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Love Hina Evil Edition

Chapter 10

The Hinata Seaside Teahouse and the play

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It is summer and everyone has left for the Hinata seaside teahouse.

"Ah it's the ocean and the beaches and . . . " everyone says.

"It's also one crappy looking teahouse." Naru says.

"It is a good teahouse and you and the others are going to help repair it." Haruka says.

"And what happens if I decide not to?" Naru said.

"Well . . ." Haruka said.

The sight of Naru flying over the teahouse and her screaming answered that question quite clearly and painfully too.

The repair work went quite well but it did hit a few snags though. It seems Naru couldn't help herself get into those awkward situations.

Flashback . . .

Naru and the others were sitting down for a lunch break when Naru excused herself to use the bathroom. She walked into the bathroom but failed to notice right away that Sara was already inside using it.

"Aaah!" Sara screamed.

Motoko hearing the scream ran to the source of the scream and saw Naru in the bathroom while Sara was using it.

"Oh I see you have not learned your lesson. I guess you need more lessons and I am happy to oblige." Motoko said before unsheathing her bokken and dragging Naru to another room to start her first lesson of the day.

The sound of Naru screaming and pleading innocence can be heard throughout the entire teahouse.

"Stand still so I can teach my lessons!" Motoko screamed as she ran around trying to teach Naru her lessons.

"I am not a pervert, you idiot!" Naru screamed before she realized what she had just said.

Motoko just stood there for a moment and let the comment sink in. When she realized what she just said, she unleashed a ki attack and sent Naru flying through the roof and into the sky.

End flashback

That wasn't the only thing that happened.

Enter flashback

Naru was walking to the kitchen with some tools that Keitaro had asked for. When she walked into the room, she tripped on a rag and went flying to the ground. When she opened her eyes, she saw that she had ripped open Kanako's shirt and had her face in her chest.

"You. . . . pervert!" Kanako screamed before giving her a good punch and sent her skywards into the sky.

Keitaro entered the kitchen to see if Naru had gotten what he needed to make the repairs to the Hinata seaside teahouse.

"What the heck are you doing, Kanako?" Keitaro asked.

That pervert pretended to trip and she ripped open my shirt and planted her face in my chest! Kanako yelled in anger over what Naru had done to her.

"Well, Naru better watch her step because no one messes with my girls and expects to live to talk about it." Keitaro said.

"And that is why I love you, Keitaro!" Kanako said as she embraced Keitaro and gave him a kiss on the lips.

Tsuruko walked into the kitchen and she saw quite a sight.

"Hey! You aren't planning on leaving me out now." Tsuruko jokingly said to Keitaro.

"What are you talking about?" Keitaro said.

"I can see Kanako is already getting in the mood and well from I see, you're planning on leaving me out." Tsuruko said.

Keitaro took a look at Kanako and remembered what she said about Naru earlier.

"Oh, you are mistaken for it seems Naru tried to make a move on Kanako. She faked a fall and tore off her shirt and stuck her face in her chest. Kanako sent her flying for it and Naru deserved it. Besides, why would I want to leave you out on the fun. It wouldn't be the same without you there joining in too." Keitaro said.

"Oh, that is a relief! For a moment there, I thought you were going to leave me out and to think I actually thought he would do something like that." Tsuruko said.

"There is only one Keitaro. He has the "tools" and knows how to use them." Kanako said before embracing him and planning on giving him a kiss on the lips.

"Hey Keitaro, up here." Kanako said after he noticed he was staring at her chest.

"I can't help it if you are so perfect to me." Keitaro said before Kanako pushed his head up and gave him a kiss.

"Ahem. What about me and you can say that again, Kanako?" Tsuruko asked.

Keitaro broke off the kiss and embrace and embraced Tsuruko and gave her a kiss on the lips while one of his hands moves down her back and down to her backside.

"Oh, you little perv." Tsuruko said jokingly to Keitaro.

