Nine Months

I'm returning to my roots – raunchy, angsty melodrama! Set after Chimera. Sam's got some competition for Daniel…

Shamelessly off-course to the real Stargate. Everything after Chimera has been reworked, so Janet doesn't die :p And Sam never meets Pete in this one.

Of course I don't own anything. If I did, I'd be writing scripts, not fanfiction.

I've had it pointed out to me that my portrayal of Daniel and Samantha in the changeroom in the original version of this chapter can be construed as condoning rape in some circumstances. It wasn't my intention to do this. My intention was for Daniel to force Samantha to acknowledge her feelings for him, albeit in a violent way, but rape was definitely not my intention. I should have had Janet taken him to task over it, and I hope for those of you who have read the original this is a more realistic portrayal.

Chapter One

Doctor Daniel Jackson and Major Samantha Carter had spent the night at a local salsa club, dancing it up to the seductive music, sparks flying between the two. They had undeniable chemistry, which Daniel was more then eager to pursue, and Samantha was equally determined to ignore. Every few months, he had a pass at her – a linger caress, a kiss that was a little too intimate – and she would tell him off in no uncertain terms, leaving him chastised and keeping a suitable distance. Until the next time.

The truth was, Samantha didn't do much to discourage him. She had to admit, she liked the way he kept hanging around. He was undeniably attractive, and she was undeniably attracted to him. He treated her like a queen, and never ask for anything more then a kiss to the cheek. Most of the time, at least, and on those few times she sternly rebuffed him and he went back to his corner.

So they had spent the night, one of their few nights off together, dancing up a storm to the sultry music. It was heady and sensual – Samantha loved it. She loved being with Daniel, she loved that he was in love with her – after all, she had never asked for it, and if he chose to give his heart of his own free will, well, that wasn't her fault. She went along with the sensual feel of the music, grinding against Daniel's body – and his more sensitive parts – loving the reaction she got out of him.

Finally he'd been played with beyond endurance, and taking her arm, he led her out of the club to the quieter area outside. She had been all over him that night, and he was convinced that tonight was the night – all the signs she was giving out said so.

He wrapped an arm around her waist, drawing her close to him, and lowered his mouth to hers, kissing her, his kiss was soft but insistent, for a few moments demanding that she kiss him back. And she did, losing herself in the chemistry she shared with Daniel…

… And then she got hold of herself. This was Daniel, for Christ sakes, her kind-of subordinate. OK, so Daniel had questioned the legitimacy of that relationship many a time – how could he be her subordinate when he wasn't even military? – but that was still how she tried to see him. It made it easier to justify their relationship, or lack thereof.

She pushed away from him, reluctantly but resolutely. " Daniel, " she chided. " I told you. We're just friends. "

The reaction she got from Daniel wasn't exactly the one she expected – certainly not the one he'd given her for all these years. He pulled away from her violently and walked quickly towards his car. Samantha was forced to chase after him, which in the stiletto heels she was definitely not used to walking in, was a difficult proposition.

At least, Daniel was too much of a gentleman to drive off without her, although he was thoroughly pissed off at her. " Hey! " she yelled, irritated at his sudden outburst. " What gives? "

" You, Sam, " Daniel said through gritted teeth. " You do this to me everytime. You let me get close and then you push me away. "

" You know I don't want a relationship, " Samantha reminded him indignantly.

" You don't want a relationship with me, " Daniel corrected, and Samantha had no answer for that. It was true. She was scared of the complications a relationship with Daniel would bring, for all that she loved him and was attracted to him.

" It's not that simple, " she said instead.

" I don't see how, " Daniel responded, his blue eyes flashing with built-up resentment. " You're attracted to me. I'm attracted to you. I can transfer teams if you want – I've offered enough times. What else can I give you, Sam? "

Samantha was silent. Every word Daniel spoke was true. He had more then once systematically destroyed every argument she had against them being together – namely, their working together. He would immediately give up the rapport he had with Jack and Teal'c and transfer out of SG-1 if it meant he could be with her. But still she turned him down. And she had no idea why, except the idea of committing herself like that scared the crap out of her.

