Hello everybody! Dyingsoul36 here with some new material at fucking last!

Just recently checked my mail and saw how many of you wanted more ancient poems so here's the worm of power for everyone, give it up for chatter'gha!

A caged god's prophecy




My mind is a battlefield of swirling emotions,

And thoughts of carnage yet to be emoted,

I curse my keeper in a thousand tongues,

And my hate for it knows no bounds.

For I am Chatter'gha the embodiment of rage,

The ancient of hate,

The deity of pain.

And my roars echo across all realities,

And challenge all to maintain their sanities.

Soon all shall bow before my might,

And those behind the veil shall be my slaves,

As I have seen through my many eyes,

The vision that speaks of a future that could be mine.

But there are those that oppose me,

My mystical brother and insane sister,

Both beings of transcending power,

Madness and magick,

Against earth shattering power.

But I have my servant,

The warlock who heralds my arrival,

He shall be there at the gates to this universe,

And usher forth the destroyer of the multiverse.

In my prison between realities,

A vision came to my mind,

A sweet torrent of images,

That has spiked my hunger.

I see rivers flowing with blood,

I see trees decorated with bones for my honour,

I see people screaming for my pleasure,

An entire world shaped to serve me…

This I have seen…


Well hope you liked reviews or flames always appreciated especially flames I could do with some laughs.

Unfortunately readers I still don't have the net yet, im on my dads computer and thought id just write a quick poem for some new stuff.

(kneels before readers) PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

I hope to return in the next month or so, until then readers ta!