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A/N I have seen many stories that show a nice Keitaro who turns evil but I haven't seen many in which he is evil from the beginning and he isn't the only one who isn't very nice. I am still working on Perverted Edition which will see probably two more chapters before it ends.

Love Hina: Evil Edition

Chapter one

This story starts in the home of Keitaro Urashima. He is laying naked on a bed next to his adopted sister/lover Kanako who was also naked. Memories of last night filled his mind as he slowly moved his hand down her back and across her ass to around her waist.

"Come on Keitaro, three times is enough. I am still tired from last night, ok." Kanako said to Keitaro.

"Ok, I guess" Keitaro said with a little disappointment in his voice

It was at that moment that his father called out to him.

"Hey Keitaro, telephone! It is your grandma up at Hinata! She wants you to come visit her today." His father yelled out to him.

Grandma. . . I wonder what she wants? Keitaro wondered as he figured it was time to get dressed and go visit his grandma and figure out what she wants.


"I am retiring from my job as manager and . . ." Grandma Hina said before getting interrupted.

"But you can't do that! What about me, miss Hina? My parents won't allow me to stay without a manager?" They all said.

Those girls. . . they only think of themselves. I need a break and all they care about is what they need and want. I am so sick and tired of dealing with this. These girls need some structure and discipline and I am too old for that anymore. Keitaro on the other hand will make a good manager and I told him to get creative in dealing out punishment because they will deserve whatever he gives them. Grandma Hina thought to herself.

"I got it all taken care of so you girls welcome your new manager and show your respect." Grandma Hina said.

"We will, Miss Hina." The girls said knowing that they had no intention of doing that.

Keitaro left the house and walked until he made his way to Haruka's tea shop where Grandma was waiting.

Haruka Urashima was a relative of Keitaro's and owned a tea shop. The locals nicknamed her the tea nazi for her strict rules and punishment for not following directions which were clearly posted in plain sight.

"Here you go, sir. That will be . . ." Haruka said.

"I can't afford this. The price is ridiculously high." The man said.

Haruka started to show anger on her face.

"That's it. No tea for you." Haruka said.

An waitress rips the cup out of his hand.

"Throw it in his face." Haruka said.

The attendant threw the cup in his face.

"AH. . . MY EYES! THEY'RE BURNING!" The man screamed as he ran out of the tea house covering his burnt eyes.

"Does anyone else have a problem paying for the tea or my prices?" Haruka asked the others in line.

Everybody in line waiting had suddenly found her prices very affordable. I wonder why that is the case.

Of course, that wasn't the only rule she had. In her teahouse, there wasn't any talking allowed but some of her customers didn't listen to her.

A couple are chatting away while others look on as they know what is about to happen.

"NO TALKING IN THE TEAHOUSE!" Haruka yelled at them.

"Fuck off you old bitchy woman!" The man yelled back.

"That's it. No more tea for you." Haruka said before grabbing the cups and throwing the hot tea in the faces of the two people who broke her rules and then insulted her. They ran out of the building screaming at the top of their lungs..

Nobody said a word for the rest of the day.

Keitaro walks in and walks up to the front desk.

"Hello. Haruka's tea house. How may I help you?" The attendant says.

"Can you tell Haruka that Keitaro Urashima has arrived."

"Yes sir. I will tell her right away." The attendant said.

"Miss Haruka." The attendant said..

"Yes?" Haruka replied.

"There is a mister Keitaro Urashima here to speak with you." The attendant said.

"Ok. Be there in a minute." Haruka replied before walking to the front desk.

"Well, Keitaro I guess you got the job to be the new manager of the Hinata Sou." Haruka said.

"All girl dormitory?" Keitaro asked.

"Yes and you will be their manager. Grandma Hina has already signed over control to you. All you have to do is sign these forms and the job is yours." Haruka said.

"Sounds like a half decent plan for me." I wonder if any hot girls live in this dorm? Kanako told me she doesn't mind if I have a little fun while I am here since she said she needed a break from it all. Keitaro said and thought to himself.

He signs the forms making him the manager of the Hinata Sou.

"By signing these forms, you have received the power to make rules, enforce rules and on occasion hand out punishment when these girls decide to break your rules." Haruka said.

"Oh yeah one more thing. . . here is a book detailing the tenants of the dorm and some info about them." He briefly reads the info on the tenants. Haruka said.

Naru Narusewega arrogant, stubborn, and a total bitch. Prone to acts of violence when mad which appears to be almost all of the time. Please feel free to kick her ass whenever you feel like it. I hate this girl in case you haven't noticed it.

Motoko Aoyama stubborn, bossy, and occasionally bitchy. Also prone to violence when upset. Note knows how to use a sword which she carries at all times. May need a kick in the ass from time to time. There is hope for her but take your time.

Kitsune Konno lazy, and a slob who may use her charms to seduce you. Don't let it get to you. Please motivate her to move her ass. Get creative with that.

Kaolla Su energetic and full of energy very destructive behavior. Thinks she can do whatever she wants. Get her to see that misbehaving isn't a good idea. get creative about this too.

Shinobu Maehara kind and a good cook but very shy. She is the only one that will respect you. I wish the other girls were like Shinobu. She is perfect the way she is and won't need any attitude adjustment.

Hmm. . . this is going to be interesting. Keitaro thinks to himself.

