I don't miss you too


I'm feeding myself, stop worrying about me.


Yo sis,
I'm your other brother. How's your pink head?


Thank you for the cash


Oi Kakashi,
stop sending love letters. I'm not into men.


greetings from Amsterdam. I'm still alive.
I have a roof over my head


Foolish little brother,
sorry to disappoint you, I'm still alive.


stop worrying about me. I still eat. French women are generous.


no. I haven't found myself yet.
I'm still looking.
And I'm in Geneva.




Oy, hag. Sai here. I need a model. Someone who looks like you: ugly and weird.

FROM: (unknown number)
SENT: 7:37:13PM

Sakura-chaaaaaaaan why aren't you answering my text messages????

FROM: Naruto
SENT: 7:40:31PM


Teme, what really happened?

FROM: Naruto
SENT: 7:45:03PM


I hope, wherever your feet bring you, that you are in good health, with a roof above your head, eating a decent meal and dressed appropriately. I don't know where to mail this, I am guessing that you're still in Switzerland. I hope this letter finds you. That's sweet of you to ask about your little sister. Her name is Sakura and she likes soccer, Pavarotti, Chopin, piano, Bambi, cello, Rachmaninoff, Alice, van Gogh and voodoo. Personally, I am not quiet sure what she likes, seeing that she's not talking to me but listening to Kenji-kun talk about her helped me to reach a conclusion that she likes those things I mentioned. She's quiet, like your baby brother but according to Kenji-kun, she's loud and talks a lot. Both Kenji-kun and I are puzzled, at the same time, worried. It's like waiting for a volcano to erupt. Even her father is apprehensive. She's tiny but there's something about her that spoke danger. Sasuke-kun warned me of this but I am sure that she won't do anything hazardous. She's just a little girl… I guess we are overreacting. And oh, you should have seen her hair.

Pretty pale pink. Like strawberries.

Write more often and I won't stop asking you to come home.

Lots of love,

Your mother




"Sasu-chan, where did you go? You didn't attend rehearsal! Seki was mad! Tomorrow, please come or else… SEKI WILL JUMP OFF THE BUILDING!"


"WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU GO? –no, Seki, no! calm down- I'M GOING TO STICK MY FIST DOWN YOUR THROAT— you can't, Seki, his throat is important! Touya help me stop— NO DON'T JUMP!"


"Sasu-chan, I'm begging you— DON'T SKIP REHEARSALS! Or— SEKI DON'T JUMP!"


"Sasuke-kun? It's late. Where are you?"


"Teme! Answer my text messages!"


"Teme! Go online tonight! I want to show you some links to some awesome videos me and Kiba saw!"





Ino: did you like it?

Sakura: what did I like?

Ino: the silence

Sakura: Of course, I don't

Ino: Liar.

Sakura: I hate it when you put a point at the end of that annoying word

Ino: it's to accentuate my point, dear

Sakura: the point is you don't have a point, it's pointless

Ino: I'm The EXTRAORDINARY Blonde, sakura. I always have a point. Unlike you pinky

Sakura: say it one more time—

Ino: type, girl, type

Sakura: type it one more time and I'll stick my hands through the computer monitor and strangle you

Ino: fantabulous, so what do you think? The purple dress or the violet dress?



FROM: Sasuke
SENT: 7:57:43PM

You have an instant message from: NARUTO

Naruto: Sakura-chan!

Naruto: helloooooo! You're online!

Naruto: are you ignoring me?

Naruto: why do I get a feeling that I'm being ignored????!!!!!

Naruto: I'm not going to stop stalking you!

what do you mean nothing? Something happened! I CAN FEEL IT

FROM: Naruto
SENT: 8:05:11


FROM: Sasuke
SENT: 8:07:19


FROM: Naruto
SENT: 8:10:21

Don't be gay and stop bothering me

FROM: Sasuke
SENT: 8:11:41

I am not gay u bastard!!!!!!!!!

FROM: Naruto
SENT: 8:12:34




"This is Haruno."