"Where is your hand huh, Tsuruko?" I think it sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. Keitaro responded jokingly as well.

"Her hand is racing down your back and aiming for your cute sexy ass, Keitaro." Kanako said.

"She was always a little perv but that just makes her sexier in my eyes." Keitaro responded.

Haruka opened the door to the kitchen and walked on Keitaro and his girls in a compromising position.

"Sorry to be the party crasher but I have a play that needs to be made and you are in it, Keitaro. So your little get together will have to wait. I believe that Kanako and Tsuruko can handle having to wait a little longer. Oh Kanako, you shouldn't be walking around like that because I heard that there is a pervert living in the house and where is Naru anyway?" Haruka said.

"Oh, it seems Naru tried to make a move on me and I gave her a one way trip for her transgression. She should be arriving any moment now." Kanako said.

Naru just arrived in the house and walked to the kitchen where she heard Haruka's voice and opened the door. She didn't notice at first but Kanako was there and hadn't fixed her shirt yet.

"Naru . . . you pervert!" Kanako punched her in the face and knocked her out on her ass and then fixed her shirt.

"Well as I was saying, there is a play to perform and you are in it Keitaro." Haruka said.

"And who else is in this play?" Keitaro asked.

"Well . . . " Haruka said.

"No way! I am not performing with that perverted woman or shall I say girl? No woman acts like she does." Keitaro said angrily.

"Oh come on! She can't be THAT bad now can she?" Haruka said.

"Well I will tolerate her presence during this play and who else?" Keitaro said.

"Well Motoko, Shinobu and Su are going to be in the play too." Haruka said.

"Well Su is an unusual one but that is okay. Shinobu is so cute and such a nice girl but if she was a little older then well things could be different. Of course there is Motoko. By the way, is Motoko your sister or something?" Keitaro said.

"Yes, Motoko is my sister." Tsuruko responded.

"Ah, I could tell. She has the same cute ass and nice chest too not to mention she has such nice legs too. She is a little uptight and a little shy too but I think I can change that or at least I hope so." Keitaro said.

"You think you can make her open up a little bit. I think that would do her some good. She needs to get start seeing boys and I think she needs to see what a good man looks like and how a good man treats a lady." Tsuruko said.

"Hey Keitaro, are you planning on getting any sleep with that many women in your bedroom?" Haruka asked to see what his reaction would be.

Keitaro pictured what it may look like to have all three of them in his room when all three are feeling frisky at the same time.

"Well, don't expect me to wake up early in the morning. I don't think they will let me sleep in that situation but yet again it should be worth losing sleep over. That's for sure." Keitaro said.

"No, I wouldn't expect you either. Well it is time to start the play so you will have to get into costume Keitaro." Haruka said.

"Okay Haruka. I will change into my costume now so if you will excuse me. I have to change for the play." Keitaro said before leaving the kitchen to change into his costume.

"Do we have a part in this play?" Kanako and Tsuruko asked Haruka.

"Unfortunately, I am sorry to say but there aren't any parts for you two. You can come and watch them perform though." Haruka replied.

"That's okay. I would love to watch my Keitaro in action." Kanako said.

"What do you mean by my Keitaro? You aren't thinking of stealing him away from me now?" Tsuruko said jokingly.

"Oh I mean our Keitaro. I wouldn't want to do a thing that would make Keitaro unhappy. I always want to do what will make Keitaro happy. Besides, a happy Keitaro means we will be happy as well." Kanako said before winking her eye.

"I know full well what you mean, and you know you're such a perv." Tsuruko said.

"And you aren't?" Kanako said.

"Oh, I am the clean-living girl who doesn't do or say anything perverted?" Tsuruko said.

"Whatever. We know full well how much of a lie that statement is." Kanako responded.

"We should go now to where the play is being performed and wait for Keitaro and the others to get there so we can watch the play. Tsuruko said.

