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Prologue: Of Prophecies and Secrets

The circular room was well lit by large windows and, when the sun hung low in the sky, seemingly sinking deep inside the forest and casting long shadows across the room, there were plenty of lamps, as well as a large fireplace, to light the room. This was the room that the present Headmaster of Hogwarts resided in, as did his predecessor and every other headmaster of this particular school. It had been this way since the mysterious disappearance (and alleged death) of Godric Gryffindor along with his two friends Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw (presumed to be the work of Salazar Slytherin).

In any case the Hogwarts Four were long dead and the room was presently occupied by an old man with a flowing silver beard and twinkling blue eyes. Albus Dumbledore was sitting at his large desk working on the never-ending mountain of paperwork that flooded his desk every school year. He was in the middle of all the organizing, filing, and filling out when he was interrupted by a knock on the door.

He looked up to see what he had missed before; a small, crystal sphere sitting on the desk was faintly glowing blue. He knew by looking at it that it was a student at the door (a Ravenclaw by the color) as it would glow brighter in the presence of a teacher. He used his glasses, which were heavily charmed to see through everything from enchantments to doors, to see who it was.

"Come in," he called, once he recognized her, "What can I do for you Miss Lovegood?"

"Professor McGonagall asked me to give you a note," the Ravenclaw said dreamily. Luna Lovegood was one of the odder students that attended Hogwarts. She believed in all sorts of strange creatures and seemed to constantly be daydreaming. She was also close to Harry Potter and had been so since the previous school year. Dumbledore knew from experience that this was not good; he needed to distance the two and introduce Harry to better, hand picked friends.

"Thank you," Dumbledore said, taking the note. He invited Luna to sit as he scanned it; poor Minerva didn't seem to be feeling well, by the sound of it. He wrote a concerned reply and sealed it. He was about to give it to Luna when the girl stiffened suddenly. Her eyes started to glow bright blue and the glow spread over the rest of her body until she was enveloped in the blue glow.

Then, in a voice that echoed with layers as if hundreds of people were speaking together with one feminine voice rising above the others,

"The favored of Prophecy's children shall be reborn as the seventh month dies,

And he shall vanquish thou who claims the title of Lord of Darkness…

Thy born in the flames of a phoenix, he who has been cursed by prophesy,

Raised by his mother, one of Darkness's maidens,

Child of Prophecy, Fate, and Darkness,

The acclaimed heir of the Lord of Darkness and Serpents shall fall by his hand…

But he shall have help from the valiant knight, the wise enchanter, and loving healer,

For without the other prophesy touched, Prophecy's child shall fall…

So head this warning from the Divine:

Betrayal knows no end and the betrayed shall extract their revenge…

Beware the tainted children of both Darkness and the Light…"

The glow faded and Luna slumped back in her seat, her eyes closed. Her eyes snapped open again suddenly and Dumbledore rearranged his wide-eyed look of surprise into a look of concern.

"Are you feeling okay, Miss Lovegood?"

"Did you see that grumpf?" Luna asked, dazed, "It was almost as big as my hand!" Dumbledore sighed with relief; the girl did not know anything. She might have slipped into a dream as she told the prophesy; it was quite common among the lower-class seers.

"I'm sorry to say that I must have missed it," Dumbledore said, "But you must get back to class, you've been gone quite a while. Could you deliver this note to Professor McGonagall for me?"

"Of course," Luna said vaguely. She took the note and left the office, leaving a thoughtful headmaster in her wake.

So Harry isn't the one destined to defeat Voldemort, he thought, who is it then? A whole sixteen years wasted on a pawn while my queen is still somewhere on the board. I need to find him, and quick.


Luna left the Headmaster's office grimacing. Grumpf? Was there really no other creature whose name she could come up with on quick notice? She was still rather fond of the Crumple-Horned Snorkack, but it wouldn't do to keep using the same one over and over again; it ruined the effect…

What really mattered was that she remembered. Remembered another lifetime just as clearly as she remembered her own; remembered Helga, Godric, Salazar…And remembered the pain that came with the darkest founder. He had been different, no doubt about that, but he had been their friend…She had to find him; she had to find all of them. But if they didn't remember...She couldn't interfere, as much as it might hurt. She would merely have to think of something to do about it.

Luna strode down the hall, a decisive gleam in her eye. The first place to go would be the library; she would head there as soon as classes were over for the day. Rowena Ravenclaw, enchantress of the Hogwarts Four, had been reborn.


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