He walks out the door and heads to the Hinata Sou.

He reads the sign on the door.

The Hinata Sou All girl dorm. Please knock first before entering.

Fuck that. I run this place for they should knock first before entering the building, not me. Keitaro thinks to himself.

He enters the building and remembers that the building has an outdoor hot spring.

He goes straight to the hot spring and strips his clothes off and dives in.

Oh yeah! I love this hot spring and I will sure to use this every day. Grandma said that there is only one hot spring but I don't care if the girls are taking a bath or not. I walk right in and take my bath. Keitaro thinks to himself.

As he swims around, he notices that a young girl has entered the springs.

"Oh that must be Naru the total bitch. I don't care if she knows I am here or not." She moves towards him and reaches out to her friend.

"Hey Kitsune, why are you all the way over there?" She asked before slipping and grabbing something hard.

"Hey Kitsune, What did I tell you about bringing your toys to the hot springs?" Naru asks.

"Hey stupid bitch, stop grabbing my "equipment", you pervert!" Keitaro yelled.

"I am not a pervert, you are the pervert!" Naru yelled at Keitaro.

"I don't need to be a pervert for if I wanted to I could have had my way with you no matter what you did to stop me." Keitaro yelled back.

Naru swung her fist at Keitaro.

"Oh look stupid fat ass bitch with no chest and no brains either is going to hit me." Keitaro grabbed her fist and squeezed it hard.

"Ow, you are hurting me." Naru said.

He grab Naru and keeps her from moving.

"You attack me for no reason and you are going to apologize for that right now." Keitaro says.

Naru spits in his face.

"Oh want to act that way, huh?" Keitaro said.

Keitaro takes Naru's head and forces it into the water for a bit. She fights to break free but can't.

He pulls Naru's head out of the water.

"What do you have to say?" Keitaro asked.

"Fuck you!" Naru replies.

"Wrong answer!" Keitaro says before shoving her head in the water again but for a little while longer.

He pulls her head out of the water again.

"How about now?" Keitaro asks.

"Go fuck yourself!" Naru screams back at him.

"Wrong again." Keitaro says to Naru before shoving her head in the water for an even longer time.

He eventually pulls her head out of the water again.

"Is there something you like to say to me?" Keitaro asks.

"I'm sorry." Naru replied weakly.

"Do you want me to drown you in this hot springs?" Keitaro asks.

"I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY!" Naru screams back.

"Good now that was better. See how easy that was to apologize for your actions. Now lets get everybody together because the tenants will need to meet their new manager and sign the new lease agreement." Keitaro said to Naru.

"Ok. I get them all together." Naru ran quickly to get away from him as soon as she could.

They all met in the common room.

"Ok everyone listen up. I am Keitaro Urashima, grandson to miss Hina Urashima. I am the new manager and here is your new lease agreement that you will have to sign."

They all signed the agreement but not without someone having some objections to the choice of manager.

"I detest having a man be the manager of an all girl dorm!" Motoko yelled at Keitaro.

"What is your name?" Keitaro asked.

"Motoko." Motoko replied.

"Motoko, does your last name end with Urashima?" Keitaro asked.

"That doesn't matter because you are a man who can't stay in this all girl dorm." Motoko replied.

"I asked you a question. Is your last name Urashima?" Keitaro asked.

"No." Motoko replied.

"And are you the manager of the Hinata Sou?" Keitaro asked.

"No." Motoko replied.

"Then sit down and shut the hell up." Keitaro said.

"How dare you tell me what to do." She pulls out her sword and attacks him.

He does a bare handed sword block and grabs the sword right out of her hand.

"Oh you want to play rough, huh?" Keitaro said before putting the sword up to her neck.

"How do you like a sword up your ass, huh?" Keitaro said.

He put a hand down her gi and felt for her breasts.

"I like your large breasts so I will cut you some slack and just feel your breasts instead of just cutting your throat and burying you out back. Don't get any ideas for I am not a pervert. I am doing it to punish you for attacking me." Keitaro said

Motoko just stood there without a word to say.

It was at that moment that Haruka let herself in and saw Keitaro holding Motoko's sword to her neck.

"Hey cut it out Keitaro! I don't feel like burying any bodies today!" Haruka yelled to Keitaro.

He put the sword down and gave it back to Motoko.

"Hey who gave you the right to threaten Motoko like that." Naru and Kitsune spoke up.

"The lease agreement you just signed gave the rights that I have just used." Keitaro replied.

They carefully read the lease agreement and noticed some things for the first time.

I hear by agree that if I do not follow all rules and regulations found in this rental lease agreement then I give manager Keitaro Urashima full rights to enact any punishment that manager Keitaro Urashima feels is necessary to rectify any problem that arise.

"Hey you can't do this to us." Naru shot back.

"Yes I can since you signed that agreement. It isn't my problem that you didn't read it before signing. Well welcome to Keitaro Urashima's all girl dorm, the Hinata Sou. I hope you have a pleasant time staying here." I know I will. Keitaro said and thought to himself with a smile on his face.

The girls just stood there shocked at what just happened while Haruka left the house with a smile.

It feels good knowing those girls will learn their lessons because if they don't, I can only wonder what Keitaro will do to them. Haruka thought to herself as she walked back to the tea house.

End of Chapter one


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