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"Piggy" - denotes speech 'Fat Piggy' - denotes thought

Chapter One: My pain is meaningless!

Harry Potter looked out of his window wondering if Tonks was having fun visiting her family. He wish he could be with her, one of his most trusted friends. Actually, he would of liked to be anywhere else but here, his once abusive household of many years. He knew he needed to stay here though, or his 'family' would be protection-less, and though he disliked his uncle and aunt, he also knew what happened to those who fell into the psychotic hands of Voldemort and his followers. His aunt, uncle, and cousin were out on a small trip over the weekend visiting Marge. He was rather pleased with this, since he didn't have to listen to their complaints about the 'freaks' telling them what to do.

He looked down, and saw an impression in the grass that had to be Mundungus Fletcher sitting down and likely going over a shady deal in his head.

With a sigh, he decided he wanted some fresh air, and headed downstairs to grab some lemonade and head out. When he walked outside, he said a quiet hello to his guard then went to sit under the tree. Clouds marred the night sky, and neither stars nor the moon gave any light. He didn't mind, he rather liked the stillness and quiet that the night afforded him. Something was eating at his mind though, he felt that it was TO quiet.

After five minutes, he started getting edgy, and looking over at Mundungus showed that he too was getting agitated. Harry stood up and slowly started making his way to the house, and a slight motion from his left told him that his guard was following him under his invisibility cloak. Before either made it to the door, cracks started to go off beyond the range of the wards. Deatheaters began to spread out, while one reached into his cloak, pulled out what could best be described as a muggle hand grenade and chunked it at the house.With a magic charged explosion, the object made contact with that wards surrounding the yard, obliterating them in a shower of lights.

Almost immediately after this happened, Harry and Mundungus felt other wards come up, namely anti-apparation and portkey wards. Mundungus let out a curse and threw off his cloak, sending out spells as fast as he could. While doing so, he used his other hand to reach into his pocket to get the special Order of the Phoenix portkey to be used in emergencies. As he dodged and weaved, he pulled it out and prepared to throw it at Harry, as he knew that's what would be expected of him. Harry however, doing his own spell-work and acrobats, saw this happening.

'There's no way I'm letting another die in the defense of me, no way in hell,' he thought with a growl. "Fried turkey," he yelled as he dived to the side. Mundungus's eyes grew in his horror as he felt the pull of the portkey, desperately crying out, "No"Harry gave a satisfied smile. He still felt the pain of Sirius's death, he didn't want the pain of Mundungus's life mixed in. The deatheaters looked at each other, then laughed as they realized that Harry was all alone.

They put on more pressure as they moved in, hoping to wear their target out. One of them got lucky, and a stunner hit Harry in the chest.Harry felt the blow, and felt the magic contained in the spell trying to knock him out. He began to slump, but reared up and roared in anger as he locked eyes with the one that had hit him. He continued to shout and roar with every spell he fired, each more powerful then the last. The deatheaters were shocked as the boy shook off the blow, even going into a berserker fury as he was cornered. The shock was short lived as they began firing even more powerful spells at Harry.

Soon, Harry slumped to his knees, desperately trying to raise his wand again, but to no avail. He was just too weak, having used too much magic in his spells and resisting the spells that hit him. A deatheater walked up to him and aimed his wand into Harry's face. Then Harry knew no more as a red blast of magic slammed into him at point blank.


Harry looked around his cell. He had just awoken to find himself locked in this dank room, which he knew would be his home for a while. He felt a sharp jab of pain from his abdomen as he tried to stand, telling him that the wounds he had received from the earlier fight had not been healed, or at least were only healed enough so he wouldn't die anytime soon from them.

He smiled however, when he remembered that Mundungus had made it out safe and sound, and he thanked all the deities that Tonks hadn't been there, for he knew she would never have fallen for the trick he did on Fletcher. She had left earlier that week, though at the time he was sad that he wouldn't get to talk to one who had become one of his most trusted friends in the two years he had known her. He smile as he remembered that she was going to return to her true home for a few weeks in hopes of recovering from Sirius's death. He gave a soft chuckle when he remembered how he had learned what the Black family really was. He even gave a full-blown laugh when he remembered that the Black's were supposed to be one of the darkest families in the wizarding world.

