Summary of Playing Home (third story):

Though Playing Home is continuation/sequel of To Hell Together and Come Together, it can be read as a separate story. There might be a slight confusion, but the summaries below should solve that problem.

Now, Playing Home is M-preg story. Besides Vegeta's pregnancy, the story introduces Vegeta's past (which already was mentioned a bit in the both previous stories). Mainly the story covers Vegeta's pregnancy from almost very start to the very end and is about peaceful Goku and Vegeta's life on Earth. Almost peaceful, because there are two new Saiyans in town.

Goku and Vegeta are mated, but they still are married to the women (Vegeta's divorce is in progress, and Chichi has her own lover). They've been together for about a month and two weeks. No one except Piccolo knows about it. Vegeta is very protective of Trunks and has panic attacks from time to time.

Playing Home is a long story. Long story with long chapters (wait a little).

Summary of To Hell Together (first story):

After Buu was killed, Goku came back to a peaceful life. But it lasted only about half a year. At a party at Capsule Corp., Vegeta attacked him. During the fight, Vegeta went Super Saiyan Three for the first time. Even so, the fight was bloody, and Goku knocked him out. Goku decided to take him to his old house (where he and his grandfather Gohan lived) to take care of him and clear up the situation. The situation turned worse when he found out that Vegeta had panic attacks from time to time. It turned out that Vegeta had been eaten up by his love for a 'third class moron' and his jealousy of his son, Trunks. Vegeta's envy made him think that Goku was purposely trying to take Trunks form him, turn him against him. But eventually Vegeta and Goku got everything sorted out. After they talked, Goku let slip that Chichi had a lover behind Goku's back while he had been in other world. Goku was suffering from guilty nightmares that centered on him being Oozaru and killing his grandfather. After some tense moments and irritation, Goku and Vegeta decided to live together.

Summary of Come Together (second story):

After two weeks living together Trunks was kidnapped by Vegeta's enemy, Norayn, and Goku and Vegeta went off the planet to rescue the boy. As they didn't know Norayn's location, they had to ask Fire Clan's help. Fire Clan and Vegeta had big issues in the past, but in the end Ahrae, Fire Clan princess, was chosen to lead Goku and Vegeta to Trunks. While traveling Vegeta and Ahrae became friends, Vegeta and Goku mated, and Vegeta got pregnant.

Finally Trunks was found, and with Trunks were found two other new Saiyans. While rescuing Trunks, Ahrae was killed. Come Together ends with Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and two other new Saiyans traveling to Earth (yes, I already can see face expressions of those who read Come Together . Sure, all 28 chapters can be squeezed into this summary).

I think that's all. If I missed something and you have questions – don't hesitate to ask.

Playing Home by chayron (lttomb yahoo com) (beta-read by achillona)

Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ. I'm not making any money of this.

Warnings: Yaoi, male/male. Goku/Vegeta.

Part 1

Home. They were home. Back on Earth.


Vegeta turned to the other two Saiyans standing behind him. What to do with them?

Goku was looking around while trying to orient himself which side of the Earth they were on. The portal the Fire Clan created, after accepting them as their clan's members, transferred them to a small village. Goku felt a bit shy while all the villagers stared at them, wondering how the hell five persons could have appeared from nowhere. Goku noticed all the curtains in the houses being lifted and there were faces behind the windows. All the people who had been working in fields or simply walking somewhere fled into their homes and locked the doors.

Finally Goku managed to locate Piccolo's ki on the Lookout. "I'll take us to Piccolo, from there we'll be able to find our way home."

Vegeta turned his attention from the Saiyans and nodded. He'd think later. He was too exhausted to think, too emotional.

Piccolo meantime was already phoning everyone to tell them that he saw Goku, Vegeta and Trunks appear on Earth. He wasn't sure about the two other persons but, assuming that Vegeta wasn't fighting them, they were acceptable. Piccolo grinned as there was a swish of air and all five of them appeared against him. He got a bit confused, noticing the two brown tails wrapped around the two strangers. The Saiyans. Well, what do you know - even a prince can miscount sometimes…

Piccolo watched how Goku ascended to Super Saiyan Three to announce for the world and his sons that he was back home.

