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"Ano…Sakura-chan, I don't think we should do this."

"Don't worry Naruto. All that's going to happen is that you'll get shocked a bit. After that I'll take you out for ramen."

Naruto frowned. He loved ramen. It was the best thing in the world. But the blonde began to think if he cared more about the noodles than his life. Still…

"Ok Sakura-chan. I'll do it, but you have to buy me as much ramen as I want!"

"Ok. Just get in the chair Naruto."

Naruto did as he was told, waiting for whatever was supposed to happen. Ino decided to speak at this moment. "All right Naruto. All I'm gonna do is try this new mind jutsu I made, you really should feel anything than a small spark."

Naruto nodded; preparing his body for the small shock he was promised. After this, I'm making them buy me twenty bowls of ramen. Mmm…miso…

Sakura nodded to Ino that she was ready and watched as the blond girl began to do a series of hand seals. Sakura was there because of her knowledge in medical jutsus, incase Naruto got hurt. Soon Ino stopped and placed her hands on either side of Naruto's head.

Here goes nothing.

Naruto cried out when a huge amount of electricity shot through his body. Sakura was by his side in an instant, checking him over for any serious wounds. Ino hissed as she pulled her now burnt hands away.

What the hell happened? Ino thought. I did everything right.

"Ino go get Tsunade! That jutsu made Naruto go into a state of shock. I'll take him to the hospital, meet me there."

Ino nodded and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Sakura looked down at her teammate and carefully gathered the blond into her arms. She was surprised at how light Naruto was, considering he was taller than her.

Naruto please be ok.


"What the hell were you two thinking? Do you realize that you could have killed him? Well!" Tsunade yelled at the two girls in front of her. Sakura and Ino didn't dare look up at the older woman; instead they look down at the white tiled hospital floor.

"Answer me dammit!"

"I'm sorry Hokage-sama. The jutsu was supposed to transfer a few of Naruto's memories to me," Ino explained, trying to stay calm under the piercing glare. "I never thought this would happen."

"You both know not to test jutsus on each other. By the Third's ghost, what the hell were you thinking?" Both girls returned their gazes to the floor.

Tsunade sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose as she waved the two girls away. "Both just leave. I'll think of a punishment for you later."

Both turned to leave but Sakura had turned back to face the hokage. "Tsunade-sama, will Naruto be alright?"

Tsunade sighed. "Don't worry, that brat won't let himself die like that. And I'll be damned if I let him go so soon."

Sakura smiled and nodded. She left, leaving Tsunade standing in the empty hospital hall. The blond woman sighed. "Damn brats. I'm too tired for this."

"I don't see how you could be tired. You sleep all the time in your office."

Tsunade's eyebrow twitched as she looked up at the newcomer. "Oh, you think so eh?" Focusing her chakra into her fist, Tsunade raised her arm over her victim's head.


"That'll teach ya, you idiot." Tsunade glanced down at her former teammate. "What are doing here anyway Jiraiya?"

Jiraiya grumbled as he rubbed his head, wincing when he touched the bump. "What? Can't I check up on my student?"

"They kicked you out of the bath house again didn't they?" Tsunade asked nonchalant. Jiraiya blushed.

"So how is he?"

"He'll be alright. The jutsu used on him gave him a good shock. But thanks to the Kyuubi he'll be ok."

The two sannin were now in a hospital room, standing over Naruto's bed. Machines were hooked up to the teenager, one for monitoring his heart, another for his brain waves and finally an IV sending nutrients into his body. Tsunade checked on Naruto's brain waves.

"Everything seems to be in order. I'll schedule another CAT scan for him tomorrow. I'll be able to tell if there's any permanent damage with the x-rays. Now where are the first ones...?" Tsunade flipped through the charts, checking everything again incase she had missed something.

Jiraiya plopped himself in a chair next to Naruto's bed. "Stupid kid. Getting yourself hurt like this. What did those girls do? Bribe him with ramen?"

"Yeah they did." Jiraiya smacked his forehead. "Stupid brat."


Tsunade and Jiraiya stared in shock at the boy in bed. Naruto had just spoken. Blue eyes fought the heavy eyelids to open. The eyes won the battle as blue eyes slowly re-opened.

Naruto's eyelids drooped slowly to blink as he tried regain his vision. "…where…'m…?"

Tsunade was quick to comfort the boy. "Shush. You're in the hospital. You're going to be ok." The medic-nin gently held the boys hand, rubbing her thumb over the back of it. "Rest now. You're going to be ok, Naruto."

"…," blue suddenly snapped wide open. "Na-Naruto! Wh-What happened to him? Is-Is he alright?"

The two sannin blinked at the blond. "What are you talking about, kid?" Jiraiya asked, quickly getting the attention of his student.

"Sensei!" the boy cried. Naruto then forced his body to sit up, much to the protest of both his teacher and "sister". "Sensei, Naruto is…is he alright?"

"Lie down, you idiot! I don't need you fainting on me." Tsunade was about to push the boy back down when Jiraiya stopped her. Jiraiya studied the blond boy for a moment before asking, "What's the last thing you remember?"

Naruto blinked. He stared at the hospital blanket, holding it between his thumb and forefinger. "I...remember the Kyuubi…I sealed it into Naruto." The blond looked at the two sannin. "Sensei, what's going on? Why is Tsunade-hime here? Where's my son?"

Tears welled up in Tsunade's eyes. She hid her face in her hands and began to cry. Jiraiya sighed as he looked at his student, placing his hand on the boy's shoulder.

Naruto was no longer there, but…

The Fourth was alive was once again.


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