"...And then he told me... he loved me..." Raven murmured, sitting crossed legged on Starfire's bed. Her hood was up and her head was bowed, fingers tracing the intricate design of Starfire's blanket. The red-haired alien sat across from her, head leaned toward Raven in wonder.

"Oh my goodness! Raven! Beast Boy has affections for you! You must be so... happy!" Starfire rushed out, wistfully sighing at Raven, though it didn't stop her from bouncing up and down on her bed happily. Raven didn't move, and Starfire's excited expression turned to one of confusion.

"You... You do not return his affection?"

Raven seemed to choke on Starfire's statement, and she painfully shut her eyes. "I keep telling myself I don't... but the more I say that... The more I realize it isn't true."

Starfire half-smiled and placed a hand on Raven's shoulder. "So tell him. I am sure he will be delighted."

"Yeah. He'll love me even more after I slammed the door in his face," Raven scoffed, propping a hand to her head. Starfire avoided her gaze.

"Well... I admit, your actions were less than perfect," Starfire said lamely, pushing her bangs out of her eyes. "...I do wonder, though... Why did you do that?"

Raven didn't look at her. "I... I don't know why. I just couldn't take it... So I guess I just... Shut him out."

A moment of quiet passed over Starfire, and she squirmed uncomfortably.

"Right," Raven said, getting off of Starfire's bed. "Well. Thanks for listening."

"It was no problem!" Starfire cried, relieved, jumping off the bed. "Please, tell me what arises next!"

"I will," Raven promised, pushing the door open. Starfire's excited face faded away as the door shut with a click.

Raven let out a sigh worthy enough of a queen and slid down the wall, landing on her knees. Raven failed to notice the other person down the hall, until she heard a melancholy tune whistle in her ear.

And there stood Robin, eyes closed and legs bent against the wall, harmonica in his hands. He nodded to Raven.


"Uh–Hi," Raven said awkwardly. Robin tossed the harmonica around in his hands.

"Kinda hot today," Robin remarked casually, flipping the harmonica over. "Air conditioner's not working."

Raven nodded unsurely, not quite seeing the point.

"Cooler outside, anyway. Roof's nice this time of day," Robin sniffed, whistling a single note into the silver device. He looked at her. "Yep. Pretty cool up there."

Raven stared back at him.

"Well, I think I'm going to uh... eat..." Raven said, inching away from Robin and his harmonica. He didn't answer, just inspected the instrument, pulling it closer towards his masked eyes.

What was that about? Raven wondered, pulling her hood down, surprised slightly at the change in temperature. It was hot today. She shook the thought out of her head and continued walking down the hallway. It seemed oddly quiet today. The only sound to be heard was the ticking of the small metal clock in the kitchen, and that was a ways away.

I'm not really hungry... Raven mused, stopping at the door to the roof. And it is sweltering hot. Maybe the roof is a good idea.

So, somewhat hesitantly, Raven pulled the heavy door open, shutting it with a clang. It was significantly cooler, even in the stairway. Taking a deep breath, she started to climb the stairs. Something about this place didn't seem right to her. Like she was trespassing, almost.

Stepping onto the last stair, she quietly unlocked the door and pushed it open. It was a good thing too—A green figure lay hunched over in the gravel, crying quietly. Raven's eyes flickered open and she lay a hand to her mouth in shock.

Leaving the door open a crack–just so she could hear–Raven pressed herself against the cool gray walls and waited.

"God... God, I was an idiot!" Beast Boy sobbed, his hands over his face. "There was no way she could have... No way..."

Raven lowered her eyes. I shouldn't be here. Yet she couldn't will herself to move, either.

"Shut up, Beast Boy, shut up... You never do anything right... You expect her to like you?" Beast Boy cried, sourly spitting out the words like poison. "... Idiot!"

At that, he kicked the gravel underneath him violently, it spraying everywhere. It was only then Raven realized how close he was to the edge of the roof. But he wouldn't—She thought frantically, hands on the door, ready to push it open at any moment—No. He's–He's just upset.

But just as Raven was about to burst through the doors the alarm rang, signaling danger. Raven hesitated, torn between confronting Beast Boy or not being seen at all. She had to make up her mind quickly–there was little time to spare. Beast Boy was already hurriedly wiping his tears away and picking the gravel off of his uniform. Raven tore down the stairs and burst through the doors, panting wildly. She pulled her hood up, despite the heat, and headed for the main room.

"Some robber on the North side of town. Just a few runs, but she's getting away quickly," Robin commanded, scanning the computer. "Titans–Wait, where's Beast Boy?"

"Right... Right here," Beast Boy huffed, clutching his chest. "Sorry. I'm ready."

Robin nodded sharply, not noticing the redness under Beast Boy's eyes, or the fact that his shirt was crumpled and wet, either that, or he didn't care. Raven did, and avoided his eyes.

"Titans! GO!"


"Want a little poison?" A blue-haired woman cried seductively, throwing a small perfume vial at Cyborg's head. It exploded with a puff of light blue. "It's great for a skin type like yours."

They were fighting what looked to be a woman drenched in sky blue–from her permed hair down to her thigh-high boots. Cyborg held his breath and ran, blasting her with a ray of energy. She fell to the ground, only to reemerge sneering, and holding a large vial of who-knows-what.

Robin jabbed her repeatedly, but she just laughed and ducked, the punches blowing by her like smog. The villian slid over to Starfire, where she held up her hands protectively, the starbolts ready to fire.

"Here, my sweet," the woman whispered in Starfire's ear. "Try some of this. It'll do you good. Poison knows what's best." She dropped the vial on Starfire's hair.

Starfire's eyes got big and she flew away wildly, swiping her hands through the mane of copper hair. She found the broken vial and sucked in her breath, shaking her head violently. The toxin evaporated slowly in a wisp of smoke.

Poison laughed maniacally, tossing what looked like thousands of tiny blue birds into the air. They followed the Titans closely, spitting out more blue poison as they got closer. Beast Boy morphed into an elephant, charging through the blue.

He snuck up behind Poison, who was still chuckling, and kicked her hard, in the back of the neck. She winced horribly and heard a suspicious cracking noise, but shed no blood. Beast Boy stood there, shocked.

"Foolish boy," Poison growled, pushing the hair into her eyes. The one visible eye had turned black, and her pearly white teeth had grown sharp and long. She muttered an incantation under her breath, though her eyes never left Beast Boy's. The other Titans were wrapped up in their own dilemmas fighting the birds, and didn't notice through the cloud of poison they emitted.

Somehow Beast Boy couldn't move—He needed to stay right where he was; Otherwise bad things would happen... Terrible things... Slowly the woman pulled out a deep blue vial, grinning slyly. Beast Boy's eyes widened and his mouth twitched, though he was still unable to move his whole self.

The woman slowly pried the cap off the container and lowered it to Beast Boy's closed mouth. With a gentle swish of her spidery fingers his mouth was open, and the poison even closer than before.

"BEAST BOY!" Raven coughed, charging through the birds. They bit and clawed through her uniform, tearing bits and pieces of the material. She lunged toward Poison and pushed Beast Boy out of the way just in time, the poison slipping and missing him by an inch.

It didn't miss Raven, however. The toxin dripped into her eyes and mouth, slowly evaporating into white smoke.

Her eyes drooped suddenly and she swerved on her feet.

Then Raven collapsed to the ground.

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