" Yeah, lets just do that. I don't want to miss out on all of the fun and I have to make sure that perverted girl Naru doesn't try to do anything perverted to any of the innocent girls. Kanako said.

Well it seems Kanako and Tsuruko have made it to the stage where Keitaro and the others are about to perform the play "Journey to the West."

"It looks like we made it just in time. I don't want to miss Keitaro in action now. This is going to be fun." Kanako said.

"Yeah, I think this is gonna be so much fun. I wonder if Naru will try anything like that here just like she has done in the past?" Tsuruko wondered aloud.

"I don't know for sure but knowing her, she will try some stupid perverted stunt and make an ass out of herself. I wouldn't want her pulling any of those perverted acts but yet again if she did pull one then the sight of her getting her just desserts would be priceless to say the least." Kanako said.

"Oh, I think it is starting now so lets just find ourselves a seat and watch the show." Tsuruko said.

Kanako and Tsuruko found some open seats where they were sure that Keitaro would know that they were watching and cheering him on. Of course, they also wanted to make sure that Naru knew that she was being watched for anything that she may want to try on someone and what she should expect to happen if she wanted to try something on someone. Haruka was sitting in the front row so she could make sure that everything went smoothly which would prove quite hard a task to complete but Haruka was determined to see the play through to the end.

Of course, to perform in a play one must have several practice sessions which ended up being quite colorful to say the least.

Flashback . . .

"I will disavow my destructive ways and will now become your disciple. Please, master Sanzo will you allow me to accompany you on your journey to Tenjiku." Naru said

"O. . . O. . . Of C. . . . " Keitaro said who was having trouble saying his line.

"The line is "of course." What the hell is so hard with saying that line?" Naru said angrily.

"It would help if you wrote this in fucking Japanese so I could fucking understand it. I can't help it if you wrote the play out in some gibberish crap that slightly resembles Japanese." Keitaro responded.

Naru started to walk away but tripped on something and went flying into Shinobu who was bringing drinks to Keitaro and the group when Naru tripped and fell into her.

Naru ended up with her head up Shinobu's skirt and her hands on Shinobu's chest but there is good news for Naru. Shinobu doesn't use violence against perverts. The bad news is that Motoko who was with her does use violence against perverts and apologized for Naru's perverted antics and carried Naru away for her lesson of the day which was basically pain and a whole lot of it.

"Hey Motoko! Make sure you don't ruin Naru's outfit for the play that she is wearing. We are only renting it for the play." Keitaro called out to Motoko before she did anything to Naru.

"Don't worry Keitaro. I'll make sure that nothing happens to it but the same cannot be said for Naru who may receive a large amount of pain among other things." Motoko said before continuing to drag a kicking and screaming Naru out of sight so she can proceed with her lesson plan.

End flashback . . .

The curtain was raised and the play was about to begin.

"I have started my journey to find the sacred scrolls but this will be a long and difficult journey indeed. I must first travel to the mountain of the infamous rock monkey." Keitaro said.

"I am not a monkey and who's bright idea was it to give me this part? I don't like the casting done for this play and I think it is all wrong." Naru said.

"Well since you waited to pick your part then you had to choose what was left and it was this or nothing. What the hell do you expect to get? The lead? Lets all of us just get on with the play or you can quit if you like." Keitaro said.

Okay fine but stop calling me rock monkey. Naru said.

"What should I call you huh? How about fuck bitch or just bitch then? Do those sound better?" Keitaro said.

"Yeah, call her fuck bitch." A man in the audience yells out.

"You know that isn't a bad name for Naru. All you have to do is add perverted and you got Naru in a nutshell." Kanako said.

"You know that name is hardly dignified for a lady." Tsuruko said.

"When was Naru a lady or had any dignity? You know this is the same Naru who likes to feel up women and young girls for some sick pleasure you know. I hardly think she has any dignity or thinks of herself as a lady now?" Kanako said.