It was all a lie, well…somewhat a lie. The Blacks were really a family of Elves, not the cool little house elves, but true elves, actually, they were a mixed family of elves. You see, there are different types of elves, just like there are different types of humans, but the difference isn't just skin color, its their way of thinking as well. There are Dark Elves and High Elves, which both have their own little sects that Harry didn't want to bother thinking about. It turns out that the Black family had come to this realm centuries before, hoping to help out in a war that had been occurring for years.

They did indeed help out the war, and they decided to stay in this realm and offer protection in its times of need. The Dark Elves in the family, although in no way evil, did however practice the Dark Arts through out the centuries. And although the family had its fair share of High Elves, who used Light Magic to complete their tasks, the wizarding world marked them as a dark family, and to the world, if you were dark, you automatically supported Dark Lords.

Harry sighed wistfully as he remembered the tales Tonks and Sirius had told him about the Elvin Realm. 'How I would love to be an elf…maybe I could be worthy enough for Tonks…,' his musings however were cut off when he door opened, revealing a pair of guards flanking the Dark Lord himself. Harry's scar gave of a painful jab, but Harry used his occlumency skills, skills that Tonks had taken upon herself to teach him, even though they were both hurting from Sirius's death, to block off his mind to all intrusion.

"Well well, it seems that you know how to finally block me out of your mind…no matter, I will get that prophecy from you by means more…enjoyable," Voldemort said while raising his wand.And thus Harry's hell began, from torture session to torture session, the days passed by, with little rest for Harry.

Two weeks later, Harry's body was all but destroyed, but his mind, though weakened, was still far from insanity due to his strong shields always in place. His magical reserves, however, have never been stronger, he was conserving it so he could save two tortured souls, namely Bellatrix Black and Narcissa Black, two who had been tricked into a marriage by their husband's fathers. Of course, they both had to be forced to drink some kind of potion to do what their husbands told them to.

Harry knew this because of two things; one and elf can never be evil, it goes against their very being, which would kill them quite fast and two, Tonks and Sirius had told him. That is why he was conserving his energy, so he could give those two the chance at freedom that their sister Andromeda had, whom had found another Elvin family and had soul-bonded into it. He knew through his nightmares (which now occurred regularly, even with his shields up), that they both would be locked into a cell in this very dungeon today, waiting for their new dose to be finished.

He waited an hour or two after his morning torture session, and sure enough the two beautiful women were put into their cell. Harry could see the tears in their eyes, making his heart ache for their pain. If there was one thing Harry loathed to see, and fought viciously to stop, was an innocent person in any type of pain. The deatheaters had found this out early on, and learned their lesson well from the experience.


Deatheaters threw Harry to the ground, and when he looked up, he saw not his usual tormentors, but a young muggle girl, barely twelve years old. His eye's grew wide as he realized that they were going to torture her in front of him. The girl looked at the new comer's condition and her crying grew, 'Is this what I'm gonna end up like'

A deatheater cackled as he raised his wand and said the word that Harry had been hearing far too much lately. The girl's eyes grew wide before clenching shut as she screamed in pain. Harry looked on in horror and disgust, 'It's one thing to torture me, but to torture her…barely old enough for Hogwarts'

After almost a minute of her torture, which the deatheater felt content to do for however long she lived, Harry was getting pissed. He could feel his magic swarming around his core, his very being roaring out in anger and disgust. Without warning he roared and his magic shattered his binds. The deatheater torturing the girl looked up in surprise before Harry's hands were firmly around his neck, his unkempt nails digging into the tender flesh.

With a roar, Harry ripped his hands back, unfortunate for the deatheater, cause he still maintained a strong grip. The mans throat was torn open as his eyes grew as he went into shock from the sudden and vicious pain. The other five deatheaters were still in shock as he twirled around, before his eyes glowed before a blinding light shone, expanding into a disk of blue light. Harry grab the girl and as gently as possible tossed her into the disk, which closed immediately afterwards. He then lunged onto another deatheater, who soon joined his comrade in death. The deatheaters got over their shock and shot off spells but it took a number of stunners and one more dead deatheater to finally subdue the enraged Harry.


