Okay .. here's a proper summary. Lucius Malfoy DEAD. Draco Drug Addict and General Ass. Hermione Well...The Same Hermione She Has Always Been. Dumbledore assigns Hermione to help the Head Boy conquer his problems, but it turns out she needs saving too. Insert drama HERE.

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If this was a movie, right about now there would be heavy metal rock music playing. Hopefully it would drown out their awful moaning, Hermione Granger thought to herself as she listened to Draco Malfoy and his flavour of the week heat up the sheets in the Head Boy's bedroom next to her own. Couldn't they have made the walls between our rooms a little thicker? I believe they stuffed Styrofoam in there.

Judging from the sounds she heard next, they had finished, and Draco was getting out the one Muggle thing that he liked – marijuana. She had no idea who had introduced him to it, since supposedly he only associated with Purebloods, but there was no doubt about it, Draco Malfoy loved the drugs.

Attempting to get back to her studying, after all it was October and there were only eight months until NEWTs, Hermione tried to ignore the stoned giggles and yells coming from the next room. Finally, enough was enough. She should not have to sacrifice her education for so some pea-brained purist could get his kicks off illegal substances.

She stomped down to his door, which was decorated with a Slytherin crest. She rapped loudly on it, but there was no answer. Oh bloody hell. She tried the knob, but it was locked, so after a simple Alohamora, Hermione burst into the room. A nearly naked Draco and a very naked Pansy Parkinson were sitting on his king-size bed, nearly hidden in a cloud of smoke. Each was holding a joint, while Draco was rolling up more.

"Ahem", Hermione deigned to interrupt their love-cum-drug-fest.

Draco lazily looked up, whlie Pansy fell back onto the bed laughing. "Whaaaaaat now Granger? Can't you see I'm a little busy?" He smirked, eyes going out of focus.

"Well you are disturbing me and–"

Pansy regained her balance, and laughed maliciously. "Just go to your favourite 'hangout' Granger, the liiibrary. Go fuck Potter or Weasely. We don't care do we Drakie? Just leave me and Drakie-kins alone."

"Maybe I should see the Headmaster? I'm sure he would love to know that you two are smoking it up." Hermione was willing to say anything to quiet them down. She was looking at the ceiling, because a naked Pansy (who did not care to cover herself up) was enough to make her queasy.

"Ugh Drakie. The Mudblood is getting annoying, I think I'll go, but I'll still see you tomorrow. Riiight?" Pansy wheedled as she gathered various articles of clothing from around Draco's bedroom. He grunted a response and a spell, and she was fully clothed and gone.

Just as she was prepared to leave, Draco turned and said, "Stop right there Granger." Hermione turned, hearing the venom in his tone of voice. "What right did you have barging in on me like that? I am the only one here who wants to have a bit of a good time, and you're holed up in your room studying for the NEWTs that are eight bloody months away!"

She retorted quickly, "Well at least one of the Head students should be setting a good example for the younger students of Hogwarts!"

"Do you think they give a shit what we do. I know you're all la-dee-dah about being Head Girl and that but really? Do you know what it honestly means? You either bought your way into the position, like me, or you fucked enough teachers, maybe that's what you did..." the scathing glare he received informed him otherwise. "Granger...I'm kidding. But some people have used those tactics, unlike you, who have simply shoved the rule book up her ass voluntarily since birth."

"Oh, just because I'm not a drug addict, papa's boy or Death Eater I have a rule book shoved up my ass?"

"Well I don't know, I've never been up there," Draco smirked his finest.

Hermione let out a groan and lunged past him, to the bed where the drugs lay. "You want your bloody proof, here you go. Incendio," she muttered at a rolled-up joint. The flame caught and Hermione raised the burning parchment to her mouth. The smell was pungent, but she was at her wits' end and was willing to do nearly anything to shut the boy up.

She inhaled deeply and immediately dropped the joint, falling off of the bed and onto the floor in a mad coughing fit. Draco simply stared at her, cackling evilly. Gasping, she asked, "Can you help me out a little?"

He watched as she pulled herself off the floor, and he studied her. Perhaps it was the weed, or seeing her smoke it, or perhaps it was his overactive hormones but damn Granger looks hot. Her hair is not that... shrub it used to be, she's finally developed a figure and she apparently doesn't know that I can see almost all the way up that miniskirt.

Hermione had finally managed to see straight. She stared at the now-extinguished paper in her hand. Drugs...who decided that they were so amazing? I feel worse than before I inhaled that nasty thing.