"Yeah, you're right about that. But I thought this play was for adults and young children so I can hardly think that Keitaro calling her that would be right for this type of play." Tsuruko said.

Naru bent down to talk to Haruka.

"Haruka, do something." Naru said.

"What are you talking about? The people love you." Haruka said.

"Burn in hell!" Another man yelled out.

"Everyone hates you, Naru!" Another man yelled out.

He knew her name from the program that was provided to all of the guests so they could know some info about the play they were performing.

"They're threatening to kill me out there." Naru said.

"Please, I need you and the others to play your parts. Now go out and do your jobs, damn it!" Haruka said.

"And what happens if I decide not to do that?" Naru asked.

"I will allow you to experience a level of pain that you never knew existed. Do you want that, Naru?" Haruka said.

"I'll be good just don't hurt me." Naru responded.

"Play your part and you won't have any problems. Well at least with me." Haruka said.

While Naru and Haruka were talking, a man from the audience snuck up onto the stage and pulled downed Naru's skirt in front of the entire audience.

The crowd pointed and started to laugh at Naru and her now exposed ass. Naru pulled up her skirt and turned to face whoever decided to pull that practical joke and started to ready her Naru punch.

She started to throw her punches but he kept ducking out of the way. He took out some metal object and raised it at the point that Naru was about to punch him in the face but hit the metal object instead.

"Ow, you son of a bitch. You hurt my hand. Now you have gone too far. Prepared to suffer my wrath! Naru said before she prepared to give him a kick in the stomach but he moved out the away and hit Shinobu who was walking up to perform her part in the play and had no idea that someone had gone up on stage.

She had always wanted to get on stage and perform but she had always been too shy to perform and the one time that she had the courage to perform. Naru screws it all up and now she might have just turned the other way or given her the benefit of the doubt as she never was one to start conflict this time.

That is it! I had enough of your crap. Prepare to meet my fists, you stupid bitch. Shinobu in a fit of rage screamed.

Huh? Naru wondered as she found out that Shinobu wasn't joking around as she sent Naru flying into the air and back down. She kept moving to where she landed and sent her flying again and again.

Everyone's face just dropped in shock as the little meek Shinobu continued to kick or rather punch Naru's ass all over the stage.

Even Haruka's face dropped as the cigarette she was smoking fell to the ground as she was left in total shock at what she saw.

Shinobu eventually stopped after a while as she had started to notice complete silence from everyone.

The pain . . . The agony. . . . Naru or the crumpled heap that lay on the ground that sorta resembled Naru said.

Shinobu rules! A man from the stage yelled out.

Kanako started clapping at the sight of Shinobu showing Naru that she can't just hit people and expect them to ignore it.

You go, girl! Kanako yelled out.

Oh . . . Now look at what you made me do, Naru. Shinobu said as she started to cry and run out of the teahouse where they were performing their play.

"Shit! That girl packs a hell of a punch!" Kitsune exclaimed.

"Well they say it is the shy and quiet ones that you have to watch out for." Keitaro said.

"Well you can say that again. Uh . . . Haruka?" Kitsune asked.

"Yes . . . what is it, Kitsune?" Haruka asked.

"Do you hear a strange sound just now?" Kitsune replied.

"You know, I do hear some strange sounds just now. I wonder what the sound I am hearing is." Haruka asked.

The roof started to collapse on them but not before Naru could make one last comment.

"That is the sound of a seaside teahouse collapsing on top of you. Naru said before the teahouse completely fell apart on top of them." Naru said.

Keitaro dug himself out of the rubble that once used to be the Hinata Seaside Teahouse and started to look for the others.

Where is everyone? Keitaro yelled to see if he could hear the voices of Haruka and the others.

"Keitaro, I am over here." A voice yelled from under the rubble.

Keitaro stuck his hand down into the rubble and tried to find the person that had yelled out to him. He felt a hand and he slowly pulled up one of the girls and discovered that he found Kanako. When he freed her, it caused him to fall back from pulling so hard and they both fell down.

