Victoria paced the cave nervously while she waited. She knew she shouldn't have let him go. What if he was caught? Then everyone would know Zorro was not dead. She stared at the clothing hanging on the rack and brushed her hands slowly across the blue fabric.

He was foolish to do this. But she knew nothing she said would convince him otherwise. De Soto had his property, and Zorro was going to get it back.

After seemingly hours of pacing, she heard the familiar snort come from the cave entrance. She rushed over to Toronado's stall and smiled in relief when the stallion trotted into his customary spot.

'Still here?" Zorro asked with a grin as he dropped a familiar looking saddle to the ground, dismounted and pulled her into his arms.

Victoria pulled away and stared at him with frustration born out of fear. "Would I be anywhere else?"

Zorro pulled his famous blade from its scabbard and grinned triumphantly at her.

Victoria sighed visibly in relief.

"This saber was given to me by my fencing Master. He gave me a great gift when he placed it in my hands." Zorro reverently re-sheathed the blade and hung it on the rack. "I couldn't leave such a gift in de Soto's possession."

Victoria nodded silently. "I understand. I remember when Sir Edmund came to the pueblo." Victoria leaned against the large desk as her husband removed the famous black clothing perhaps for the last time.

"It was one of the hardest nights of my life, watching him die." His voice dipped sadly in remembrance and Victoria tenderly took his hand and brought it to her cheek.

"He gave you the skills that have saved many lives, Diego," Victoria smiled as he took her hand. "One day, we'll be able to thank him."

"But not yet." Diego pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply. His task to steal Zorro's things out of the acalde's office complete, he had eyes only for his wife now – and one final task to perform – giving his father those long awaited grandchildren.