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My eyes freeze. I see Raven falling, tripping over someone's shoes–laundry, whatever. All I know is she's going to fall–down the staircase. I charge up the stairs, three at a time, heart hammering wildly against my chest. Raven realizes her mistake and opens her mouth to scream. Mid-jump I turn into an octopus, five long tentacles grabbing her to me. She's so cold—How could she be that cold? I brace myself for the long fall, but suddenly I feel nothing. Well, Raven, duh, but there's no blinding pain, no searing burn or broken neck. I carefully open an eye. Raven, in a fearful reflex, has suspended us in mid-air. I could kiss her, I'm so relieved. I almost laugh at the way we must look. Me in octopus form, tentacles tied around her tiny waist, Raven's eyes shut in fear, unknowingly protecting us from harm. I morph back into human form and nudge her softly, eyeing the thin black force field suspiciously.

"Hey," I whisper, brushing the hair out of her eyes. "Nice reflexes." I stupidly remember seeing Spider-man last night and wince. Real original, Beast Boy.

Raven's eyes snap open. "You mean I'm not dead?" Her tone is half sarcastic, but I couldn't care less.

I hug her tighter. "No!" I cry happily. "No, no, no! You saved us!" I sound like a lunatic, and I don't care. She carefully looks around us, forgetting—on purpose?—that my arms remain glued to her. I take my chance and get a whiff of her hair. Lilies; Her favorite. She's still cold, though, and I'm irked at this. Irked. Hah. Funny word. Okay! Back on track. I scoot closer still towards her, so absolutely no space remains between us. Raven icily looks back at me, and I gaze at her innocently.

"It's just... You're so cold... Doesn't it ever bother you?" I say, letting my hands slide down a little, so that they rest loosely around her waist. She doesn't look back this time, and her back goes stiff. I wonder if I should let go of her, but decide not to. She hasn't killed me yet–Milk it while you still can.

"Sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if the cold will ever go away, Beast Boy. But I know it won't. I know some things will always remain the same," Raven says, eyes darting around the room. I get a sinking feeling that she's not talking about being cold anymore. "But... Some things do change. Sometimes for the worst, sometimes... sometimes for the better." She looks at me, and her eyes flash for a moment, firecrackers exploding brilliantly with color and happiness. The moment passes, and her eyes slowly glow back to their normal shade. I miss it already.

"I... I can try to fix that... Being cold, that is..." I say softly, rubbing her back gently. Once again, she doesn't bite my head off. I wonder if I'm dreaming. But then she does something that shocks me. She closes her eyes and leans her head on my shoulders. I let out a little breath, and Raven slowly opens her eyes. I reach out to stroke her hair, but Raven brushes my hand away. Is that–A smile! Raven. Smiling?

"Not so fast, Beast Boy."

I grin back, and lean my head down on hers, so I'm facing her, upside-down. She rolls her eyes at me, but I take it as a sign of playfulness, and dart my tongue onto her nose. She sputters, and swats me away, disgusted. I laugh, and pull my head back up.

"Raven... Are you still cold?" I whisper lightly in her ear. She rolls her mouth into a thin, straight line. It's a sign she's trying not to laugh. "Raaaaaaaaven..."

I think I almost did it. Raven's mouth is practically non-existent, and I see a bead of sweat drip down her forehead. Thankfully, she's managed to keep the force field up, though it was quite possible for us to get down.

"Whatever you do... Don't–" I begin, my long fang pressing gently on her ear,"---laugh."

She bursts out laughing. I let out a 'hah' and wiggle my fingers into her sides. Raven gasps for breath, but I clamp my hand over her mouth. I just didn't want the force field to collapse. Her eyes shoot open, and she begins to laugh again. I should sell tickets for this. I can feel Raven laugh into my hand, so I give it up and I slowly slide my gloved hands up and down her back, right on the spine. I can hear a lamp break, and... Was that the ugly clown picture we all hated crashing to the ground?

"God––Beast Boy—" She breaks away from me and pauses to laugh, trying desperately to stop. Somewhere, a basketball explodes."I'm—going—to—get—you!" Another vase.

"I await your challenge," I croon into her ear. This time, Raven flicks me on the head. I snicker andslink my arms around her again. She squirms a little, but eventually calms down. And then we're both silent, soaking in the moment. I wonder how this happened. I don't dwell on it though. I'm just happy we're together, as friends, as more. Who cares, really?

"Hey Raven," I say softly, after a while. "You want to know something funny?" I prepare for the exasperated sigh, for the cold reply, for anything harsh. Her eyes don't open.


I don't think I could face any more shocks right now. "I, uh, was kind of jealous. Of Robin." And I was, too. He kept stealing the stoplight, kept comforting her like he was the only one who could. Though it was years ago, it was still enough to make me sick.

Raven still doesn't open her eyes. "Yeah. I know." I could have fainted.

"What? You knew, and you kept it up?" I stop rubbing her shoulders. Slowly, she opens her eyes.

"What you did with Terra, ages ago, it was the same thing. Only you didn't know it."

I can't believe she's bringing Terra up.

"So what was I supposed to do, Raven? It's not like you came and talked to me about it!" My tone is rougher than I intended it to be, andmy grip on her becomes looser.

"It's not like you talked to me, either," Raven says calmly. A tremor of anger rushes through me.

"You never wanted to talk! You always locked yourself up in your room, and if we got within a foot of it, you'd tell us to go away, to leave you alone! It's not our fault! You were the one who wanted to be alone!" I wonder hopelessly if I've gone too far. Raven closes her eyes again, but I see something slide down her cheeks. I rub my eyes. It couldn't be that she... was crying?

"I know. I know, and I'm sorry. I don't want to be alone, Beast Boy," She cries, trying to make it seem as if she wasn't crying. I feel horrible. I put my arms around her shoulders and kiss her hair lightly, as a friendly gesture. I think.

"You won't be. I'll be here. I'll always be here for you." She looks up at me. She's never been so vulnerable, so innocent... So trusting. Her trust is so fragile–I know I should be careful with her. She was a frosty glass figurine, a single deer on an icy road. She was beautiful, in every way.

We don't know what to do next. All I know is that I've never felt so happy like I am now. Then something crashes down on my head. I love her. I knew something was always there, always lurking in the back of my mind. I never knew what it was before. But now I do. It's love. I–I can't believe I love her. But she doesn't love me. God, no. I was the comforting friend, the guy friend you talked to when your heart gets broken. Not the guy. The guy who you love. I sigh melancholily in her hair. She looks up at me.

"What's wrong?"

I love you, that's what.

"Nothing, Raven. Everything's... Perfect."

Author's Note:

I hope I don't get too into this... I was hoping it could just be a bit of Raven/Beast Boy fluff, but I dunno... I might continue it. Depends on the feedback. :)