"Are you all right, Kanako?" Keitaro asked.

"Yes Keitaro. I am fine." Kanako replied.

"Okay then help me find the others under all this rubble." Keitaro asked.

Keitaro looked around and saw a hand poking out of the rubble. He grabbed the hand and started to pull whoever was trying to dig themselves out of the rubble. He eventually pulled the person out and found out it was Naru.

"Oh, it's only Naru." Keitaro said before quickly letting go of her hand and which she promptly lost her footing and starting to fall down the pile of rubble.

"Naru, you pervert!" Motoko who had already dug herself out of the rubble screamed as she found Naru on top of her and her hands on her chest. Motoko promptly sent her flying into the air with a ki attack.

"Oh crap! Incoming Naru beast!" Keitaro yelled as everyone ducked as Naru started flying into the air.

After a while, everyone had either dug themselves out or was helped by somebody else. They were all together and were thinking about what to do know since the Hinata Seaside Teahouse was destroyed.

"Well Naru, what are we gonna do now huh since you destroyed the teahouse." Keitaro said to Naru.

"It wasn't my fault that I was sent flying into the air by a surprisingly super powered enraged Shinobu." Naru replied.

"Well if you hadn't been so stupid as to kick her in the face then maybe she wouldn't have kicked your ass all over the place. What did you expect her to do, huh? Just sit there and take it and not say anything." Keitaro said.

"Well . . . uh. . . . um . . . "Naru replied.

"What's that Naru? Are you finally taking the blame for something you did? Well that's a first!" Keitaro said.

"What are you doing standing around Keitaro? We have a play to perform you know." Haruka said.

"What are you talking about Haruka? Dumb ass or shall I say Naru destroyed the teahouse. So how are we gonna continue the play without the teahouse." Keitaro replied.

"Well it seems Seta has allowed us to borrow his latest excavation site so we can use it to continue with the play. It does look like the perfect place to continue our play." Haruka said.

"I don't see him anywhere." Keitaro said.

"Why don't you try opening your eyes, Keitaro?" Haruka said while pointing in the general direction where Seta was walking to where the group was standing.

"Hello Keitaro and everyone." Seta said as he finally finished walking to where everyone was standing since he was watching the play but no one knew he was there. He had left before the incident with Naru and Shinobu.

"I hear that you are going to allow us to finish our play in your latest excavation site. So where is this excavation site anyway?" Keitaro asked.

"It isn't that far at all. I thought it would be the perfect place to finish your play since according to ancient text, it was once used in ancient times to honor their gods. You can finish the rest of the play there but there is one thing that you have to do for me." Seta said.

"Okay it sounds good to me. So show us the way Seta and what do you want in return for allowing us to use your excavation site for our play?" Keitaro said.

"I'll be glad to show you where it is. Just follow me and I want to direct the rest of your play well that is if you don't mind me asking." Seta said as he led the group to his excavation site where he had allowed Haruka to stage the rest of her play.

Yeah you can be a part of our play if you like to play a part. Keitaro said not knowing what he was planning to do.

At Seta's excavation site . . .

Well it seemed that Seta wanted to make a few changes to the cast as well as add himself in as a director of this play. He decided to make Keitaro the new character he made up which he called the bull Satan. He decided to make Naru the hero in this play and decided that Kanako would make a good damsel in distress since she really wanted to be in the play since Keitaro was going to be in it but up until now there wasn't any part that could play. Of course with making as many changes as Seta did and the temperaments of the cast there were a few disagreements over the new changes to the cast.

"Uh Seta, I thought the ending was supposed to have the hero kiss the damsel in distress but how can it end like that if the hero and the person who the hero is supposed to save are of the same gender unless . . . " Kanako said pointing out the problem of the casting choices.

"Well I always wanted to see how it would turn out if it was a well . . . " Seta said before being interrupted.