What she and Daniel did for a living was insanely dangerous. They could get hurt or killed at any moment. She didn't know if she could be in a relationship with a person and have that hanging over their head. Better to have their flirtation thing going then get involved in a real relationship.

" Get in, " Daniel commanded. " I'll take you home. " There was no emotion in his voice ; it was like he had given up. He had spent the last six years pursuing Samantha (well, five if you didn't count the year he'd been ascended), always to be rebuffed even though he knew she was attracted to him. This particular night was the last straw. He'd had enough. He didn't care anymore.

" Daniel, I'm sorry, " Samantha said, realising she'd pushed Daniel too far this time.

Daniel refused to look at her. " Forget it, " he said. " I want to pretend like this never happened. "

His words stung Samantha, but she was too proud and too afraid of the consequences to give Daniel the only thing that would make him happy to be around her again – her unconditional love. Better that they should just be teammates then get involved the way Daniel wanted them to be involved.

He dropped her off without saying goodnight. His angry silence cut right through her heart, but still, she was too proud and too scared to say anything. As she walked up her front path, she tried to tell herself that it was better this way – that there was nothing to be gained from getting emotionally involved with Daniel, and that they should each go their separate ways. Even if that meant being involved with other people.

Daniel soon became preoccupied with dreams of his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Gardner. Every night he relived their short-lived relationship, only the details were different. She was more adoring, more eager to help him in his work – more forgiving when he missed their two-month anniversary. In reality, she had dumped him over it.

It was Teal'c who suggested 'Sarah' might actually be 'Osiris', using his host's past relationship with Daniel to manipulate him into translating a device. Since Osiris was an underling of Anubis, and Anubis had technologies like they hadn't seen before, it was entirely likely. So they set a trap for Osiris.

It almost ended up a disaster when Osiris was cornered and attempted to zat his way out of captivity, but the team managed to contain him. The Tok'ra had almost perfected the art of removing a Goa'uld symbiote without killing the host or the symbiote, and they were delighted to have Anubis's second-in-command in their hands.

And Daniel was delighted to have Sarah back.

He had felt awful when Sarah had been taken as a host, almost as bad as when his wife Sha're had been taken. It had cut him almost as deeply to see Sarah being controlled by Osiris as it had to see Sha're be controlled by Amonet.

Only this time, they had managed to extract the symbiote and saved Sarah. Which was more then they had done for Sha're. Daniel felt a little guilt mingled with his relief over that. Of course he was delighted that Sarah was back, but he couldn't help but wish things had been a little different and he could have had Sha're returned to him.

Not that it mattered much these days. He realised he had long since moved on from Sha're. His dumb devotion to Samantha was testimony enough to that.

He and Samantha had barely spoken since the salsa club. They were professional to each other, but Daniel had meant was he said about it being all or nothing. Samantha had made it clear that she didn't want a relationship, and Daniel had made it clear that he didn't want anything but a relationship.

So they were at an impasse. And Sarah helped take Daniel's mind off it.

Understandable, Sarah was distraught about what she had done through Osiris. Daniel had stayed with her in the infirmary while she rested, and was there when she woke up. He had thought she would like some company ; he recalled Sha're and Skarra's testimonies about the atrocities they'd witnessed ; like hell nothing of the host remained when taken by a Goa'uld symbiote. Ha, parasite is more like it, Daniel thought bitterly. In that regard he had to respect that the Tok'ra had a truly symbiotic relationship with their host. But he wasn't as bitter as he might have been. After all, things had turned out as best as they could – Sarah was OK, and the Tok'ra had a pretty impressive prize to show for it. And Anubis was without one of his most important generals.

But mostly, Sarah was OK.

Eventually she woke up. " Daniel? " she cried up, the first thing she saw being her ex who, under the influence of Osiris, she had attempted to kill. That was the main horror that she had dwelled on while being the submissive personality under Goa'uld influence.