"Hi, Piccolo," Goku enthusiastically greeted after he dropped from Super Saiyan Three. "Have something to eat?"

Piccolo blinked. Unbelievable. Only Goku can do that: go to rescue the boy, be gone for more than a month, come back carefree and request a snack…

"Uhh…" Goku realized how he sounded. "It's not for me," he scratched his spiky head, "it's for Vegeta and Trunks, and for these other two…" Goku smiled sheepishly. "They are starving."

Piccolo noticed Vegeta glare at Goku, but Trunks eyes widened in enthusiasm.

Piccolo sighed. "Hi. Ask Mr. Popo; he should have something." Piccolo observed the group. Well, Vegeta didn't seem to be very hungry. "And who are these two?" Piccolo asked Vegeta, pointing at the Saiyans behind Vegeta's back. The Saiyans looked quite young, Gohan's age, to be surer, 18-20 years old. One of them looked quite aggressive. Another seemed to be afraid of everyone. Nice combination, thought Piccolo.

"The Saiyans," Vegeta answered.

Piccolo sighed. Goku would have been much more informative but he'd already left to search for Mr. Popo. "Where did you get them from?"

"Long story," Vegeta answered, waving off. He didn't feel like explaining anything. He still wasn't able to get his thoughts together. Simply too many things happened in a very short time.

Piccolo left the non-informative prince and began to question Trunks, who eagerly began to recount all the adventures he had experienced while kidnapped.

Vegeta turned to the two Saiyans behind him. They were waiting for his orders. Orders? What orders? He had no idea what to do with them, at least not at the moment.

Vegeta watched his son rapidly talking to Piccolo and suddenly it dawned on him – they did it. Trunks was here, back with him. Until now he had no time to realize that everything was over, that he didn't need to hurry anywhere, that he didn't need to worry, that he was home, that he and his son were safe and alive. Vegeta felt a huge wave of relief wash over him and then his legs simply gave out. He plopped on the white-tiled floor none too gently, but he didn't give a damn. Now he wanted to just rest and relax, and lean his back somewhere.

Goku was with Mr. Popo in the kitchen, they both were ransacking the fridge, trying to find enough food to feed four Saiyans. Goku was not against a snack for himself either. He was telling Mr. Popo a shortened and compact Trunks' rescue story. Goku noticed that Mr. Popo wasn't as fast with the meal as he had wished.

"I'll tell Vegeta that I'd help you in the kitchen," Goku grabbed as much food as he was able to carry, which he had prepared while reciting the story for Mr. Popo, and vanished, reappearing next to sitting Vegeta. He quickly spread the meal all around Vegeta, who didn't seem to react to Goku at all.

Goku found it a bit strange that Vegeta was sitting on the bare floor and the prince's facial expression was very strange… And Vegeta didn't show any intention to eat…

"What's wrong?" Goku asked. He glared at Trunks, who tried to grab a sandwich from the plate, which Goku had put next to Vegeta. He contentedly noticed the boy retract his hand. Goku looked at the other two Saiyans, but they didn't show any intent to steal his mate's food.

"Nothing," Vegeta shook his head. He looked at his confused son who was staring at Goku in disbelief. Vegeta looked back at Goku. "He's my son," he snorted. And you'll treat him as your own son too!" Vegeta handed the plate to Trunks.

Goku scratched his head a bit confused but then shrugged. "Alright." Sometimes even he didn't feel when his instincts surfaced.

Goku didn't protest when Trunks took a sandwich from the plate, but Goku took another sandwich and gave it to Vegeta. Vegeta clasped his lips shut and scowled at Goku. Goku wasn't content – he knew Vegeta must be at least a little hungry. He put the sandwich back on the plate and quickly ITed back to Mr. Popo, gathered the food he didn't manage to take earlier and again appeared next to Vegeta, who to his contentment was already eating one of the sandwiches.

"I'm going to help Mr. Popo in the kitchen," Goku put the milk near Vegeta, who ignored him, but was too hungry to refuse the food Goku had brought him. He decided to let it slip. Just for now…

Goku again observed Vegeta. Something wasn't right. Goku sat next to Vegeta. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," the prince shook his head again. Except that he was pregnant, everything else was fine.