"Are you saying that Kanako and Naru are going to . . . to . . . to kiss? Uh how disgusting as I rather die then even watch that thing over there do that to my beautiful Kanako." Keitaro said while referring to that thing otherwise known as Naru.

"Hey, I am a person with a name you know." Naru spoke up at her treatment.

"Yeah well, I guess you barely meet the requirements of being human but you could try acting more like a girl and less like a bitch once in a while." Keitaro said.

"I am NOT a bitch." Naru said.

"Not to mention, you could also stop trying to feel up girls and stop being such a depraved pervert too while you are at it." Kanako added to what Keitaro had said.

"I am not a bitch or a pervert." Naru said.

"Yeah whatever you sick depraved bitchy pervert." Kanako said.

"You better watch what you say or else . . . " Naru said.

"Or what? You gonna take a swing at me or something because if you do and don't knock me out. I am gonna mop the floor with your bitchy perverted ass." Kanako said.

"Now come on Kanako and uh Naru beast, we do have to finish our play so save the fist fights for later when I can get a camcorder and tape it so I can watch the beauty and the beast fight it out again and again." Keitaro said.

"Well I guess I will tolerate her presence in this play but don't think I will enjoy performing side by side with Kanako." Naru said.

"I could care less if you liked it or not so as long as you play your part and don't pull any of your stunts then it is all right with me." Keitaro said.

"What stunts are you referring to?" Naru asked.

"Oh come on Naru, don't play stupid with me because you know what I am referring to." Keitaro responded.

"Oh just your typical trip, slip, and grab accidents that occur far too often to be considered accidents and the many times that you walk into rooms like the baths and bathrooms without knocking or attempting to announce your presence and that sort of thing." Kanako said.

"Well, lets just save the fighting for later as we have a play to perform." Keitaro said noticing that they it was almost time for them to get into position for the continuation of the play.

"Or do you need a refresher course from the last time you didn't quit with your bullshit." Kanako said.

"No... I won't do it anymore just don't hit me anymore." Naru said remembering the last time she didn't take that advice.

Flashback. . . . .

Naru didn't know what happened but she tripped on something and went flying forwards. She looked in terror as the sight of a very pissed off Kanako and the sight of seeing that Kanako's shirt was in her hand.

"I didn't mean to pull off your shirt. Please don't hit me for it." Naru pleaded.

"Oh I totally agree that it was just a honest mistake." Kanako said taking back her shirt and putting it back on.

"For a minute there I thought you were going to. . ." Naru said before what happened next made sure she would be more careful with walking around and not tripping on stuff.

The next thing she knew Kanako had dragged her by her shirt to the backyard, hung her from a tree, stuffed a gag in Naru's mouth, pulled down her skirt which exposed her ass and smacked her ass with a paddle for an hour and a half. Kanako would later tease her that she wasn't willing to sit down for dinner that night.

Later that night. . .

"What's wrong Naru? Afraid of sitting down next to me?" Kanako said knowing full well what happened earlier.

"You know full well what you did you. . . " Naru said before getting interrupted by Keitaro.

"Come on Kanako, it isn't right to tease the baby in the house. She probably just needs a bottle and her diaper changed." Keitaro teased as well.

Everyone broke into laughter and even Motoko chuckled a little at that comment since it was just too funny not to laugh at.

"What the hell are you laughing at?" Naru said.

"We are sorry Naru but that was just too funny to not laugh at." They all said.

"What kind of friends are you anyway?" Naru said.

"Well I can give you a suggestion. Maybe you should stop acting like a baby and maybe people will stop treating you like one." Keitaro suggested to Naru who didn't really care for what Keitaro had to say but it isn't like Keitaro really cared that she didn't like hearing his comments and suggestions.

End of flashback. . .

And now the final act of the play was about to begin

At the "hidden lair" stood the bull Satan(Keitaro) along with his minion played by Sara. The lone warrior(Kanako) who can defeat the evil and save the helpless mistress in distress(Naru).