" It's alright. I'm here. It's all over. You're free, " Daniel said, jumping to assure Sarah that everything was going to be alright. He could only imagine the horrors Sarah had seen, had done under the influence of Osiris. He hoped the Tok'ra tortured the snake bastard after they'd gotten all the information out of him.

Sarah flung herself into Daniel's arms, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck as if he were a lifejacket of humanity in the sea of evil she had seen. " I'm so sorry, " she cried.

" It's not your fault, " Daniel said. " Believe me, I have some experience with this. "

" I couldn't stop it, " Sarah said tearfully. She didn't have to say anything more for Daniel to understand.

" I'll get you through this, " he promised, and he meant it. When Sarah looked up at him and their eyes met, he forgot all about Samantha. All he could think about was this beautiful women in his arms, who needed him desperately right now.

It was nice to be needed.

Because Sarah no longer had a place of her own, Daniel offered to let her stay the night at his place. In fact, she could stay there for a while – it wasn't like he spent an awful lot of time in it, between mission and debriefing and it being easier just to stay on the base.

He would have let her stay there by herself, but he realised she was in no condition to be alone, so he volunteered to stay with her. She smile at him gratefully, and hugged him again. She trembled when she hugged him, and he held her tightly, afraid she was going to pass out or something from the sheer stress of the situation.

Samantha looked suspiciously at Sarah and Daniel. She understood, as a woman, something that Daniel, as a man, could not – that Sarah was looking for something more then platonic from Daniel.

When she could grab a few minutes with Daniel without the beautiful blond clinging to him, she said, " Don't take advantage of her. "

Daniel glared at Samantha. " As if I would, " he snarled, resentful of Samantha's interference. She had made it perfectly clear what she wanted from him – absolutely nothing. She had no right to say anything now. And Daniel was hurt that Samantha thought he would make a move on Sarah. She obviously thought very little of him. She obviously had never known him.

It wasn't concern for Sarah that had motivated Samantha's comment ; it was jealousy, although she'd die rather then admit it. She was jealous of the attention Daniel was paying Samantha. She had always considered herself reasonably attractive – Daniel had certainly always found her very attractive – but compared to Sarah, she felt like Plain Jane. But she would never admit she was jealous, not after she'd made it clear she wasn't interested in a relationship with Daniel, so she pretended to be concerned for Sarah's welfare.

She knew she'd trodden on Daniel's sensitive feelings by implying she thought so little of him. She knew Daniel would rather die then take advantage of a woman. She knew that well, it was one of the things she loved about him. But she had just made it seem like she didn't know that – just one more thing for Daniel to resent her for.

She told herself it didn't matter. She and Daniel were professionals, colleagues, that was it. There was nothing more to it. Daniel could screw Sarah's brains out for all she cared.

" It's not much, but it's home – a few days a year, at least, " Daniel said wryly as he opened the door to his apartment to let he and Sarah in. They had come from a shopping trip where Sarah had gotten a few things to tide her over for a little while until they worked out what they were going to do with her. Hammond had offered all the resources the airforce could muster, and they were going to need it, because it wasn't everyday that beautiful, well-known archaeologists just disappeared – quite literally – off the face of the earth.

Sarah smiled gratefully. " It's fine, " she said. " It's more then fine – thankyou so much for this, Daniel. " She leaned over to kiss him on the cheek.

The intimate gesture surprised Daniel – but it was a pleasant surprise – and something more then that. He tried not to think that he might be attracted to Sarah. That would just complicate things terribly, especially in her current condition.

" It's nothing, " he said self-consciously, suddenly thinking of the steamy nights he and Sarah had spent together on the rare times she had managed to tear him away from his work. He was really sorry about that now. He wished he had known Sarah later in his life, when he was less concerned about work.

They whiled away the hours with pizza and wine, their conversation alternating between what they'd been doing with their lives in the last fifteen years and Sarah's experiences with Osiris. At first, she was reluctant to talk about her life with the Goa'uld symbiote, but Daniel patiently pried the memories out of her, knowing that it was best for her to talk about, knowing that it would be easier for her to talk to him then anyone else.

