Had to get this off my chest!


"Doc-torrrr!" It's infamous screech echoes down the empty corridor as it draws nearer, like a nuclear missile homing in on it's target. Me.

Round the corner, and it's there, hovering in the air. We regard each other steadily for a few seconds. How can that pathetic pepper pot incite so much fear in me? I gulp. I didn't want it to be this way, really I didn't.

"Well, now you got me. What you gonna do?" I say cheerfully. Inside, I'm scared stiff. I wait for it's death sentence, the shriek of "Exterminate!" that has been the death toll of so many beings throughout countless eras.

I close my eyes, but it never comes. But what does come next is just a big a shock as any.

"Doc-tor?" Slowly. Tentative. More hesitant.

I open my eyes, and see it's pain. All alone in the universe, not knowing if you're the only one left. All the bloodshed, all the countless lives lost. It's scared, just like me. It needs someone, somewhere to belong to.

I have my TARDIS and Rose. It has nothing.

And at that moment we reach an understanding.

Whether or not it's going to attack me is a different matter.