Harry still wondered what he had down, and where he had sent the girl. He doubted he could do the spell again, however, cause he needed every bit of energy he had to do what he was planning. One of the deatheaters that had escorted the women into the cell was none other then Serverus Snape, whom Harry had helped solidify his position in Voldemort's ranks. Snape knew this, and though unwilling, he knew a good thing when he saw it.

"Traitor," Harry croaked out, his vocal cords long since torn from the screaming that he had done.Snape stopped and sneered at him, but Harry could see the sympathy that flashed through his eyes for a second.

"Shut up, Potter, you never seem to stop annoying me…Crucio!" Snape said with a snarl. Harry spasmed under the spell, but he didn't cry out….pain was almost nothing to him now, especially since his body had suffered such extensive nerve damage. Snape released the spell after a little while, and marched off with the other laughing deatheaters.

When Harry had recovered, he looked over at the two crying women in the cell in front of his and hoped his speech wasn't too marred by the torture he had been put through, "I was hoping to meet up with you two."

They looked over at him in shock, but when Bellatrix saw him, she burst into open sobbing. She had tortured him while under the effect of the potion…and to see his condition while not under it broke her even further.

Harry cocked his head to the side, "I feel no malice or even dislike to you Bellatrix, and I know that Sirius wouldn't either, I do however feel the need to help you both out of here."

Narcissa looked up at him, a slight hope in her eyes, before it died, "You can't help us…nothing can help us."

Harry smiled at them, showing his bloodstained teeth, "I'll give you a portkey outta here, just as long as you do me a favor?"
They looked up at him in shock, "You can't portkey out of this fortress without the permission of Voldemort, how do you expect us to get out."

Harry reached down into his tattered jeans, taking out his wallet. Inside were a few pictures, a few muggle monies, and a card, "They were stupid enough not to take my wallet…which unfortunately for them, has a special portkey given to me by Sirius that I have been saving for just such an occasion."

"You mean to tell me that those deatheater bastards didn't find that!" Bellatrix said with hope in her eyes.

"Yep, the only problem is its capacity is only 2 people, but that works well, since I wasn't planning on using it," Harry said with a smile, tossing the card over to the two ladies.

"We…we…cant just leave you behind! Look at you!" Bellatrix said in shock, obviously speaking of Harry's multiple wounds.

Harry gave a dry chuckle, "I need to stay behind anyway to blow a hole through the wards of this place…besides, you two deserve freedom after what you have been put through, what you have been forced to do."

He threw another piece of paper over to them, "Tell Dumbledore I sent ya, and if Tonks is there…tell her…I miss our talks."

The two witches looked at Harry, their eyes shinning with both respect and gratitude beyond measure.

"Oh yea, go to Gringotts, they have some paperwork waiting for you to solve the problem of not being a Black anymore," Harry said with a smile.

He closed his eyes, and with concentrated for a bit. While concentrating he started to growl lowly, which slowly rose in volume until with a mighty roar, he unleashed his magic. The magic slammed into the invisible wards around them, which resisted only a second before breaking. Harry then shouted out the activation word for the portkey, "Redemption."

With that word, the witches felt the familiar pull of a portkey, and when they opened their eyes, they were looking at a surprised
Dumbledore, with an equally surprised Snape by his side. They looked around and realized they were in Dumbledore's office in Hogwarts.

Dumbledore shot up with his wand in hand and pointed it at the two, whom cowered slightly. Snape jumped up as well, but instead of aiming his wand at them, he stepped in front of Dumbledore's wand. "It's ok Albus, they couldn't have taken their potions yet, so they are their real selves," Snape said, looking perplexedly at the two women.

Albus Dumbledore nodded and lowered his wand, with his eyes starting to twinkle, "Well then, it seems our luck seems to be turning for the better, but I must ask, how did you two get in here."

The two witches eyes filled with tears of joy, realizing they were finally free, and they hugged each other. Snape smiled as well, he was especially happy to see his cousins free of their torture.