Haltingly at first, she confided in him the things she had witnessed as host to Osiris. While she hadn't actually done those things, and anyone could have told her that, she still felt responsible for it.

She especially felt responsible for trying to kill Daniel.

Daniel smirked. " You certainly wouldn't be the first of my ex-lovers to try and kill me with one of those hand-devices, " he said wryly, and he told her about Sha're. Funny how it didn't hurt to talk to her anymore.

" You must have loved her a lot, " Sarah remarked. " To go to that effort to find her. "

Daniel shrugged. " I only wished I could have saved her. "

" But you tried, and that's what counts, " Sarah said softly. " And you saved me. " Her eyes glittered with unshed tears of gratitude. " I can never thank you enough for that, Daniel. " She leaned in to kiss him, and Daniel didn't think anything of it at first, thinking she was going to kiss him on the cheek again. But she kissed him on the mouth, her lips pressed against his, soft but persistent, urging him to kiss her back.

And God, how he wanted to kiss her back. But he couldn't. He didn't want to take advantage of her.

" What's wrong? " Sarah asked. " Do you… not want me after what happened? " She, too, remembered a time when Daniel had wanted her very much – any least when she could drag him away from his work. One of the memories she had clung to were the few nights she had spent with Daniel in the two months they had been together – so passionate, so alive. The memories had made her feel almost human.

" Of course I want you, " Daniel said, figuring there was no point in denying the obvious chemistry between them. It had been there when they got together, when they broke up, at the funeral – where he assumed she was under the influence of Osiris – it was there now. " I just… don't want to take advantage of you. You've been through a lot and I don't think now is the right time to get into a relationship. "

Sarah smiled, a little understandingly, a little sadly. She was very aware of the feelings Daniel had for Samantha, even if he tried to deny it. And she was pretty sure she returned those feelings.

But she also knew that Daniel loved her as a friend, and was attracted to her, like she loved him and was attracted to him. And right now she needed to be close to someone – as close as she could get.

" I don't want a relationship Daniel… I want you… I want to be with you tonight… I want to feel human again… please. "

Her voice was pleading, almost begging, and it broke all Daniel's resolve, what little of it there was. He leaned in to kiss her, muttering, " I hope I don't regret this tomorrow. "

" Just tonight, Daniel, " Sarah promised. " No strings. "

Their kiss was a combination of the familiar and the new, the comfortable and the explosive. Though the morning would bring complications despite what they'd said, right now it felt so right

Soon they were making out on Daniel's couch, their hands wandering each other's bodies, their clothes coming off quickly. It had been fifteen years since they had been intimate, but they still knew each other well.

It felt perfectly natural for them to head to the bedroom where the sex was absolutely explosive. It had been a while for Daniel, but he still couldn't believe how Sarah could make him perform. Sex with Sarah had always been explosive. And right now it felt so goddamn right.

In the early hours of the morning, both of them absolutely exhausted, Daniel and Sarah lay in bed together, Sarah's head resting on Daniel's chest, an arm thrown casually across his torso. " One of the things I held onto when I was – well, you know – were the nights I spent with you, " she murmured contentedly.

She felt Daniel stiffen involuntarily when she said this. " I'm not asking for anything, " she reassured him. " I'm just saying… memories of you always made me feel a little more human… I don't think I would have gotten through it without him. "

Daniel kissed the top of her head. " I'm sorry, I shouldn't have reacted like that, " he said sheepishly. " It's just that – well, Sam warned me about this and I'm worried I might have taken advantage of you. "

" You made me feel human again, Daniel, " Sarah chided Daniel for the guilt he felt. " You've done whatever's the opposite of taking advantage of me. I feel – well, maybe you understand. "

" Yeah, " Daniel agreed softly, feeling foolish for having thought so little of Sarah – and himself. " I do. "

The next day Daniel left Sarah with his cash card and gave her permission to spend it on whatever she saw fit. It was genuine friendship and not guilt that provoked Daniel's generosity. She needed some things beyond the basics they'd bought yesterday and besides, he figured if anything would make Sarah feel human again (besides incredible sex, of course) it would be shopping.

