1It was December 25th and the snow was coming down lightly. Hogwarts was beautiful, the grounds were delicately covered with a thin layer of powdery white.

Albus Dumbledore loved Christmas. Some would say he loved it even more than a child. He chuckled at this thought as he stared out the window, it was probably true. This Christmas would be extra special for him and his wife, Minerva, which made it even better. This year they had finally reconnected with their children, Harry and Hermione.

Today they were going to Grimmauld Place to celebrate and, Albus realized, they were already late. Gently he shook the sleeping form of his wife, who was laying next to him.

"Merry Christmas, love" He told he kissing her softly. Waking up slowly, she returned the kiss in the same manner.

She smiled at him, "You too darling." She replied

"We have to get up now, were late for Christmas with the Order."

With a small noise of protest from Minerva, they both got up and began to get ready for the day. Dressed festively in red and green they walked out of the castle, across the grounds, and to their apparation point outside the gate. Together, they apparated to Grimmauld Place.

At the sound of his parents leaving Harry awoke, and then it hit him that today was Christmas. He got out of bed and went to wake up his sister. Hermione was never woke up early, she got that from her parents.

"Merry Christmas Hermione" Harry told his sister waking her up. This got her attention and she sat up.

"Merry Christmas to you too Harry." She replied giving him a hug and getting out of bed. "Oh no, look at the time, we're late for Grimmauld Place."

"It's okay we have 15 minutes before the portkey." He informed her holding up a Christmas tree decoration.

Once they were ready, the twins both took hold of the ornament and were transported to Grimmauld Place.

Upon arrival they were greeted by the Weasley family, Professors Lupin and Snape, and their parents. After noticing Ron, who kept eyeing the presents under the tree, Molly announced it was time to open presents.

The first present was the ever famous Weasley sweater. Each of the children received one. Harry's was orange this year, while Hermione's was red.

Next, there were two matching packages. One was wrapped in red and one was green, both tied around the middle with a big bow. Ron picked them up and red the name tag.

"This one is for Harry," he said handing Harry the green one, "It says from 'Mum and Dad'" He looked at Harry with a confusion evident on his face, as well as all the other occupants of the room. Everyone began glancing around the room trying to figure out how Harry could be getting a present from his dead parents, while Harry exchanged a knowing glance with his sister and parents. Harry took the package from Ron as Ron picked up the matching one.

"This one's for you, Hermione, it says the same thing." Hermione smiled and took the package from Ron's hands. As Harry and Hermione opened the packaged the others still seemed confused. Who was Harry's from, and how did Hermione parents send her a package there?

They each tore the paper off revealing two pensives. Intrigued and delighted they smiled at their parents.

Albus chuckled, "We figured you could use those." They children stood and ran over to their parents. Harry giving Minerva and hug and Hermione hugging Albus, then they switched. It took the Dumbledores a moment to realize they had a very confused audience.

"Well it look's like we have some explaining to do." Harry said laughing at the looks on their faces. Shock and confusion could be seen on every face, but especially Ron. Upon noticing this Hermione burst out into laughter. His mouth was hanging open and his eyes were wide.

"Bloody Hell!" Ron exclaimed.

"We're sorry we didn't tell you all earlier but it was just complicated." Minerva apologized. Harry attempted to clear up the confusion for the few in the room who hadn't caught on, mainly Ron.

"Ron, I'd like you to meet my parents, Albus and Minerva Dumbledore, and my sister Hermione Dumbledore." Before Ron could attempt to reply, there was a squeal from Mrs. Weasley. She was now hugging the family. She was followed by Mr. Weasley and Remus. Severus gave Minerva a hug and shook Albus's hand, avoiding the kids in his usual dark way.

The rest of the children now had smiles on their face's as well. They were happy for the family. After the Dumbledores explained their situation to their friends and told them how important it was that this be kept a secret, the rest of the presents were opened and Molly suggested that they eat their Christmas breakfast.

As they were walking into the dining room Harry and Hermione waited for Ron and pulled him aside.

"You're not mad are you Ron?" Hermione asked, "We wanted to tell you so bad, but we couldn't risk being overheard. You have to know that we trust you completely and that's not why we didn't tell you..." Hermione rambled.

"It's okay Hermione. I understand. I'm happy for you guys." Ron said giving them friendly hugs.

As they ate breakfast the Dumbledores felt content. They were free to be a family somewhere other than in private and they had each other. Even though there was still the threat of Voldemort, they knew they would get through it as a family.