What You Wish For

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Chapter 1

Raven, Eddie and Chelsea were just coming out of school. Midterm week was one of the most frenzied weeks of the entire year. Students obsessed with at the very least passing, crammed for all of their tests, barely sleeping for seven days. Raven, Eddie, and Chelsea were no exception, forming a small study group every day and cramming for tests all night. Fortunately, midterm week was over, and the kids could go home and get the rest they needed.

The gang walked out of Bayside High, talking about their final midterm, a history test.

"God, that test was terrible. I'm sure I failed it." Raven whined as they headed down the steps.

"Yeah, I mean, how the heck am I supposed to remember all of the 'Fourteen Points?' There are fourteen of them!" Chelsea wailed.

Eddie shrugged. "I think that was the only test I passed this week."

"Well, at least you have something to look forward to Rae," Chelsea hummed in a sing-song voice, "your birthday is just one day away!"

"Oh yeah, girl!" Eddie exclaimed. "What do you want for your birthday?"

"What, Eddie, you didn't get Rae anything yet?" Chelsea exclaimed. "My gift was ready like weeks ago."

Raven rolled her eyes. Whatever it was, Chelsea probably made it with her own hands. Every so often, she would give Raven hand-made stuff. Raven actually preferred store bought, but the gifts were cute. One time, Chelsea made Raven a small, beautifully painted jewelry box. Raven really treasured it.

"Well, not all of us can plan so far ahead," Eddie snipped playfully. "Right Rae?"

Eddie called out to a boy from class as Raven and Chelsea both rolled their eyes. Suddenly, Raven was sucked into a vision.

Eddie walked backwards toward the parking lot, saying something to Raven and Chelsea as he left.

Suddenly, a shiny black car came flying out of nowhere and sped toward Eddie at an alarming rate.

Raven screamed, being pulled out of her vision just as the car connected with Eddie's body.

Bianca, Muffy, and Loca were nearby, their attentions turning from a very frightened freshman to Raven, who was still in shock.

Chelsea touched Raven's shoulder and she snapped out of her trance. "Rae, you okay?"

Raven looked at Chelsea, her eyes wide with fear. Where was Eddie?

Bianca moved toward Raven, an evil smile spreading across her face. Muffy and Loca trailed behind as usual, their own expressions matching their leader's.

"Chels, I had a vision that Eddie was going to get hit by a black car!"

"Baxter, what did you just say?"

Raven snapped her head toward Bianca as she made her way in front of Raven. "What?"

Bianca had heard Raven say she had a vision. But Raven didn't care about that at the moment. She looked past Bianca and her posse towards Eddie's laughing form.

Eddie was talking to some guy, and turned to Raven and Chelsea, waving to them and backing off slowly. "Guys, I'll see you later okay?"

"EDDIE, LOOK OUT!" Raven screamed, breaking through the three bullies and flying down the steps toward Eddie. Chelsea trailed behind, leaving a very puzzled Bianca and Crew to slowly follow.

Then, just as Raven had envisioned it, a shiny black car came flying out of nowhere, speeding toward Eddie, who stopped after Raven screamed.

"EDDIE!" Raven cried out again, running as fast as she could.

Chelsea let out an involuntary frightened cry as Raven tackled Eddie just moments before the car would have connected. Both went down, rolling on the pavement, a mere inches from the car's tires.

When they finally stopped rolling, Raven lay on top of Eddie, breathing heavily. Chelsea was the first to reach them, nearly hysterical. Bianca, Muffy, and Loca were next, followed by the crowd of students who witnessed the whole thing.

"Are you guys okay?" Chelsea asked frantically, helping Raven off a shocked Eddie.

Raven brushed herself off. "Yeah. Eddie, are you okay?"

Eddie slowly got up, rubbing the loose gravel off of his arm. "Uh. Yeah. You…you saved my life Rae. Thank you."

Eddie gave Raven a tight hug and she smiled.

"Wow, Baxter. You really are a freak."

For the first time, Raven really noticed Bianca. Bianca looked a little surprised. Muffy had her eyebrow raised and Loca was lost in thought.

"You saw what was going to happen to Eddie before it happened?"

Raven looked at Bianca and then at the forming crowd. Chelsea and Eddie stared at Raven, both at a loss for words to try to help their friend.

Raven closed her eyes; this day was going to come eventually. Why did it have to be while she was still in high school?

"What are you like psychic or something?" Somebody shouted from the crowd.

"Psychic? What? No that's ridiculous. Raven…hehe…Raven isn't psychic." Chelsea laughed nervously, grabbing Raven by the elbow, trying to get her to move. "Come on Rae, let's go." She said between her teeth.

"Okay everybody, break it up. Show's over! Go home now!" Eddie yelled, but nobody listened.

"She is psychic!" Muffy exclaimed suddenly. "Loca, remember that time we had a slumber party at her house?"

Loca nodded. "Yeah. Raven said she was psychic then too. She predicted an earthquake."

"Yes," Chelsea said, stepping forward, "but there was no earthquake, remember? Mr. Baxter accidentally hit the side of the house."

"It felt like an earthquake at first."

"And Baxter tried to warn us before it happened!" Loca said as Raven, Eddie and Chelsea huddled together.

The crowd began to whisper wildly. Bianca turned to them, smiling. "Looks like we got a first-class freak on our hands!"

Loud chatter erupted in the crowd as Chelsea and Eddie pulled Raven away.