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Arashi wiggled in his hospital bed. He looked at the door again, expecting for someone to come in. He sighed when no one did and laid back in the white sheets.

It was so boring here! He couldn't even watch TV because Tsunade had said it was bad for him and had it removed from his room. He was a grown man dammit! Well, a grown man stuck in his son's body, but he was still mature! At least he thought so…

Arashi sighed and moved around so he could lie on his side. He looked out the curtain drawn window at the Hokage Monument. His eyes slowly passed over each face, memorizing every detail he could see. He held his gaze on the Third's head, his blue eyes dulling in sadness.

The Third was like a grandfather to him. He was the only one who believed in him.

Having grown up as an orphan, Arashi was doubted by many on the thought of becoming a shinobi. But not by the Sandaime. Sarutobi had encouraged the boy to follow his dream and enrolled him into the Ninja Academy. He was 8 when he entered and had graduated at 10. The old man had then placed him under Jiraiya's care. The sannin, though unorthodox with his teaching ways, had molded the young Arashi into a respectable ninja.

Arashi looked sadly at the face of the Third. He owed so much to him.

Afraid he was going to start questioning life, the Fourth turned to lie on his other side, his back turned on the monument for now. He looked up at the flower vase on the table next to his bed. The blue vase was filled with aniseed, camellia, narcissus, thyme, yarrow, and zinnias. Rosemary and dandelions were placed around the flowers; but a sunflower stood proudly at the top of the bouquet, acting as a sort of bow for the bouquet.

Naruto's friends had come by and gave it to him. Before Tsunade could kick them out, as their visits were restricted to a few minutes now, they had promised the blond that they would take him out and try to get his memories back. Arashi agreed and placed the flowers on the small table.

Arashi sighed and laid on his back again. I wanna watch TV!, he whined. Before he could go into a rant about old people not letting him watch TV, his hospital room door opened. Tsunade, Jiraiya and Hyuuga Hiashi entered the white room.

Blue eyes blinked in confusion. What's going on? No one told me about Hiashi coming. The Yondaime flinched slightly as the colorless eyes turned towards him.

"He can't control his chakra, correct?" Hiashi asked the two sannin.

Tsunade nodded. "Yes. But he can't summon it either, it seems. Even with amnesia, this is very strange."

"I see." The Hyuuga studied the weary blond once more. It was hard to imagine that such an energetic child would lose so much energy.

"We were wondering if you could take a look at his chakra system," Jiraiya said. He gave Arashi a look, silently assuring him everything would be ok.

Hiashi nodded and activated his Byakugan. Tsunade and Jiraiya waited anxiously for the Hyuuga to say something.

"What do you see Hiashi-sama?" Tsunade asked, not bothering to wait any longer. Jiraiya and Arashi perked up in attention.

It took a while before the Hyuuga leader spoke. "All his chakra has disappeared, Hokage-sama," the sannin gasped," but…his body it's…the demon's chakra is keeping him alive."

Tsunade's amber eyes snapped at the Hyuuga. "What?"

"The kyuubi's chakra is keeping him alive as all of his regular chakra seems to have disappeared."

"What about the seal?"

"I can't see it. But the demon is allowing him to use enough chakra to stay alive. Tsunade-sama, what happened to him?"

Tsunade's lips thinned. "I'm not sure. Jiraiya found him unconscious in the training fields," she lied. "Someone must have blocked his chakra pathways and left him there."

Hiashi nodded. Many were still sore over the Kyuubi's attack and most ninja now new where to attack to block off chakra. Hiashi looked at the young blonde, who was whispering back and forth with Jiraiya. It was almost amazing that the boy was still alive after what he had to endure over the years.


The Hyuuga leader turned to look at the hokage. "Hiashi-sama, I'd appreciate it if you kept this under wraps. I understand the normal protocol, but considering the circumstances…"

Hiashi nodded. "I understand," he looked down at Naruto, "I hope you get better Uzumaki-kun." And with that, the Hyuuga turned on his heel and left.