They didn't speak about their night of passion in the morning, but Sarah made it clear in a dozen gestures that she wasn't expecting anything from Daniel other then his friendship. He was incredibly grateful for that. While he didn't feel guilt for the night they'd spent together, a part of him felt like he should have waited.

Oh, who was he kidding? He'd wanted it as badly as she had. Last night had been absolutely perfect. Not even his other nights with Sarah compared – maybe there was a point to be had in that. Daniel felt he was a lot more mellow since he'd ascended, a lot less self-righteous, a lot more laid back. He would never have been able to do what he'd done last night and not feel compelled to propose the next day, just to assuage his guilt. But last night had been absolutely perfect. And they would leave it at that.

He was perkier then usual when he got to the base, everyone knew that – and everyone could guess at the reason. It wasn't that hard, given Daniel had left the afternoon before with a gorgeous blond clinging to him.

Samantha noticed his perkiness too, although she chose not to make anything of it. She was in the change rooms when she saw Daniel. Unisex change rooms were the status quo at the Stargate command – they had seen too much of each other in various states of undress on various mission for it to matter anymore – but it had been a while since they'd been in that position, since before their bust-up, so Samantha felt a sudden surge of apprehension as Daniel began taking his shirt off. She could remember all too clearly how well-developed he was (she had a feeling Oma Desala had decided to tinker with his physique a little when she sent him back to their plane) – how smooth his skin how – how his chest felt when she was pressed against it in a supposedly platonic hug.

Her eyes narrowed as she took in the marks over Daniel's upper body – delicate bite marks and uglier red marks that looked suspiciously like hickeys around his neck and shoulders, scratch marks along his back, and a glowing look in his eyes.

It was plain as day that the man had gotten laid good last night. With a twist in her heart, Samantha recalled her thoughts that Daniel could screw Sarah's brains out for all she cared – it looked like he had gone and done exactly that.

Samantha felt a knot of fury build up in her stomach, and she tried to tell herself it was because Daniel had taken advantage of the poor girl – after she had warned him against it. And he'd had the audacity to act indignant in the face of her warning!

She would not admit to herself that she was angry Daniel was moving on – into the arms of another woman. No, this was entirely about Daniel taken advantage of a woman who had a lot of issues.

" You are such an asshole, " she growled at him, her blue eyes spitting anger – purely because he'd taken advantage of the poor girl, she told herself.

Daniel felt a stab of irritation towards Samantha. He'd been in such a good mood, and she was getting all high-and-mighty about it. Like she had any say in what he did in his private life. " Excuse me? " he asked coolly.

" You – taking advantage of Sarah like that – after I warned you not to, " Samantha said, angrier now that Daniel was refusing to act contrite.

Daniel couldn't help goading Samantha. " Believe me, sweetheart, I didn't take advantage of her. She was begging for it. " It wasn't in his nature to brag, but Samantha was really pissing him off today. She had no claim to his private life – she had given that up of her own free will.

Samantha responded by slapping Daniel with all the strength she had. It gave her a sense of satisfaction to see a red mark appear on his cheek ; served him right, the bastard. She didn't know why she should care, but she did. She told herself she was only looking after Sarah's best interest.

She tried to ignore the pang in her heart when she thought of Daniel and Sarah in bed together. She must have been dynamite to give Daniel all the marks he had. They wouldn't have done it just once, of course. They would have gone at it all night. Samantha hated him for it.

Daniel responded to the slap by pushing her against the lockers. " Cut the crap, Sam, you're only upset because I've moved on, " he growled.

Samantha was furious. Like she cared what he did in his private life! She was only concerned that he was taking advantage of Sarah, she was! " I don't give a fuck about you, " she yelled at him, straining against the tight hold he had on her. She suddenly thought of the saying caught between a rock and a hard place. Well, she was caught between a locker and a very hard, very sexy body.

