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Everyone is about 15 in this fic, just to let you know.

Neji's Perfect Hair

Neji turned a corner and slowly walked towards the training grounds. He knew Tenten was following him. She had been trying to cut his hair for the past week. He had considerd cutting it, but when he saw how much it bugged Tenten he dicided to leave it.

'Now's my chance." Thought Tenten as she lunged out at him. He stepped to the side and she hit the ground, getting a mouthful of dirt.

"Hyuuga Neji 14, Tenten 0." He stated calmly. She sat up annoyed.

"Dammit Neji!" She yelled, "Just let me cut your hair!"










"Dammit Neji! You look like a girl!"

"I do not." He stated. At that moment, two old ladies strolled by.

"Hello girls." One of them said. A vein visably appeared in Neji's forehead.

"Now can I cut it?" Asked Tenten.


"Just let me-"


"Hold still-"

"Your not cutting my hair Tenten."

"Dont be such a baby."

"I'm not a baby."

"Then let me cut your hair."

"No." Tenten had pulled a kunai closer as Neji held her back. Neji then lost his balence and the two tumbled backwards. Tenten laid on Neji's chest, as Neji looked up at her annoyed.

'Wow, I never noticed how cute he was before and when did he get this muscular...?"

"Tenten." Neji's voice brought her back from her thoughts.

"Uh, yea?"

"Get off of me."

"Oh." She got off and held her hand to help him up. He brushed it aside and stood.There was an uncomfterble silence between them.

'Tenten really grew up, no! Think of something else... fighting... Lee's hair... how good she looks in that top. Ack! No! Damm hormones...' Nej inwardly tried to get his mind off Tenten as she watched him closely.


"Hn." Was his reply, looking up at her.

"Can I cut your hair now?"

"Can I cut yours?" Asked Neji, pulling out a kunai.

"Ah! No!" Tenten squeaked as she dispeared. Neji smeirked and put away his kunai.


"Common Tenten, you have to have a crush on someone by now!" Ino insisted. The girls were all having a slumber party at Sakura's house.

"I dont know..."

"How can you not know?" Sakura held her hands to gether dramaticly. "You know the minute you see him, your both drawn together, like your destened to be together. Just like me and Sasuke-kun."

"Forehead girl! Sasuke-kun is mine!" Ino hissed as the two got ito a fight. Hinata and Tenten sighed.

Outside the window, Naruto, Sasuke, Neji, Kiba, Shino and Shikamaru stood.

"Wahoo! Cat fight! Go Sakura-chan!" Naruto yelled Sasuke smacked him.

"Your going to get us caught."

"If Ino catches us out here we're all doomed." Shikamaru sighed. "How troublesome."

"So Neji, have you hooked up with Tenten yet?" Asked Kiba grinning, Akamaru gave a bark.

"No." Neji stated.

"You two would be good together." Naruto agreed.

"Tenten is only a teammate." Neji said dully.

"So you wouldn't mind if I had her?" Asked Shino. An odd silence came over as everyone stared at him. A squeal called the boys' attention back to the window.

"Tell tell!" Ino and Sakura chanted.

"I dont have one." Tenten sighed.

"What about Neji?" Asked Hinata. Tenten went red in the face, remembering their 'close encounter'

"KAWAII!" Ino and Sakura squealed. "Neji and Tenten sitting in a tree!"

Outside, Hyuuga Neji fainted.


"Neji, what are we doing here?" Asked Tenten, Neji had called her out to the training feild. Neji said nothing but pulled out a kunai. Tenten grinned from ear to ear.

A few unspeakable minutes later...






"Say it."

"You look better with long hair." Neji mentally groaned.