Arashi sighed when he was sure the Hyuuga was gone. "Man! I forgot how weird that guy is!"


It took four days, four days, but he was finally allowed to get out of the hospital. Arashi kicked his feet over the side of the clean bed. He was waiting for Kakashi to arrive with some of Naruto's clothes. The blond knew his former student would be gone for hours, only the famous Copy Nin took hours to do anything, but he was too damn happy to care.

He was finally getting out of here!

Plus Naruto's friends were taking him out to see the town. They had even promised him ramen. Arashi sighed dreamily as he thought of the salty noodles. Drool was slowly making its way out of the corner of his mouth as the Fourth thought of what ramen to eat.

First I'm gonna get miso ramen, and then pork, and then miso again, and then beef. Yeah that's it!

He was thrown out of his thoughts by the arrival of clothes that had been thrown at him. Kakashi saluted at his teacher. "Yo!"

After glaring at the silver head, Arashi studied the clothes Kakashi brought.

"Are you sure these are Naruto's clothes?" he asked.

Kakashi nodded. "I got them straight out of his closet."

Arashi frowned slightly. "These clothes are orange."

"Yeah, Naruto really doesn't have much of a fasi-"

"These are awesome!"

Kakashi sweatdropped. He should have expected this from his sensei; the man always did like flashy things. He always did like to stand out. 'Being original' that's what he called it, Kakashi sighed. At least it's safe to say where Naruto got it from.

"Hey, hey! How do I look?"

Kakashi looked at the blond before him. Naruto's clothes had changed over the years, not by much though, and his body had also matured. Arashi was wearing an orange jacket with black sleeves and shoulders. The same trim ran down with the zipper. He was wearing regular orange pants and of course the traditional Japanese sandals.

Naruto's hair had grown slightly longer, some of the back ends growing slightly past his shoulder as well as the blonde bangs covering some of his face. Naruto had even grown up to Kakashi's shoulder. Though he was no longer the smallest of Team 7, Sasuke still out grew him by half a foot.

Naruto had thrown a fit when he measured Sasuke and himself.

"Hey! How do I look?" Arashi yelled, thus bringing Kakashi out of his thoughts.

Kakashi blinked and looked the blonde over again. "You look like an orange."

"A simple 'handsome' or 'sexy' would have done, Kakashi."

"Maa, but that would have been lying sensei."

"Oh shut up."

A little while later, the student and teacher were finally walking down the hospital halls to check out 'Naruto'. But in the back of mind, something was bothering Kakashi.

"Ne, sensei?"


"What did Hiashi find out? The seal isn't breaking is it?" Kakashi's eye drooped down to look at the blond.

Arashi frowned slightly. Kakashi didn't take that as a good sign.

"When Hiashi-sama looked at my- Naruto's body, he discovered that the demon's chakra is keeping it from dying."

Kakashi eye widened. "So you really don't have any chakra?"

Arashi nodded. "This isn't my body Kakashi, so I can't make any chakra even with my spirit in control."

Kakashi nodded. "What about the seal? The Kyuubi can't get out can it?"

Arashi sighed. "I don't know. Hiashi-sama couldn't see the seal, not that it would have done any good. Only you, Jiraiya and I know how to check the seal."

"So what do we do?" Kakashi asked.

Arashi beamed at the question, giving Kakashi a sick feeling. "Well, Tsunade decided that it would be best if I was placed under the care of an ANBU member. But," Kakashi cringed at this," since no one else is allowed to know about, Tsunade thought it was best if I was placed in your care."

Kakashi stared down at his student/teacher in shock. "You're living with me!"

Arashi nodded. "Yup!"

This just wasn't a good day for Kakashi.


"All right, let's see here. Everything seems to be in order. I just need you to sign down here, Uzumaki-kun, and then we'll be finished."

Arashi scribbled Naruto's name on the paper. He had studied Naruto's signature and could now copy it perfectly.