As if he had read her mind, Draco rolled his eyes and in a condescending voice informed her "Well of course your first drag will be a bitch. Try another."

"Try another? Do you think I am out of my mind? After what just happened you want me to try another?"

"Fine, whatever, if you're not going to be any fun then you may as well leave. I can't believe I even let you in here Granger, you are always such a spoilsport. You should learn to loosen up a little."

"You should learn that you're killing brain cells with that crap there." She turned on her heel and headed for her own room, leaving Draco to recollect his own thoughts.

He was headed down a bad road, and she knew it. Ever since his father had been killed in Azkaban halfway through their sixth year, Draco had been explosive, impulsive and dangerous. He lost weight because he no longer ate enough, he was too busy doing drugs, he never seemed to sleep either, and an emotionless, haunted look played upon his exhausted face. Nobody knew what about his father's death had triggered this behaviour, but everybody knew that if it didn't stop, Draco Malfoy was a dead man.

Even Hermione, who made a point of staying out of Draco's way, noticed the change. These days, he couldn't even be bothered to call her Mudblood. His days consisted of shag, smoke, shower, shag again, smoke again, and if their was time, eat or sleep.

He thought about Granger. How cute she had looked staring at the joint, how hot she had looked when she had it in her mouth – before she hit a coughing fit, how stupid he had been to not stop her from smoking that thing. He had ruined his life, but there was no reason for her to lose everything when she had so much potential. He was hungry, he always was after a smoke, but he rarely acted on it. Since he had nothing to do, Draco walked down to the Head common room to see if there was anything to eat.

The sight he was greeted with upon entering the common room was... well revolting to him. She was lying on the white sofa, body pinned down by one Seamus Finnigan. All he could see of her were a few stray ringlets draped over the armrest and her arms wrapped around his back. The sight jerked the first feeling of emotion he had felt in quite a while – jealousy. Then he realized what was actually going on.

He heard a muffled "Seamus!" and disgust began to rise in his stomach, until the name was followed by "Stop! Please! You're hurting me!"

Seamus said nothing, but from the doorway, Draco could hear that he was ripping Hermione's shirt. She began to cry, begging him to stop, but the boy was being driven by hormones and lust, and he was on a collision course with what Draco assumed was Hermione's virginity.

Finally, as he heard her skirt being torn Draco bolted into the room and in one swift movement threw Seamus to the floor. "What d'you think you're doing?" he asked, eyes still clouded with lust, but brows furrowed in surprise and anger.

"Stopping you from committing rape. Get out now." His voice was monotone, but the fire in Draco's eyes spurred Seamus' quick departure. Draco turned to Hermione, who had grabbed her wand off the floor and was attempting to perform Reparo spells on her clothes, although she crying too much to pronounce it correctly. He attempted not to look at her chest as he muttered the spell, but it was damn difficult to resist. He sat at the other end of the sofa, waiting to see if she was alright.

After a few awkward minutes, she finally whispered, "Thank you."

He looked over at her. Her big chocolate eyes were bloodshot, and tears were still slipping silently down her cheeks. Her hair was slightly dishevelled, but her clothes were still intact. He didn't speak, so she did. "Why did you do that? I could have handled myself just fine."

He sneered, in a Snape-like manner, "Riiiiight Granger, from the sounds of" he turned his voice high and girlish, "Seamus, stop, that would really have worked."

He watched impassively as the tears picked up intensity. They made him feel odd, as though he was doing something wrong by making her cry. No, she is a Mudblood, it is my right as a Pureblood to demean their kind. But it just felt wrong.

She watched a shadow of some unnamed emotion pass over his face, but it was so fleeting that she could not name it. For a moment, when he had stopped Seamus, she thought that maybe, just maybe, he was changing. Hmph, too much to ask of the Stony Slytherin Sex God. Sex God...that does indeed describe the blond vision ahead of me. No Hermione. He is an arrogant ass on a permanent ego trip. He is as sexy as...Ron. "I don't have to put up with this," she sobbed and fled towards her room.

As he lay in his too-big bed that night, Draco found himself thinking about that infernal Head Girl again. Just because she got tits all of a sudden, she's got every bloody guy all over her. At least us Slytherins have the pride not to screw around with Mudbloods.

A contradicting voice in his head said, Even hot ones?

Even hot ones.

And there we go, Chapter one of my newest story. I have too many lovely ideas for this one, but I imagine it won't be longer than 10 chapters.