"Sasuke-kun? Thank goodness you called. Where are you?"

"Don't worry about me. I'm going home."

"Hai. Please hurry. I am so worried, Sasuke-kun."


"Did something happen?"


"I got a postcard from Itachi. Did you get yours?"

"Hai. I did. It must be beautiful in Switzerland."


"Sasuke-kun? Is there something wrong?"

Another distracted silence.




"Okay… Be careful."



naruto stop calling I am fine I had diarrhea so stop!!! And I'm not lying about the diarrhea

FROM: Sakura-chan
SENT: 8:15:48PM

Don't forget the DVDs naruto! Hahahahaha tom is so fuuuun

FROM: Kiba
SENT: 8:24:18PM

I don't want to hurt Mikoto-san.

I will not even try.

Ino: no, tenten I didn't


Ino: she's bluffing and stop shouting

Tenten: I swear Ino I will pull out your hair one by one…

Ino: Introducing tenten… and her brutality! Seriously, I didn't tell anyone. Hmm, well maybe I told shika and that's because I tell shika everything!

Tenten: whatever. I don't want you to mention it ever again.

Ino: what's wrong with it anyway? It's so normal

Tenten: no it isn't

Ino: fine you diva


Interhigh soccer competition is neaaaaaaaar! Do your best!

-Review for finals



22- Shikamaru
23- Ino

buy presents

alarm clockfor lazy-bum (pink and YELLOW pig design)
this is hard… what to give to Ino tha she didn't have? Oh! a pig pen!


Naruto! (balloon, balloon) happy birthday to you, you belong to the zoo with a monkey and a donkey… the gorilla is YOU

Ichiraku Free Ramen Birthday Coupons

(and free Love-y Dove-y Karaoke Stubs too!)


1. try to be nicer

2. try to smile

3. try to suppress the urge to SCRUB HIS FACE OFF

4. try and try and try and try


Konoha Cultural Festival Mini-concert.

End of the term test.

The room was in semi-darkness. Moonlight from the small gaps of gossamer curtains pierced the shadows. She rolled to her back, eyes wide, green— like celery she hated to eat so much.

"What was that silence?" Sakura wondered aloud, staring up to her ceiling.

He closed the door of his bedroom behind him with a soft click. The room was bathed in darkness, only tiny slivers of moonlight that filtered from the thin gaps of the thin curtains light the room.

Sasuke leaned back to the wood.

And remembered.







Saturdays at Konoha High School composed of note-passing, gossips and bored students:

sorry Sakura-chan I can't go with you, got some adult time with the big boys hehe XD

but naruto

next time I promise

hmph I have Bambi Christmas Special!

hey maybe you can watch it with ur big brother

no! bambi is for us naruto!

aww im so touch sakura-chaaaaaan kiss kiss hug hug but tonight me and the big boys are having adult time sorry, no girls are allowed

you're going to watch porn, aren't you?


hmph your eyes will rot I swear

noooo we're just going to—


Kurenai-sensei raised a brow, looking down to Naruto with narrowed eyes. In between her long index and middle finger was a sheet of paper. "You're going to have some…" She checked the contents, "adult time."

The class craned their heads around to look at the back. Naruto felt his ears go red. "It's n-not…" He stammered.

"Detention." Kurenai-sensei announced.

Naruto stiffened. "What! But I'm going to have some Adult Time, sensei!"

Sakura snickered.

"You too, Haruno."

Green eyes looked up, "but sensei…"

"You are not going to dazzle, dazzle me, Haruno!"

"But I'm going to—"

"Yes, yes." Kurenai gave Haruno a look that silenced her. "Some Bambi Time." Sakura sunk into her chair, her forehead as red as Naruto's face. "Detention for note passing! All of you, attention!" the exquisite teacher crumpled the paper while she brandished her mini-sword— the teaching rod.

"I hate you, Naruto."

The blonde leaned back to his chair with a groan. "I hate you, too, Sakura-chan."




