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A Night Together

It was midnight in the Titans Tower. All of the Titans were sleeping soundly. Robin had fallen asleep lifting weights (again) and was currently dreaming up ways to impress Starfire. Starfire herself was sleeping upside-down on her bed, silently mouthing Tamaranian poems and songs. Cyborg was shut down for the night and the only sound you could hear from his room was his computers' usual beeps and clicks. BeastBoy was slumped over the top of his bunk-bed, drooling like a maniac. However, one Titan wasn't enjoying the peaceful bliss of sleep. Raven.

The empathic girl was lying under her covers, sweating. She was having another nightmare. They were becoming more and more frequent. She kept remembering her father, Trigon. Despite the fact that the demon had been vanquished many months ago, he still haunted her dreams. Raven woke with a start as the nightmare ended. She began to pant wildly as she tried to breathe.

'It was just a dream,' she thought, relieved. It had seemed so real. She was frightened by how obsessed she was with her father. 'I wonder if Robin has dreams like this, of Slade,' she thought.

Raven looked around her room, trying to forget the nightmare. But everything she saw reminded her of Trigon.'That's what happens when you fill your room with dark artifacts,' she thought grimly. 'I have to get out of here! I have to go somewhere else if I want to get any sleep at all!'

Raven slowly got out of bed and put on a purple night-gown. She headed out the door and closed it behind her. She now had to make a decision. Where to go? She looked down the hall at the other bedrooms in the Tower. She thought about it.

First she thought of Robin. He would be the sensible choice, she thought. He was the one that most understood her obsession, because of Slade. They also shared a mind bond. But, she thought better of it. He would probably keep asking questions, he was too nosy. And Starfire wouldn't appreciate her being that close to Robin at night.

Next, she thought of Starfire. She was welcoming enough, that was for sure. But she was far too hyper. She would probably keep Raven up all night, trying to have a slumber party. It wasn't the first time she had tried that. She shook her head.

She thought of Cyborg next. First, it would probably be a chore waking him up. That computer of his was very annoying sometimes. Second, he was too much of a tough guy. He would probably tease her and embarrass her because she was overacting because of a dream. Not a good idea.

Finally, she thought of BeastBoy. She didn't even analyze the possibilities before turning away. But, suddenly she stopped. She thought about it for a moment. Then she realized that he was the perfect choice.

First of all, the green one would probably leave her alone. He would probably fall asleep as soon as he let her in. Second, he was always far too kind for her. He trusted her more than he should. She had tried to push him away on multiple occasions, but he always came back. He was far too fond of her. And third, he said he would always be there for her. And he was. When she lost control of her powers, he had been there to help. When Malchior had broken her heart, he had been there to mend it. He had even been there when Werewolf Adonis had attacked her (even though he didn't know it at the time.) She smiled.

There was only one reason she even doubted going to his room. That was because she loved him. Ever since Terra had left and Malchior had betrayed her, she had become more and more sure of it. The green grass stain had grown on her. Despite her constant insults and abuse, she really cared for him. She only kept him away for his own good. If he had gotten any closer to her, Trigon might have targeted him to get to her. That was why she pushed him away. Because, deep down, she loved him more than the world itself. She just did it for his own protection. However, with Trigon gone, she was free. She figured it was worth a shot.

Raven glided towards BeastBoy's room. She reached up and knocked on his door. After about five minutes, he opened the door. The changeling was only in his boxer shorts and wearing a white undershirt. BeastBoy yawned as he opened the door to see a sad-eyed Raven in front of him. His tired face turned into one of concern.

"Raven, what's up?" he said, worried. She just looked at him.

"Can I ask you for a favor?" she asked in her usual monotone. BeastBoy looked at the clock in his room. It was 12:23 at night. But, if Raven needed his help, he was there.

"Uh, sure. What do you need?" He asked nervously. He could feel himself start to blush. The truth was he, too, loved Raven. He didn't hide it as well as her, but she still didn't seem to notice. He was worried that she would never love him back. But, hey! She was at HIS door, asking for HIS help. 'Gotta remember not to do anything stupid!'

Raven smiled as if she knew what he was thinking. Actually, she did. Her powers could sense his super-active heart beat from a mile away. Then she remembered why she was there. Her smile changed back to the previous frown.

"Um, I just had another nightmare...and I was wandering if...you wouldn't mind if I...stayed in your room for tonight?" she asked. She could feel tears form as she said it. She was afraid now that BeastBoy would tease her for overreacting. But, once again, he surprised her.

"Sure thing!" he said. Suddenly, a look of terror covered his face. "Um, could you wait just one moment?" he asked. Raven looked confused, but agreed.

