Just in case you need to know – there will always be language in this story.

November came and went, as Draco and Hermione continued to live parallel lives, not speaking a single word to each other. Draco continued his daily drug and shag schedule, Hermione cast silencing charms on his room, Draco dated every female thing on legs while Hermione continued to see Seamus and all was well.

All was well that is, until a Friday in December. Hermione was taking a long hot shower, she felt she needed one after the day's activities. Seamus had been rather..out of sorts lately, to say the least. She understood, however, that he was under a lot of stress with classes, and her constant know-it-all attitude wasn't helping him. She did her best for him, but somehow it wasn't enough.

Her thoughts were cut off by her steamy shower becoming a barrage of snowflakes. Cold snowflakes. She let out a shrill shriek and jumped out into the bathroom. She grabbed a towel, and her mind began to churn, as she realized that the happenings were no accident.

She burst into his room, jaw set in fury. "How dare you?"

The shockingly alone and sober Draco simply replied, "Why Hermione I haven't a bloody clue what you are talking about."

"Yes you do! You ruined my shower and nearly froze me!" Her statement was emphasised by a violent shiver.

"Oh, that. Yes that would be me. I was bored. Funny wasn't it?" He smirked, letting his long blond locks fall over his eyes. Too bad she hadn't come out completely naked, would've been a bonus there.

Letting out a frustrated growl, Hermione stormed back to her room to change into some acceptable clothing. She proceeded to read Jane Eyre, a favourite Muggle novel of hers, until she was startled by a "Hello Miss Granger."The Headmaster was standing in her doorway, with an oddly furtive expression on his face.

"Hello Headmaster," she replied, puzzled. What reason did Dumbledore have for visiting her room? "Please, have a seat," she gestured to the wooden chair across from her desk, as she was lying on her bed.

The old man shuffled over to chair, and sat heavily. "Miss Granger, some rather...startling issues have come to my attention, concerning your Head counterpart. It seems that Mr Malfoy has been abusing substances of an illegal nature...?"

Hermione did not want to admit that she had not reported his habits as she knew she should havebut she nodded, "I believe so Headmaster."

"I do not wish to expel the poor boy, who has been through enough, so I need to ask a favour of you Miss Granger." When she nodded for him to continue, Dumbledore leaned forward seriously. "We need to intervene, before his choices result in a tragic ending. We, the professors and I, are going to, with your permission, recommend you as a tutor in what we imagine would be Transfiguration. We would appreciate if somehow, in any legal means, you managed to sway him from his tendencies. Of course you will want to consider this request, so if you could get back to me by the end of the day..." He stood to leave, and as he reached the door...

"I'll do it," Hermione murmured, staring at the ceiling. This may be the only way to save him, and as horrible as he can be, nobody deserves what he has gone through.

Dumbledore shot her an appreciative smile. "We'll let you know more tomorrow. Thank you Miss Granger."

As the old man left, Hermione flopped onto her gold pillows. What did I just agree to? He will never let me help him. He will never let anyonehelp him...let alone the Gryffindor Mudblood.

A knock on the door caused a dozing Draco to be hauled violently out of his less-than-appropriate dream vis à vis one Gryffindor Mudblood. He saw that Dumbledore – old fool – was standing in his doorway. "Sorry to wake you Mr Malfoy, but I have a topic of relatively urgent importance to discuss with you."

Yawning, Draco motioned for him to continue. "You are failing Transfiguration."

His blond hair swished as he sat straight up. "What?" His eyes widened in shock. I could be doing better in that class but...failing?

"I'm sorry Mr Malfoy, but Professor McGonagall has reported your work is sub-par. Because I, and surely the other professors, would hate to see you be denied acceptance to higher education because of one mark, we believe a tutor would be the best option for you."

Since when does the old bat care about his students' personal lives so much? Excluding Potter.

At Draco's eye roll, Dumbledore continued. "We have already selected a student to help you three times a week. We all have great confidence in her abilities."

Her? Maybe this won't be so bad.

"After the end of Christmas Break, you and Miss Granger will be meeting each Monday, Wednesday and Friday for your extra tutoring."

Yesssss. WAIT. Noooooooo. "Granger! As in Hermione Granger?" The disgust was evident as his eyebrows rose, and his skin turned deathly pale.

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled. "Yes Mr Malfoy. Good day."

Graaaaaaaanger. Why her? Bloody hell can they not pick just one other student – any one? Oh that's right...the entire fucking staff hates me.

As he sat on his green duvet-ed bed, scowling, a second knock out on his door startled Draco out of his gloomy thoughts. Speak of the devil, the pride of Hogwarts herself. "What do you want?"

Hermione pushed her honey-coloured curls from her face and glared at him. "Since you so kindly asked, I was curious as to whether Dumbledore had stopped by to see you."

"Yes, oh lovely tutor of mine. He did indeed inform me of the fact that until I reach a passing grade in Transfiguration, I am stuck with you three times a week." His voice literally dripped with sardonicism.

"Well I'm not jumping for joy either, Malfoy. I was hoping we could be on slightly civil terms before we start, since we'll be spending so much time together." The sadness was evident in her eyes, he noted. "But I suppose that's too much to ask of his Lordship."

Draco smirked. "Civil? With a Mudblood? Merlin Granger, perhaps you are on drugs."

She snapped. Literally. As soon as the insult left his mouth, all Hermione felt was raw, red anger. She leapt to the bed where he was lying, and before Draco could register the movement, her mouth was covering his, kissing fervently. Before he kissed her back, one thought ran through his mind: Yes, old boy, you've still got it.

Their kisses quickly progressed from open-mouthed, to tongues, to Hermione kissing her way down his neck, nipping and leaving marks in her wake. She was grinding her hips against him, and he made and 'Mmmmm' sound. Who woulda thunk? Granger – a pro kisser. Finally, he pulled her up to his mouth again and he let their tongues battle. He reached for the button on her jeans, and whispered in her ear, "I knew you wanted me."

She pushed him off of her, grinning. "Sorry Malfoy, but you're wrong. You still repulse me." Hermione left with a grand exit, sashaying from the room confidently. Wonderful job Hermione. That went amazingly well for the one irrational thing you have ever done. Even if I am just a little hot and bothered...I know exactly what I left him with. She let out a malicious little giggle as she entered her own room.

"Merlin, Hades and all those mythological figures!" Draco exclaimed as he punched his silver throw pillow. That girl should have been put in Slytherin! What an underhanded tactic! Sighing, he resigned himself to take a cold shower...no need to waste arm muscles on her.

Later that night, Hermione lay in bed, re-thinking the events of her day as she always did. Well at least I've established that he is one hell of a kisser. It really is too bad that I had to stop. But I believe that these 'tutoring' sessions will now be highly entertaining.

So...I didn't get as many reviews as I had hoped for. I know this chapter is a bit of a drag but I have 2 major plans...one for the next chapter and one for thenext nextchapter.