Saturday, after class and Biology Club activities, five days before the Cultural Festival, Forever Love met.

Seki was breathing hard.

Sasuke looked nonchalant.

After a few heartbeats, Seki's shoulders relaxed. "Let's start."

Rei was able to breathe again. Touya kept twirling his drumsticks.

"One, two, three yeah!"




I wanna feel what is inside of you
I want you so bad

Forget what you've seen
and forget what you know right away

I wanna feel what is inside of you
I want you so bad—

Sasuke stopped singing, abruptly. His guitar followed then Seki's, Hayate's and Touya's drums. A silence, so loud, hung around the males.

Seki looked up, murderous. Uchiha kept his face blank, although, in closer inspection, we see a bead of sweat rolling down his right jaw.

"What's wrong, Sasu-chan?" asked Hayate. Uchiha's face twitched.

"This… is…" He cleared his throat, ignoring Seki's pointed glare that in every second turned deadlier. "…I don't like this song."

"Who cares?" growled Seki.

Touya gave Sasuke an "I feel sorry for you, shithead" look. The youngest boy only stared glumly.

"Sing it."

Sasuke only sighed, and obeyed.





A mini-concert sponsored by the Broadcast Club! Join in the fun! You know where to find us!





Sasuke waited for the verdict with blank expression, letting his guitar hung from his body, his hands inside his pockets. The black strap lay diagonal across his chest.

Another minute passed.

A redhead nodded.

"… Just put more emotions, add a wink and a small smile… girls will cum."


Seki and Touya—the latter became increasingly talkative in the past few days— snapped together. Touya emphasized his disgust with a whack on the back of Rei's head with his drumstick. In front of them, Uchiha scowled at the comment, but chose to stay quiet, even though inside, he was seething.

"But it's true!" argued Rei, rubbing the back of his head where Touya hit him.

"Shut up." Seki snapped. Rei pouted, grabbing his green apple Kool-Aid.

"Let's practice Jeepstar." Seki ordered, and after the song ("I told you! I TOLD YOU, it's a difficult song!" Rei whined, hugging his instrument in despair, to which Seki replied with a "wimp') Rei fell asleep on the couch, hugging his guitar, snoring in moderate volume, while, the other three members gathered in the table, playing Poker.

"You know his sister?" asked Seki curiously, frowning at his set of cards.

"Not personally," replied Touya. "But I've seen her, of course." The sophomore glanced sideward, "why did you ask?" he asked, to which Seki replied with a shrug.

"Curiosity, I've heard about her from my girlfriend who attends your school."

Touya looked down to his cards.

"Straight flush." Seki showed his pack.

"Full House." Touya said.

Silently, Sasuke lowered his cards.

"ROYAL FLUSH!?" The two exclaimed in unison, gawking. Uchiha smirked smugly. Sourly, Touya asked for another round.

"How does she look like?" Seki questioned, curious, not interested, for his girlfriend, despite her gentleness was an Amazon.

Touya chose a simple word— trite, but the closest truth. "Cute." He flashed a quick grin at Sasuke who looked placid. "Short. But hot-tempered. She's kind of popular."

"Ah, yes. My girlfriend told me." Seki winked at Sasuke who scowled. "You have a very interesting high school life. A popular little sister…" His grin widened.

Sasuke snorted, scowled deeper, deliberately dismissing the innuendo. "That's because she's got a stupid hair on top of her head."

Seki looked bemused and glanced at Touya for clarification, who replied, "She has pink hair."

"Pink?" Seki looked at Uchiha who looked at his cards. "Like… Cherry blossoms?"

Uchiha didn't reply, his face a perfect mask of neutrality. Itachi, their former vocalist (but a poor guitarist, unlike little brother here), was a poker face, too. But there was something about Sasuke that made him the better poker-faced man. Seki could not put a finger on it, but Sasuke was a little breakable. There was something soft about the boy. Not girly softy. But soft. Like he was glass. A shard of fragile, pretty glass. An icicle. Pretty, but cold. Pretty, but distant. Pretty, but something you would not want to touch.