" Then you won't mind if I do this, " Daniel said, and he slammed his mouth down on Samantha's in a kiss that blew her mind.

Instinctively she kissed Daniel back – it felt so right, so raw to respond to such passion. If it hadn't been for Daniel's strong arms securely around her, her legs would have given way under such an onslaught. Oh, God, why hadn't she let Daniel kiss her like this before?

And then she got her wits about her, and a part of her started screaming that this was wrong – that Daniel was treating her like he had Sarah, a convenient bedmate – a part of her that was almost as strong as the part that was responding to Daniel's kiss, that was pressing her body against his, grinding against him. " No, " she said unconvincedly when Daniel abandoned her mouth to lay kisses on her neck. " Stop. "

Her mouth said one thing and her body said another. She was kissing him with passion when his mouth was on hers and groaning with equal desire when it wasn't. She attempted to resist him, and if her heart had been in it, she could have gotten the better of him, but it wasn't, so she couldn't. She pounded her fists uselessly against his bare back ; he responded by pinning them behind her with one hand, using his free hand to unbutton her top.

" Don't! " she yelled, her tone disintegrating into a groan when Daniel cupped her breast with his hand, stroking her nipple. His nose nudged her neck, and she couldn't help but arch her neck to give him better access. " Don't, " she said, much weaker, as she felt the light pressure from his mouth on her neck and she knew that was going to leave a nasty mark. She struggled against him, but not as hard as she could have. She was torn between her head and her heart – or maybe that was just her hormones – and heart, hormones, whatever it was, was winning. She felt desire flood through her body and she wanted Daniel on a raw, animalistic level – and she hated herself for it and wanted out, but her own body betrayed her.

She let out a strangled sob of defeat and desire when Daniel nearly threw her to the cold concrete floor of the change room. She went to get up, but Daniel was too quick – or maybe she was slower then she should be, she knew she could take him down if she wanted to – and he was on top of her, his hard, strong body over hers, making short work of her pants. She could feel his desire pressing against her thigh, and she knew she should be afraid, but she wasn't. She was angry and turned-on – but not afraid. Somewhere deep down she knew Daniel would never force her. Not physically at least. What he was doing was, in its own way – worse. He was forcing her to face up to her feelings, her attraction for him. He was forcing her to want him.

And right now, in spite of herself, she wanted him like she had never wanted a man before.

Oh, God, Jacob would be so disappointed that she'd let a man take her on a cold concrete floor.

Oh, God, she didn't care.

She gave a cry of animal lust when Daniel penetrate her. She started groaning with him when he began thrusting, hard and fast. She loved what he was doing to her and hated him for doing it. He was dominating her, but worse then that, he was forcing her to admit how she felt about him.

" I LOVE YOU, DANIEL! " she screamed as they climaxed together, wrapping her legs around him tightly as he shuddered violently in orgasm. Bet Sarah didn't make him react like that.

For a few moments they lay, tightly entwined, on the concrete floor. Daniel kissed her forehead, the most gentle kiss he'd given her so far – almost loving. Samantha glowed from the after-effects of a spectacular orgasm.

And then she got hold of her senses and realised where she was and what she had just done. She had let Daniel take her on the floor of the change rooms – which were manned with security cameras, no less – like some – animal.

" Get the fuck off me, " she growled with far more conviction then she had displayed in her protests. She suddenly felt very dirty. She had relinquished any claim to authority she might have over Daniel. He would never respect her now, and he would brag to every man on the base about how he'd scored with Major Carter and how she'd groaned and told him she loved him while she was climaxing – on a concrete floor, no less. Did she have no shame?

Right now she felt so humiliated she wanted to kill him just so there'd be no witnesses.

Panting from the exertion, Daniel looked at her quizzically. The Samantha he'd just had fast, furious sex with was gone, replaced but a very pissed off woman. " I don't get it, " he said stupidly.

