought about it, and could not think of a reason he would be in trouble, they had only been at Hogwarts a few short days.

It was the middle of summer and the only students at Hogwarts were Harry and Hermione. The order felt it was the safest place for the two students currently living with muggles. Harry, after all did not want to return to Grimmauld Place for obvious reasons. Sirius had been the closest thing to family that Harry had ever had. Harry couldn't seem to move on after the loss of his godfather.

Harry was pulled out of his thoughts as he reached Professor McGonagall's office door. He knocked quietly on the giant oak door. Soon after his professor was at the door.

"Hello Mr. Potter. Do come in," He couldn't pick it out but there was something different about McGonagall. It was almost as if she was nervous.

Harry looked around the big office that he had become quite familiar with over the years. With a flick of McGonagall's wand a door way appeared in the corner of the office.

"If you don't mind, I thought we might talk in my chambers. The cooling charm in my office wore off and I haven't had the time to replace it," she said, leading Harry through the door into about the same size as her office.

It was decorated in Gryffindor Gold and Burgundy stripes. There was a large couch that McGonagall motioned for Harry to sit on. As he did she sat down on a small sofa directly across from him.

"Professor, er, may I ask why I'm here? I can't think of anything I did to get me in trouble." Harry asked nervously.

"No Potter it's nothing like that," she said laughing a bit, "You and Miss. Granger have behaved very well for the time you have been here. I actually brought you here because I have something to tell you."

Harry was relieved that he was not in trouble but now a bit confused as to what his Professor had to tell him.

"Harry," he was shocked to hear his professor call him by his first name, that was not a normal occurrence, "What I am about to tell you is going to have a huge impact on your life. It is something I have wanted to tell you for a long time." The professor shifted nervously in her seat.

"Even bigger than the Prophecy? I assume you know about that." Harry questioned, letting his anger at Dumbledore show more than a little bit. He couldn't help but be angry at the headmaster. He had kept Harry's own fate from him.

"Yes, I do know about the prophecy. But I assure you only Professor Dumbledore, Trelawny, and I know of it. It is not something the headmaster shares with everyone." Harry could tell she was trying to defend Dumbledore. Of course she was. Harry could not think of a time when she had not supported Dumbledore.

"Okay," Harry replied showing that he was still angry at Dumbledore and nothing she was going to say would change that.

"James and Lily Potter are not your biological parents." Harry felt the words sink in as she said them.

What was she talking about? Of course they were his parents! He stood up ready to protest, but sat down when he saw the look in McGonagalls eyes. She was telling the truth. Harry stayed quiet too shocked to interrupt

"The story you know is true. You did stop Voldemort that night in Godrics Hollow, and you were protected by your parents love. It's just that those parents were not Lily and James Potter. Lily and James were also killed in an attack that night, just not the same one as you." Minerva explained carefully, with tears in her eyes.

Harry noticed Professor Dumbledore enter the room and take a seat next to Professor McGonagall.

Minerva McGonagall was grateful for the entrance of Albus as he sat next to her. They locked eyes and he nodded to her as to show his support. She gathered her Gryffindor courage and started to continue, only to be cut off by Harry, who had been silent until this point.

"So you're telling me that everything about my family has been a lie? I've spent my whole life wishing I was with these people who aren't even my parents?" As he spoke his anger was beginning to show. "So now my real parents are dead too? What's the point in telling this whole lie about who my parents are. It doesn't matter anyway because even though it's not the Potters who are my real parents, MY REAL PARENTS ARE STILL DEAD!" He shouted.

"That just the thing Harry. Your real parents aren't dead. You actually know them." Minerva said quietly. Albus squeezed her hand to show he was still there but did not speak a word.

"And I suppose you knew this too." Harry said to Albus. "ILL JUST ADD IT TO MY LIST OF LIFE CHANGING REVELATIONS YOU DECIDE TO KEEP FROM ME!"

By this time Minerva's tears were running freely down her cheeks as Albus's normally sparkling eyes welled up with tears, threatening to fall at any moment.

"Harry I know your angry but please just let me finish this before I can't anymore." Minerva said through her tears.

"Fine! Who are they then?" Harry questioned. He had stopped yelling but his anger was no less evident.

"I'm your mother Harry..." She attempted to continue with an explanation but could not. "I'm so sorry Harry" she said breaking down, tears pouring out of her eyes.

"So who's my father?" A shocked Harry barely choked out. One look from Minerva to Albus said it all.

"YOU?" Harry was outraged. He stormed out of the room. He felt so numb. He had been lied to his entire life, forced to live with those horrid Dursley's while his real parents continued on with their lives. He felt betrayed, hurt, outraged, and shocked. It was all to much, he couldn't take it. He ran back to Gryffindor tower. Throwing himself onto the couch his body shook with sobs.

Meanwhile In McGonagall's office, the two professors embraced each other as if they were holding onto each other to stay alive. Minerva sobbed into Albus's chest and tears poured out of his eyes as he held her close.

To Be Continued...

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