To feel.

Maybe that was why Sasuke was a better lyricist.

He was soft.

But… not.

Did it make sense?

It didn't.

"Exactly." Shichikawa replied and exposed his cards. "Straight flush."

Seki made a face. "Two of a kind."

Sasuke put down his.



Sasuke shrugged, leaning back to his chair and closed his eyes.

"What the hell!? You're cheating, aren't you?" Seki was yelling, disturbing Rei's slumber, waking up, crying about elephants flying to the moon. Sasuke ignored the accusations and stared up to the bare ceiling.

Those eyes.

He clenched his eyes shut and tried to forget.

Those green, green eyes.




Monday came and passed.

As well as Tuesday and Wednesday.

Festival preparations were one hundred percent complete. Anticipation ran across the campus. The Step Sibling Silent Cold War was old news; however, some students still visited their classroom and waited with curiosity and anticipation. Because, truthfully, they wanted to see some action. A Haruno Spin Kick or a Flying Kick will satisfy many students— after all, Haruno possessed pretty legs and maybe, prettier underwear.

Thursday arrived and at the afternoon, two pairs of feet stomped and walked. Students lining up and crowding the hallway paused and stared, some whispered, many girls blushed, and others looked on curiously.

"Whoa… Nice legs."

"Ah… Uchiha-kun… he's handsome but he looks scary…"

"She's a short frightening alien monster— no normal human can kick—"

"…they're related? How come? Uchiha got no wide forehead, right?"

"…and he's handsome…"

"Jeez, can't you see other things aside from his face?"

"I wonder when the war will start… I'm excited to see some love action— OWW!"

"…knowing her temper, Haruno will top him—"


Standing in the center of the hallway, with metaphorical fire behind her, a girl was snarling. A dark-haired boy stood an arm's length away from her with a blank expression.

The whispers stopped.

Two pair of feet continued to propel forward. Thirty steps after, they stopped in front of a wooden door with golden knob and plaque. The door opened quietly and the good-natured secretary, Shizune-san, appeared. Her smile was friendly, at the same time, professional. The door opened wider as she stepped aside to let the two visitors passed.

The Principal Office was sparse with massive window behind the wooden desk. The afternoon sun blazed and casted rays, making an ominous shadow behind the high-backed chair. Behind the desk sat a woman in her throne. The Big Breasts Woman Who Sat In Her Wooden Throne, that was she was called.

She was attractive with long blonde hair and stunning assets. Sasuke, in all honesty, had expected a thin, bitter old woman with flat chest and bony face.

"Tsunade-sama…" Sakura said in an even tone, looking like she got a worst case of constipation. She knew this woman for a long time, and she knew how violent this woman can be. Naruto hated her with passion because he believed that Principal Tsunade underwent "evil witchcraft and wizardry and sold her soul to the devil to make herself look young".

The blonde woman scowled. "Don't give me that look, Haruno." She snapped. "Fix your face!" Sakura blinked and stiffened, suppressing her temper while fixing her face. However, it was difficult to fake a smile, when she was standing in front of a woman who made her scrub, mop, clean and sweep the whole third floor rooms.

Tsunade leaned back to her throne. Brown eyes regarded her visitors with sharpness. "So," the Principal started. "Uchiha. Haruno."

The two students didn't move.

"BOW!" The woman snapped.

They hurried to follow.

"This… war, this Step Sibling Silent Cold War had caught my interest."

Obviously. Sasuke wanted to snort but chose not to.

The woman crossed her arms under breasts, making them fuller and almost popping out of the deep V of her top. Sasuke averted his gaze, his brows furrowing deeper. "Usually, I don't care about students' personal affairs and relations, however," she made a wave of her hand, "this case— your case visibly caused a massive gossip chain inside the campus. Even my teachers are over-involved with this drama."

"It is not my fault. It was Karin who wrote stupid articles—"


Sakura snapped her mouth shut.


Shizune flew back inside the room. "Hai?"