" I mean… get the fuck of me…you bastard, " Samantha growled menacingly.

That caused Daniel to jump off, hurt and confusion on his face. " What the hell is wrong with you? " he demanded. They'd just shared a spectacular experience – albeit not in the best of circumstances, a concrete floor was a little too low-class for Daniel's preferred tastes – and now she was acting like he'd raped her.

" What the hell is wrong with me? " Samantha parroted incredulously, reaching for her own clothes. Like hell Daniel was going to see her naked any second longer then absolutely necessary – he had already gotten far more then he was entitled to. " You mean, apart from the fact that you practically raped me? "

Daniel started at her incredulously. " I raped you? " he asked. " Honey, maybe you should think back a few minutes – when you were screaming that you loved me while you were having the best orgasm of your life. "

Samantha cringed. That was definitely something she didn't want to think about. " I said no, " she reminded him.

" Not very convincingly. "

That was true, but that wasn't the point. " You men are so full of shit, " she snarled. " No means no. I will not be your whore, Daniel. I'm sure Sarah's more then willing to accommodate you there. "

Her words acted like a slap in Daniel's face. " I've never thought of you as a whore, Sam, " he said quietly. " And certainly not mine. "

" You could have fooled me, " Samantha snapped, feeling more and more humiliated as the seconds went by when she thought about how she had allowed herself to be treated. She, Samantha Carter, Major in the Airforce, Feminist Legend in the Military, allowing herself to be fucked on a concrete floor like an animal – a whore! She couldn't stand to be in the same room as Daniel right now – maybe not ever. " Just stay the hell away from me, Daniel, " she ordered before she stormed off, leaving Daniel feeling crushed and bewildered as to what exactly had just happened.

For three days, relations between Samantha and Daniel were frosty. She treated him with such coolness and contempt that he almost believed that he had raped her – only he knew Samantha, or at least thought he knew her, and if he had raped her, she would be screaming it at the top of her lungs. Samantha wasn't the type of woman to let a man get away with something like that – not if she could help it.

Finally, having no-one else to talk to, Daniel confided in Janet. Normally he wouldn't, she was more Samantha's friend then she was his, but he had no-one else to talk to.

He related what had happened to Janet, and she listened intently. Occasionally her eyes flashed in sympathy with Samantha – Daniel hadn't exactly acted like a Knight in Shining Armour – but mostly she kept her peace until Daniel was finished.

She couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him, truth be told. He was in way over his head with Samantha and Sarah – particularly Samantha. " Honestly? " she asked. " I believe you when you say you didn't rape her. Well, I believe you when you say that wasn't what you meant to do. But she did say no, whatever shade of grey that seems to you, Daniel, that does mean rape. And you did treat her like a whore. "

Daniel winced at the word. " I didn't exactly plan it like that, " he defended himself. " I've thought so much about it and – " he cut himself off, blushing when he realised how much he'd given away.

Janet looked sympathetically at Daniel. She knew he'd been sweet on Samantha for ages – and Samantha had been too much of a fool to see a good thing when it was staring her in the face – it didn't surprise her that Daniel had given some thought to the first time they made love. And he was too much of a sweetheart to consider a concrete floor a good place for it.

" I know you didn't plan it, but that doesn't change the fact that you did it, " Janet pointed out. " And after you spent the night with Sarah, too. It looks like you went from one woman to the other without batting an eyelid. "

" It wasn't like that! " Daniel bristled. More then anything, Janet's remarks about rape had hit home painfully. He knew in his gut that she'd wanted it… but she'd said no. It was almost beyond his comprehension. She had told him to stop, but she had wanted it. Daniel buried his head in his hands in confusion.

" Then tell her that, " Janet said pointedly. " Grovel, if you have to. Make her feel like a lady – and in command. You made her give up control, you got her to tell you she loves you – while she was on her back in the change room floor. She's gotta be feeling pretty sore about that, Daniel. You have to make it up to her . "

The next day, Daniel showed up to Samantha's quarters, hands behind his back, looking very contrite. " Can we please talk? " he asked, and his pleading tone softened Samantha's resolve enough that she let him in. She didn't stop glaring at him, though.