The nurse nodded in approval and placed the papers in order. She smiled at Arashi and said in a motherly voice," Now I don't want you to come back here soon, understand? You take this time to rest."

Arashi nodded.

"And you, Hatake-san, you make sure he rests! I don't understand why you ninjas have to train everyday."

Kakashi nodded. "I'll make sure he takes it easy, ma'am."

The nurse nodded and shooed them away. "Get going you two. I'm sure lots of people are waiting for you."

Lady, you have no idea, Arashi thought as they exited the hospital.

When they left the hospital, Kakashi led the way to the Ninja Academy. Arashi was so excited about seeing the old school that he raced Kakashi there. Arashi won since Kakashi was taking his damn sweet time to get there. Seriously, who walks that slow?

The Fourth looked around the schoolyard in silent awe. Young ninja trainees ran around, either practicing their lessons or playing games. It was barely noon so most likely the children were having their break.

Arashi occupied the wooden swing of the schoolyard, watching the children play. One the kids spotted him and ran over.

"Naruto-nii! You're out of the hospital! Are you ok now?" the little boy cried as he ran over to blonde.

Arashi nodded. "Yes, I'm feeling much better now, um…?"

The little boy yelled in frustration, "I'm Saburo! Saburo! Why do you always forget my name?"

Arashi chuckled. Saburo puffed out his cheeks at the older boy. Big kids were so weird.

Other kids called out the boy's name. Saburo looked back and nodded. He grabbed Arashi's hand and pulled him towards the group of kids. Arashi almost fell on his face when the little boy pulled him to his feet.

Next thing he knew he was standing over a group of small children who were fighting over what game to play. The decided on playing 'Ninja' and that Arashi was the enemy.

Arashi cackled as he stood over one of the fallen 'ninja'. The others stood at a distance waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

"Silly ninja! None of you can ever beat me! I shall have your heads as trophies." Arashi inwardly chuckled at this. Kids were so dramatic these days.

Saburo raised his fist in mock fury. "You'll never win! We'll beat you because we're the good guys." Ok the kid could work on his lines a bit.


Five young trainees ganged up on the Yondaime, making him fall to the ground. Small hands and feet batted at him playfully while the children make sound effects for the fight.

The day was saved once again.


"He always did have a way with kids."


Kakashi nodded. "When he was the Hokage he would sneak out of his office and come here and play with the kids. His advisors would go crazy when they looked for him."

Iruka chuckled. "Yes, I saw them yell at him once. Though, he wasn't paying much attention them."

"Yeah. If it wasn't for his skills in combat, I'd question why he became a hokage in the first place."

Iruka nodded and turned to look up at the jounin. Kakashi looked down at the chuunin with his visible eye.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

Iruka hesitated. "I…I was just thinking about how much I miss Naruto."

"We'll get him back Iruka, I promise."

"I know! It's just…what about Yondaime-sama? What happens to him?"

Kakashi sighed and placed an arm around the younger man. "I don't know, Iruka. I don't know." Kakashi gazed out the window, watching as the blond below played with the children.

"I remember," Iruka looked up at Kakashi," I remember how excited Arashi was about Naruto. All he did was talk about becoming a father. He even turned the room next to his office into a nursery. He was so happy."

The silent response from Iruka urged Kakashi to continue. "And then the Kyuubi attacked and he had to make a decision. "

Iruka felt Kakashi's body sagged in grief at the memory of the attack. He pulled the taller man into a hug and whispered calming things to him. Iruka knew this was the closest Kakashi would get to crying, so he offered what comfort he could give to him.

Outside, Arashi stopped in mid-run as something tugged at him. He turned to look at the school, wondering what it was he felt. Realization soon struck him as he felt the tug become stronger. He excused himself from the children and ran inside the school.

Only a handful of people understood Kakashi. And he'll be damned if he couldn't make his student feel better.

He was, still, one of the few that Kakashi truly trusted.


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