Goku silently glanced at the sandwich in Vegeta's hand and asked again. He was worried. Vegeta didn't appear to be well. He was somehow…passive…too calm…? Was that because of the pregnancy? Did Vegeta still regret it so much that it would make him so messed up? For Gods' sake, they were back home and Vegeta looked like someone had died! Well… Goku cursed mentally.

Goku felt his heart twitch. He didn't want that to happen so quickly – the pregnancy. He wanted to wait till Vegeta wanted children too. Of course Goku realized it might have taken ages, but that still would have been better than the shock Vegeta experienced after realizing that he was pregnant.

Suddenly Vegeta heard sobs behind his back. He turned to the side and froze, staring at his mate stupefied, the hand with the sandwich in it halted halfway to his mouth. "Why are you crying?" Vegeta finally managed to stutter.

Goku shook his head then shrugged. "I don't know." Goku quickly wiped his tears away with his orange gi sleeve. "I'll help Mr. Popo." He stood up.

Vegeta put his sandwich back. "There's nothing wrong with me," he suddenly felt a need to explain himself, "I simply want to enjoy the peace." Vegeta wanted to say something more, but wasn't sure what. "You don't need to worry about me."

Goku sighed heavily, his head lowered down to the white floor. "Do you want an abortion?"

Vegeta blinked unsure if he had heard correctly. "What?" Suddenly he realized what it was all about. "No, I don't want an abortion," he scowled at the unpleasant word, "I never wanted it. I was just…annoyed," he wasn't sure how to explain, but he never really considered the possibility of getting rid of the child. Yes, he was annoyed that he was pregnant, but it was his and Kakarott's child. He would never do such thing. "You know that I'm not happy with the pregnancy, but I just need time to adjust. Hell, it's only been two days… But I'd never do that. It's our child; I'd never do that."

Vegeta suddenly was pulled into a tight, warm embrace. Goku was gripping him so tightly that now Vegeta became a bit worried about that tiny life which he was carrying somewhere in his belly. Vegeta felt shudders of pure contentment running down his spine when Goku licked the claim-mark on his shoulder.

Vegeta rested his head on Goku's shoulder. He felt tired. He'd had his snack and now simply wanted to rest. He didn't protest after Goku picked him up and carried him into the building.

Piccolo watched the two Saiyans disappear in the doorway. He contemplated the information he heard: Vegeta was pregnant, Vegeta and Goku were mated – he saw the claim-mark on Vegeta's shoulder. He was surprised about the pregnancy part, he had no idea the Saiyan males were able to conceive. But he found nothing strange about the mating: after Goku confessed about his cravings for male sex, he already was waiting for that. Well, he didn't confess, but it was so obvious… And it was even more obvious whom he wanted: they both were so different, yet they fulfilled each other perfectly. Vegeta needed only a bit convincing. And it appeared that Goku was good in convincing…

Piccolo turned to Trunks who was still staring at the doorway where Goku disappeared with his father in his arms. Piccolo wasn't sure if the kid knew what was going on. At least Trunks didn't look like he'd know… While Goku and Vegeta had been talking he kept the child away from them, but he, himself, was able to hear everything.

"Piccolo, what's going on?"

Piccolo looked down at Trunks, who now resembled a copy of his father – his eyes fierce and demanding. Piccolo could bet that if not for the sword in his hand Trunks would have crossed his arms. Trunks still had to tell the part of the story about where he got the sword. "What did your father tell you?" He didn't want to give away too much information – Vegeta could be quite aggressive and explosive at times…

While trying to sort his thoughts out, Trunks' eyes half-closed at the white tiles under his feet. He subconsciously turned the sword round by its handle, making Piccolo almost die; how he wanted to hear that part of the story! "He said that he and Goku were mated and that he was pregnant," Trunks carefully looked at Piccolo expecting him to die from laughing. The Namek didn't laugh.

Piccolo had to accept that he had no idea what the kid wanted from him. "So what do you mean by that 'what's going on'?"