Well, Seta's idea of me being the bad guy does seem kinda cool. Now on to the play. Hmm. . . I will gain the ultimate power of eternal life by drinking the blood of Naru and with that I will become all powerful HA! HA! HA! HA! Keitaro said.

Now what was Seta thinking when he wanted me to defeat Keitaro and save Naru? I mean come on I could care less if some bunch of evil demons found some use for her as no one else seems to stand her as they would probably fear her as she would be so evil that she would take over. Well I guess I must save this weak and helpless thing called a girl and save the day. Kanako thought to herself as she pondered what she should do next.

Hey earth to dumbass, you are supposed to say your line? Sara yelled to Kanako which got her attention.

I will now save the girl and defeat you the evil bull Satan and you can count on that happening! Kanako yelled out.

Oh shut up, no one wants to hear you talk! Sara yelled as she threw a clay pot which struck Kanako in the face.

And Sara, you can count on me waiting for you with a paddle when you least expect it! Kanako yelled to Sara to voice her displeasure which Sara gulped as she knew what it felt like to get hit with that paddle.

Step aside as I must defeat Kanako so I can complete my plan and become all powerful. I am so powerful now that I will give you the first strike so attack me with all that you got and don't hold back . Bull Satan said as he prepared his strategy.

Very well then I will defeat you that I am sure of. Kanako said as she armed herself and started her attack with her mighty spear but unfortunately something got in the way and that was Naru or more specific the shirt that she was wearing.

Hmm. .. What is holding me back as she turned to see Naru's shirt at the end of her spear and an embarrassed and soon very angry Naru break the "chains" that held her back and see her fist aimed right at her face as she hit her for ripping off her shirt in front of everyone that was watching the play as she tried to cover herself with her other arm.

Everyone was silent as they gawked at the now exposed Naru and the now passed out Kanako that Naru just knocked out with her fist.

Oh shit well the play is ruined for sure and it was going so well.

Another spoke up. . . it says that the kiss of a pure maiden on the lips can wake one struck down by the fist of the purest of maidens.

Where in the hell does it say that? Well I guess it is in there somewhere well I guess the kiss must be made which by the way does sound kinda weird but oh well if it is part of the play then it must be done. Keitaro thought to himself.

Well here goes nothing. . . Naru thought to herself as she bent down and picked up Kanako's face and gave her a big kiss on the lips which caused Kanako's eyes to open as she saw Naru kissing her on the lips.

Kanako pushed Naru off of her and spit out the taste of Naru. Now you knock me out and try to take advantage of me. Well prepared to be punished for that.

Wait Kanako as it is part of the . . .! Naru said as Kanako sent her flying with a punch of her own.

Well it looks like the Narusewega rocket ship is blasting off once again. Keitaro said as he watched Naru hurtle into the sky.

Oh, shit! That was part of the play oh well she probably deserved it. Kanako said as Naru continued to fly out of sight.

Everyone clapped their hands at the end of the play as they all really enjoyed it or was the sight of Naru starting her orbit around the earth that was so funny? Well they enjoyed some part of the play at least. After the play ended, Keitaro had decided to go out for something to eat as it was getting quite late.

Well, this sounds like a nice place but what about Shinobu? I don't want to hurt her feelings and all as we aren't going to be eating her dinner after all she is quite the cook. Kanako said.

Yes she holds great talent in cooking and cooks quite the delicious meal but I don't think she will take offense to us going out for something to eat as I thought that we three could spend some time together as in just the three of us. Tsuruko said as the three entered the restaurant and waited to be seated.

They each ordered what they would like to eat and drink and the waiter wrote it all down.

I hope you enjoy your meal . . . you lucky son of a bitch. The waiter mumbled to himself as he was jealous at how he had two attractive ladies following him in and sitting at the same table that he was sitting in as he walked away to get the order to the cook.