BeastBoy quickly ran back into his room. First, he wiped up all of the drool off of the top bunk, and the floor beneath it. Next, he removed all of the Raven posters he had plastered up all over the place. Finally, he sprayed the place with air freshener. He returned back within seconds.

"Come on in!" he said enthusiastically. Raven glided into the room behind him. "So, uh, do you want the bottom bunk?" he asked, afraid that she would discover the large amount of drool stains on the top one. Luckily, she agreed to the bottom bunk. She climbed into the bed as BB climbed up onto his.

"Um, BeastBoy...thanks for letting me sleep here..." she said, embarrassed. He grinned.

"Sure, no problem! Anytime..." he said, yawning. "G'night..." Within minutes, he was asleep. Raven smiled. 'Good old BeastBoy'

-------------------One Hour Later------------

BeastBoy woke up as he heard crying. His animal DNA made him a very light sleeper, so he heard the crying very well. He looked down and found the source. Raven. The empathetic beauty was crying softly into her pillow. 'Poor Raven, that must have been a really bad dream!' he thought. 'Wait a minute! I should help her!'

BeastBoy slowly got up and climbed down the ladder on his bed. He kneeled by Raven and rubbed her back to let her know he was there. "Raven, it's me! What's wrong?" he asked sympathetically. He was worried about his crush. She just shrugged him off.

"Leave me alone!" she said as she turned away. But, BeastBoy wouldn't let her cry away.

"Come on, Rae. I wanna help..." he said, grabbing her hand. She let out another sob. However, she didn't turn away this time. "Please, Rae. I don't like it when you're sad. I want to help. Please let me help!" he said with concern. Raven finally turned to face him.

"Oh...BeastBoy!" she sobbed as she moved closer to him. He wrapped his arms around her comfortingly. She returned the hug. Raven continued to cry as she snuggled into BeastBoy's arms. She explained the dream. How Trigon returned. And how she saw BeastBoy, her one true love, die in her arms (She left out the true love thing, though!)

BeastBoy just rubbed her back comfortingly and whispered relaxing words. "It's okay, Raven. Trigon is gone now. Forever. It won't happen" he said. He was worried about the poor goth girl lying in his arms. She was so fragile. She always acted tough, like nothing bothered her. But BeastBoy knew better. He was probably the only one that really knew Raven well.

"Yeah, you're right..." Raven said, her tears slowing down. "But I just don't want to lose you, or any of the others!" she said. BeastBoy smiled.

"Don't worry, we're not going anywhere. We'll always be friends. The Titans will be together for a good long time," BeastBoy said, reassuring her. "Raven, I promise I'll never leave you. If you ever, EVER need help, please tell me. I'll be right there!"

Raven smiled as he said that. 'He really likes me!' she thought. Before she realized it, she bent up and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. This made the green shape-shifter blush. The red on his cheeks didn't look good mixed with his green skin. "Thank you, BeastBoy" she said as she laid back down on the mattress. BeastBoy continued to rub her back for several minutes. He was determined to make her relax. He couldn't bear to see the girl of his dreams be so sad. Raven just closed her eyes and enjoyed the special treatment. This was better than meditation!

"Okay, are you feeling any better, now?" BeastBoy asked as he rubbed her back. Raven nodded. BB wiped away some last tears from her face. He smiled. He slowly got up to leave. Suddenly, Raven grabbed his hand and pulled him back down. BB looked back at her, confused.

"BeastBoy...would you stay with me until I fall asleep?" she asked. She didn't want him to leave. She always wanted to feel his presence by her side. BB smiled again.

"Sure," he said as he settled in next to her. He began to rub her back again. She appeared to fall into some kind of trance. She loved having his hand on her a lot. She wished he would never let go. Instinctively, Raven began to cuddle up next to BB. She put her arms around him and scooted closer to him. Both of them blushed at being so close together. However, neither of them pulled apart

'That's it! You've got to tell her, now!' BB thought as his crush snuggled next to him. He was afraid of telling her that he loved her. 'What if she doesn't love me? What if I ruin our friendship?' he thought unhappily. However, he knew he had to do it. It was time.

"Um, Raven?" he started nervously. "Can I ask you a question?"

Raven looked up from where she was lying and looked into his eyes. He had the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. The darkness gave them a slight glow, almost like a cat's. "Sure, BeastBoy. Anything."

BB took a deep breath. "How...how do you feel about me?" he asked. Raven looked at him for a moment before answering. She began to blush deeply.

"Well, honestly...I really like you a lot, BeastBoy. You're always really kind to me, even when I don't deserve it," She replied. BeastBoy frowned.