The woman's eyes rounded. "But…"

Tsunade snorted, and slammed her elbow on the table. "I am thirsty. I need a drink."

"Right away, Tsunade-sama!"

"…where was I? Oh yes. This war, this drama, whatever you call it, this must come to an end."


Sakura raised a brow. She didn't expect Uchiha to state an opinion.

"There is no war. It is just a rumor that got out of hand. There is no need for exaggerated reaction."


The teens stiffened. Shizune returned with a bottle of sake. "Tsunade-sama, your sake!"

The blonde immediately brightened up. "Ah! My baby!" Sakura made a disgruntled face, sake? At lunch? How ironic. A doctor who self-destructs her liver.

The cup was slammed back to the table. "I don't want excuses! I want this nonsense war gone! This is child's play and it's immature. You should be kinder to your parents. Their names and the circumstances of your parents' relationship are publicized." Tsunade looked at Sakura, "your father is an extremely private person. He will not enjoy this attention."

Sakura ground her molars, green eyes not so-green anymore.

"Haruno, are you listening to me?"

"I am."

Tsunade narrowed her eyes. Sasuke glanced at his stepsister from the corner of his eye suspiciously. The temperature was gong down every second.

This is strange. Tsunade thought. She's quiet and responded quickly.

Beside Sakura, Sasuke scoffed and looked away.

"I don't want to hear you smashing Karin's face into smithereens, Sakura. Trust me, I will really suspend you. The Soccer team will suffer due to your suspension. Imagine how Zabuza will kill someone if you got suspended." Tsunade moved her gaze from Haruno to Uchiha. Hmm, silent and stoic. Just like his father. Knowing the boy, Uchiha Sasuke would not do anything harsh, unlike Haruno who had temper problems.

"I'm telling you now. This must come to an end. Konoha doesn't need this type of publicity."

Sasuke nodded.

Sakura stayed quiet.


"I understand." The girl replied.

"You may go."




They left the office. In the hallway, in front of the office door, they stood.


Sakura ignored him.

Sasuke continued, however.

"Don't do anything stupid."

The green–eyed girl threw him a scathing look. "You think I'm stupid I'll listen to you?"

Wow. She talked. To him.

Her tone was malicious. Her voice, however, was pleasant. How strange.

He shrugged, face neutral. "Suit yourself. Be stupid like your hair color." He watched her cheeks colored, her jaw moved. As he watched her walked away, he could not help but forebode a formidable, morbid outcome.




She arrived at the second floor where second year classrooms were located. It was break, and students were loitering. Some stopped chatting as she passed. She ignored them, legs swinging forward.

Those who had heard of her leg strength, intelligence and volatile temper wisely stepped back, but kept staring. They knew— everyone who had read the school newspaper— the sad, sad story of Step Sibling Silent Cold War and Uchiha-Haruno McTidings of Joy Soap Opera Series by heart. Thanks to newspaper club writer Karin— that redhead with weird haircut.

Finding what she was looking for, she stopped in front of a doorway. The students parted quickly. A redhead with glasses was leaning against the doorframe.

Karin smirked smugly. "Do you like my story?"

Sakura swelled. "You dared disrespect my father's name."

Karin examined her nails. "It wasn't slander. It was the truth."

"My father is not a dirty old man."

"Oh." The redhead clucked her tongue. "I forgot he's also rich."

The students flinched back as something— no. It was Sakura's fist which flew up. Karin staggered back, shrieking.

A strong, pale hand grabbed Sakura's wrist and swung it down easily.

Both girls looked up.

Karin blushed. "Sasuke-kun!" She shrieked, clasping her hands together. She almost sparkled in glee. "My Knight in Shining Armor!"

The boy didn't even spare her a glance.

"You." Sasuke frowned deeply. "She's not worth it."

Karin's jaw dropped.

Sakura, meanwhile, tried to free her wrist from Sasuke's grip, but the boy refused to let go.