The meal went well and everyone ate their meals and really liked them as each had left only clean plates behind.

So does anyone want anything for dessert? Keitaro asked.

I do but I want is something that only you can give me. Kanako said with a suggestive look on her face.

I am actually kinda tired so maybe tomorrow night perhaps? Keitaro said.

Oh okay fine then. When you want it then I won't give to you then. Kanako said half faking anger.

Yeah right. You couldn't keep that perverted mind of yours off of that subject if you tried. Keitaro said.

What are you saying that I have a perverted streak? Kanako asked.

Actually you have more of a normal streak in a mind filled of perverted thoughts. Tsuruko said.

You know too much and I bet Keitaro told you that too. Kanako said.

Well he did but. . . Tsuruko said.

But what? Kanako said.

It isn't as if you made much if any attempt to hide it from anyone. I think every other thought going through your mind is something perverted. Tsuruko said.

And you saying you are any better? Kanako said.

Well I guess I am not much better in that either but you have to agree that he is quite good. Tsuruko said.

Agreed. Kanako said.

Okay maybe we should go now before your little conversation starts getting R rated. And for the record, I think you are both equally as perverted but yet again it puts the spice in my night life so I am not complaining. Keitaro said.

Well I wouldn't think you were complaining as I don't think anything or anyone could wipe the smile off your face after we are finished with you and the same goes with me.

I would have to agree as well so let's get home as I am getting quite tired after your little show. Tsuruko said.

Speak of which I wonder what actually happened to Naru after I sent her into orbit for performing her part. I totally forgot that was part of the play. I bet she walked home with her usual look and stormed in and told everyone off and is her room sulking like every other time. I mean if you don't like getting beat up then stop ripping off people's clothes and stop grabbing them and just maybe she can get through a day without blasting off into orbit for it. Kanako said.

Don't hold your breath on that one. Keitaro said.

Yeah I guess so but who knows she may actually surprise everyone and pull it off. Maybe I will be able to apologize for she goes off on one of those tirades when she gets in the mood for one which is almost all of the time. Kanako said.

Well Keitaro and company left the restaurant and eventually made it back to where they were staying. Since it was so late Kanako decided to wait until tomorrow morning to apologize for sending her into orbit like a rocket ship for she was supposed to kiss her in that scene of the

play. They all went to sleep as it is quite late and the three were quite tired after working so hard on making that play to help out Haruka.

End of Chapter ten

Omake one

Did Kanako actually let Sara get away with hitting her with a clay pot? Well . . .

Kanako walked to Sara and was determined on speaking to her about her behavior?

Oh crap she looks mighty pissed maybe if I apologize to her then she will let me off the hook for it. Sara thought to herself.

Uh Kanako I just wanted to speak with you as I want to apologize as it wasn't nice to hit you with a clay pot. Sara said.

Oh it's alright now that you apologized for it then it is all water under the bridge so I will let you off the hook for it this time. Kanako said.

Oh wow she fell for it. I can't believe she fell for that load of crap and for a minute there I thought she was gonna. . . Sara thought to herself before Kanako grabbed her and forced her to walk to a secluded spot.

When I said let you off the hook for it well I actually meant after I smack your ass with this paddle until your ass is so red it looks like a huge cherry. Kanako said as she bent Sara over and start smacking her ass with the paddle.

And this time I expect you to be at the dinner table seated and eating without figeting around in your chair even though I know for a fact that your ass is gonna hurt every time you sit because you need a constant reminder that hitting people with things is wrong. Kanako said.

What the hell are you talking about? You just hit me with that paddle and you tell me not to hit you with anything. What a hypocrite and evil too! Sara said.

I am quite nice actually well until you piss me off and then I make sure that my lessons don't go in one ear and out the other and for the record, I never said do what I do but do what I say. I told you not to hit anyone again unless you like this lesson repeated again as I am happy to go over the lesson with you if you need it. Kanako said as she smiled and walked away from Sara.

End of omake