"What do you mean 'when you don't deserve it'? Everyone deserves to be happy!" BeastBoy said with concern.

"What I meant was, I'm never kind to you. Every time you tell a joke or try to help me, I always push you away. And yet, you still try to help. You DO help. I don't deserve such kindness," Raven said, turning away. BB placed his hand on her cheek.

"Raven..." he said, concerned. "Raven, you do your best! I understand that you can't always show it because of your powers. I understand it's hard for you to show people just how you feel. I mean, I can't expect you to just laugh and hug me when you've been living without emotions your entire life."

"Thanks, BeastBoy," Raven said. "I really do like you a whole lot." BeastBoy blushed. "But, BeastBoy, can I ask you a question, now?"

"Um, sure," BB answered. He blushed as if he knew what she was going to ask. And he was right.

"BeastBoy, what do you think about me? Honestly," Raven said, wanting to know the truth.

'Well, here it goes!' BB thought. "Well, I...uh...I really like you a lot, too. I like how you are always calm, and how you never care what other people think..."

"What do you mean?" Raven asked. "Do you care?"

"Well, yeah, I'm green," BB answered. "I know I've been green most of my life, but it still hurts when people point it out, or consider me different just because I'm green."

"But...you are different," Raven said. BeastBoy laughed.

"Yeah, you're right. But, it still hurts," BB replied.

I'm...I'm sorry," Raven said. She had no idea BB felt this way. She always saw him as the overly-cheerful joker he acted as. She had no idea that deep down he was a lot like her. Quiet and withdrawn. He just reacted to it differently. He hid it. "Is that all?" she asked.

BB shook his head. "I..." he started, losing his cool. "Raven, if I tell you something really important, will you still like me?"

"Of course, BeastBoy," she answered. 'That's exactly what Terra said!' Raven thought. BB took a big breath and told his secret.

"Raven, the truth is..." he started. "The truth is...I love you."

Raven looked at him shocked. He had told her! She never thought that the changeling would admit it. She always thought it would be HER that would tell HIM that. She had no idea that BeastBoy actually felt that way about her. She always thought that he just had a cruch on her. She never thought that he actually LOVED her.

BeastBoy continued talking. "I know it was kinda rushed, but I mean it. Ever since I first saw you, I felt something for you. But, it wasn't until Terra left that I knew just what I was feeling. It was love. I...love you, Rae. But, but if you don't...I understand. I understand if you wouldn't like me, or want to be my friend. I'm sorry..." And with that, BeastBoy began to get up, afraid that Raven would reject him. Suddenly, Raven grabbed his arm and pulled him back down. Again.

"BeatBoy," she said, a blush forming on her face. "BeastBoy, I love you, too!" And with that she brought herself closer to the shy, green shape-shifter. And she kissed him right on the lips. After a moment of shock, BB returned the kiss. The two kissed for what seemed like hours, but was only minutes. Finally, the couple broke off the kiss, in need for air.

"Raven, you...you really mean it?" BeastBoy asked the beautiful purple-haired girl panting for breath beside him. She smiled. He loved that smile. It always seemed to light up the room.

"Of course, I meant it! I love you, BeastBoy!" she said, smiling even wider. BeastBoy grinned.

"Please...call me Gar," he said. Raven bet up and kissed him again. The couple laid in bed there, just kissing for what seemed like the entire night. Eventually, the kisses became more passionate and lasted for longer.Finally, when they both stopped kissing, BB spoke. "So, Raven...does this mean we're going out?" he asked. Raven laughed as she hit him with her pillow.

"Of course, Gar," she said, laughing. BB (Gar) smiled.

Eventually, the couple fell asleep next to each other, still holding each other in their arms. There was a smile on both of their faces. They both patiently awaited the morning. When they would see each other once again.

Raven smiled. She was definitely going to have good dreams tonight. No more nightmares for her. Just pleasant dreams of her dear BeastBoy.

Now, not all of the Titans know it, but there are security cameras hidden throughout the Tower. Even in the bedrooms. And all of the cameras are hooked up to the Tower's main processing computer. Which is hooked up to Cyborg.

Now Cyborg, because of his condition, no longer dreams. So, he checks the cameras while he sleeps. Efficient. So, that's why that night, he discovered something out of place. Raven's room was empty. He checked the screens again and realized that there were TWO people in BB's room. So, he checked BB's room. And what he saw there made him smile like there was no tomorrow.

He saw BeastBoy and Raven, both in their pajamas, sleeping together in each other's arms. In the same bed. Together. Cyborg smiled. He would be sure to mention THIS in the morning.

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