His smile turned to a frown as he thought of something, "It was Harry wasn't it…he was the one who set you free."

The ladies nodded, and Bellatrix shook slightly, "He is in so much pain…I can feel it in the very air of that place, and yet he saved this portkey for us…to free us of our torture, to give us a chance at the life our sister has."

Snape shook, "Albus, we have to get him out of there…especially now…there's no telling what Voldemort will do to Harry after this." Albus nodded, his eyes had a vast sadness, but also much pride in the actions of one Harry Potter.

Slightly Later

Harry knew that he would pay for what he had done, and he would pay dearly, but that couldn't stop the twinkle in his eye as the Dark Lord ranted and raved at him. "Think you're special! Think you did something good?" screamed Voldemort, then he saw the defiance in the boy's eye, "Cut his eyes out, I've had enough of his defiant look." Harry just laughed, "I have freed those that deserved it, Voldemort, no pain can make me regret what I did." Harry's face was calm, though even more worn which had resulted from his massive magical burst earlier.

The deatheaters advanced on Harry, holding him down, though he truly didn't have the strength to resist, while another pulled a knife out of a sheath at his side. Snape watched in horror before turning away, but had to resist the urge to cover his ears to escape the screams of agony as the deatheaters went to work. Snape apparated out of the fortress later and directly into the meeting of the Order of the Phoenix, where he sat down in his chair.

"How is Harry, Serverus?" Albus asked gently, hoping against hope that Harry was still alive.

"They cut his eyes out…and then they tortured him for hours…I can't do it anymore Albus, I can't sit there and watch them do this to Harry…" Snape said in a shuddering breath.

Snape could never call the boy 'Potter' any more. That would be far to disrespectful…and Snape had a deep respect for Harry after witnessing what he had gone through, what he was going through. He wondered if he would even be able to look at Harry without being ashamed of his past actions against him.

Many at the table gasped in horror, some even breaking out into crying, while Albus looked older then ever, with tears in his eyes as well. Albus looked down, his heart and soul crying out in anger and sadness at what Harry had to endure, anger at Voldemort for doing this to Harry, anger at himself for not being there to save him, and sadness for not being able to a thing to help except pray to the Gods for his safety.

There was a pop as someone else entered the room, and when people looked up, they saw the crying face of Tonks. "What happened Albus, I just went to Privet Drive, and I saw number four burned to the ground…where's Harry?" Tonks asked desperately.


Nymphradora Tonks was happy, but her happiness was hampered by the fact that she had been unable to bring Harry along. She knew that he would of loved to come to the Elvin realm, but due to Harry needing to stay at the Dursleys, he wasn't able to come. She vowed to make it up to him by spending more time with him before he went to school, and even when he did go to school.

She apparated into an alley not far from number four, and made her way, not really paying attention, since she was thinking of the conversations she would have with Harry, not to mention staring into his beautiful emerald green eyes. When she looked up at number four, she dropped to her knees in horror and shock. Where once was a normal two story house, now stood a blackened wall, and a pile of ashes and fallen debris.

'By the Gods! Where is Harry?' she thought desperately, after looking at the scene for a minute longer, she apparated into Grimmwauld Place.

She looked around for a second then asked, "What happened Albus, I just went to Privet Drive, and I saw number four burned to the ground…where's Harry?"

Albus looked at her with sympathy, and asked her to sit down. He dismissed the other order members and they left, leaving just Dumbledore, Snape, and Tonks. Albus explained all that had occurred, ending with the information Snape had just provided. Tonks was heartbroken and in tears, the boy, no MAN, she was starting to love had sacrificed himself yet again to ensure the happiness and protection of another. She dried her tears, and looked up. Her eyes now held such a ferocity that Albus leaned back into his chair with a surprised look on his face.

He was even further shocked when she slammed her fist onto the table and broke it in two, "No more playing, no more miss nice elf!" Her form changed into her true form, a 6'3'' Elvin maiden with long black hair and golden eyes. "Time to get him outta there!" She said as she got up, "And into hands that can care for him like he needs to be cared for!"

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