"Don't waste your time." He was responded with a glare so acidic that he thought if this girl, his little sister, can throw up poison, she will not hesitate to scald him.

BY this time, more and more students had appeared to watch them. Among the crowd were Ten-ten and Temari.

"Sa-chan… and Hot Brother?"

Ten-ten stayed quiet.

Sasuke tugged Sakura closer, ignoring the crowd, ignoring Karin. Sakura glared harder, meeting Sasuke's stare.

"You don't want another detention, do you?"

Green eyes blinked. Grinding her teeth, Sakura snatched her wrist free from his grip, gave him another scathing look, and walked away without a backward glance. The 'curious' students parted as she passed.

"Wow…" Temari whistled. "She actually listened to him, didn't she?" Ten-ten nodded. "It must be hard for her. You know how prideful she is. She doesn't listen to anyone."

"She does. To Ino. After several hits on her head. But the only person she listens to without verbal and physical bloodshed is Naruto."

Temari rolled her eyes, "yeah, she does. I dunno why though. Who would listen to an idiot?"

"His co-idiot, of course."




"Thank you, thank you for saving—"

"I didn't save you." Sasuke interrupted coldly.

Karin gawked.

This time, he was looking at her. "You deserved to be hit for calling my mother as gold-digger."

Karin flushed. "No! I didn't! I was—"

"Don't include our parents' names in your crap." Sasuke glared ominously, and turned away, leaving.

It was silent after that.

Then, there were murmurs and stares.

A vein pounded. And another, and another.





By chance, they met at the school entrance.


She glared.

And he glared back.


She was the first one who broke their glaring contest. "Oy, Naruto. Let's go."

The blonde scratched the back of his head. "Um…"

Sakura raised a brow. "What?"

Naruto grinned bashfully. "I… I…"

The pink-haired girl crossed her arms over her chest. "What is it? I don't have soccer practice today. We can go and visit Uncle Ramen today. I'm very hungry!" Naruto fidgeted. The frown on Sakura's face deepened.

"What is it, Naruto?"

Naruto can almost feel the italic. He gulped. "I… I have to meet someone." He chuckled nervously afterward. Sakura's eyebrow shot up so high it almost reached her hairline. Sasuke merely looked at his friend.

"Hey! What's with that eyebrow?! Quickly! Lower it or else the wind will blow and your eyebrow will get stuck!" Naruto put his hand on Sakura's face. "Sakura-chaaaan! Lower your eyebrow!! Now!" The girl struggled and shoved the blonde off.

"What?! Is it a date, Naruto?!"

Naruto blinked at her. "What date?"

A vein pounded above Sakura's brow. "Who is it?"


"SHE?!" shouted Sakura. Naruto and Sasuke winced at the volume.

"Sa… Sakura-chan…?"

"You're going out in a date?!" Sakura made it sound like it was a curse.

Naruto instantly went red. He stammered, "n-no… it's not like—"

"But why?" Sakura shrieked.

"W-why… what?"

"Why would she ask you?!"

"I don't know…" Naruto grinned, oblivious to Sakura's mounting irritation. "Maybe she likes ramen, too."

Sasuke, who was watching the scene, wanted to applaud the blonde's obliviousness. Discreetly, he examined his little sister's expression. She was irritated. Even… jealous. Why? Sasuke didn't know. His gaze went back to Naruto. As dense as ever. Why he can't sense the murderous intent of the girl was beyond Sasuke. But why would his little sister get jealous?

"Sakura-chan, are you…"


"But you look…"

"I'm going home." Sakura whirled around and started walking off.

"…oh. Aren't you going to ask who I'm going with?" asked Naruto. "Hey!"

"Do I look like I care?"

"Well, she's—"

"PISS OFF." The glare made Naruto flinch. The green-eyed girl snorted loudly and kicked an empty can of cola. The poor thing soared high in the sky.

"Oh maaaaan, she's really hungry!"

Sasuke looked at him. "You really are stupid."






Oh crap. Hinata-chan will get depressed if she hears this.




kiss, kiss.