Trunks rolled his blue eyes at Piccolo. "C'mon, you can tell me. I'm not a kid anymore," Trunks gave Piccolo a serious look and shook the sword in his hand to emphasize his words. "What is that illness my Dad has? I saw the bite. I don't know what's bitten him, but my dad is hallucinating from it."

Piccolo was frustrated. He hated those sort of situations. He tried once more: "And what has Goku told you about this?"

Trunks shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know what Goku had eaten, but the symptoms are pretty much the same, even worse. You saw – now he's like an aggressive dog. He told me that he and my Dad married." Trunks rolled his blue eyes once again. "You know Goku… I think Goku put that nonsense into my Dad's head."

Piccolo sighed then tugged at his white cape. "Your father doesn't have hallucinations, and Goku is perfectly well too." Piccolo saw Trunks give a very skeptical look to him. "That bite on your father's shoulder is Goku's mark, it means…"

Trunks eyes went wide. "So it was Goku who bit my Dad! They have Rabies! I knew it!"

Piccolo almost tore one of his antennas off. "No! They don't!"

Trunks glared at him. "Don't shout at me, 'cause I get Goten to make Gotenks…"

Piccolo grit his teeth. Second Vegeta. "No, it's not Rabies."

"Are you sure?"

Piccolo felt his patience running thin. "Yes, I am." But Trunks still didn't seem to be convinced. "Your father and Goku indeed are mated. That claim-mark shows that your father is Goku's… And the opposite," he added just in case, if Trunks later decided to repeat his words to Vegeta.

Trunks blinked then pursed his lips. "Hmmm…" Trunks eyes swept over the Namek. Piccolo realized that Trunks was looking for a bite mark on him.

"I don't have Rabies!" Piccolo erupted. "Your father and Goku are mated, and you father is pregnant!"

Trunks slowly and carefully stepped back from him. "Sure, of course you don't. Yes, of course they're mated, they'll have plenty of beautiful kids… There's no reason to worry..." Trunks was relieved to see Gohan and Goten landing. Far in the distance he could see others approaching too. He quickly ran to Gohan. "Careful! They all have Rabies here!"

"Trunks!" Goten attached himself to his friend. "Trunks! Trunks!" He happily shouted. "So how was it there?" He quickly counted Trunks' fingers. Got a bit disappointed when they all were in place. Once he saw a movie about a kidnapped kid. "I guess it wasn't bad…" But then Goten's eyes widened. He grabbed Trunks' sword. "Whoa!" he swung it around. "At least this is something good!"

"Give it back to Trunks," Gohan ordered then turned to Piccolo. "Where is my father?"

Piccolo motioned with his head to the hallway. "He is there. I think he's helping Mr. Popo with the meal." Piccolo stuck his thumb back over his shoulder to the two Saiyans who were standing at the doorway, guarding the entrance and not reacting to the fuss. "Though, you may find it a bit problematic to get through…"

"The Saiyans…" Gohan muttered in disbelief. He observed two bulky Saiyans. They really didn't resemble the Saiyans he had seen arrive on the Earth earlier: Vegeta and Radditz. These two were covered in dust, wore torn and scrappy clothes. No armors, no scouters. One of them caught his eye – he was beautiful. Long, spiky hair, sharp features. He was tall, muscular and in comparison to his pal looked much more confident in himself and, well…aggressive. The other seemed to be a bit lost. A Saiyan…lost?

"Yeah," Trunks nodded proudly. "I rescued them from the prison. That bigger one is Kamala. The other, who looks like a lost puppy, is Raaven. He's a bit…well…I don't know…he's afraid of everyone all the time. Yeah, they don't speak Terran, so I don't know anything more about them. Just don't touch that scared one, because Kamala goes mad then."

Goten nodded excitedly then wanted to ask something more, but Gohan silenced him, waving his hand. "Later, I want to see dad first."

Trunks wasn't sure it was a good idea. Gohan looked at Piccolo for an explanation. Piccolo just shook his head and sighed. "You can see him, don't worry. Trunks is just being a prick."

Trunks gave Piccolo a promising glare then turned back to Gohan and Goten. "I warned you."