" I'm so, so sorry about what happened between us, " Daniel said. " I never met for it to happen that way. "

" You mean fucking me in the changeroom the day after fucking Sarah? " Samantha asked harshly. " At least you respected her enough to do her in a bed – in your bed, " she added. She couldn't help but compare the contrast – with Sarah, it had been in his apartment, his bed, his private space, with her it had been on the concrete floor of the changeroom where the worked. He had given that simpering English bitch much more respect then he had her, and she hated him for it – and herself for taking it.

Daniel flinched at her choice of words – he had always, always hated that particular euphemism. It was so… base. " I was angry… and hurt about the things you said about me… I would never take advantage of a woman, Sam, I would never hurt a woman. You know that. "

Questioning his honesty, Samantha pulled open her shirt enough that Daniel could make out the fading mark he had left on her neck. Christ, he'd really done a number on her. " I'm sorry, " he said again. " I don't know what else to say, Sam. I care about you and respect you – that it happened the way it did doesn't change that. Don't you think I wish it had been somewhere nicer? Believe me, " he added ruefully, not caring about what he was confessing at this point, " I've thought about being with you, and it was never in the changeroom. "

Daniel's words reminded Samantha of how much of a sweetheart he was, and how much he loved and respected her. Deep down she knew, and she had always known, that he wouldn't have raped her – couldn't have raped her. He had wanted her to want it. He had wanted her to want him as much as he wanted her.

Daniel sensed Samantha's resolve slipping, and he closed the distance between them, taking her hands in his. " I love you, " he said quietly. " You don't have to say anything, and I won't hold what you said against you, but I just wanted you to know – I love you. And I would never hurt you – that one time was the exception, I swear. "

Samantha's face scrunched up as she tried not to cry. " You made me feel like a whore, " she accused him, and her words broke his heart.

" I know, and I'm sorry – it'll never happen again, " he promised with sincerity that Samantha found impossible to discredit. " I don't understand – I don't know if I raped you or not. I know you wanted it – I wanted you to want it. I wanted you to acknowledge that you wanted me, even if I had to force it out of you. If that's rape… " his voice cracked with guilt and remorse but he forced himself to continue. " Sam, I'll understand if, after this, you don't want to be with me – I won't hold it against you, I promise. But I just want you to know that you mean the world to me and if there's any hope of us – well, I'm here. "

Samantha sniffled. " What about Sarah? " she asked.

" Sarah one a one-night thing, I swear. She needed me that night, I swear I didn't take advantage of her. We agreed there would be no strings – I think she knew I was in love with you. If it makes you feel any better, she's living in an apartment owned by the airforce until she decides what she wants to do. "

It did make her feel better – Samantha definitely did not want a stunning blond ex-love of Daniel's set up in his apartment.

" So what do you say? " Daniel asked, his breath caught in his throat as he waited for Samantha's answer – did she want to be with him or did she want him to go to hell?

With a cry, Samantha threw herself into Daniel's arms, pressing her body tightly against his. Daniel wrapped his arms around her, holding her close to him, basking in her scent, her feel. God, how he loved her. " I take that as a yes, then, " he murmured, and knew the best thing to do while she composed herself was hold her tight.

Two months passed, with Samantha and Daniel seeing each other secretively whenever they caught, although it wasn't that much of a secret to anyone on the base. Several Stargate employees had learned the hard way never to barge into their quarters without knocking when the door was closed. But Hammond had suggested they give it a while following Daniel's transferral to SG-7 before going public, just so the Kinseys of the world wouldn't have anything to complain about. God forbid two people find love in their workplace. It was a trial, having to pretend they weren't together – they especially missed being able to spend the night together – but it was agreed it was the best situation for the time being.

One day they were together in Daniel's quarters after an incredible session of sex that had affected Daniel much more deeply then it had Samantha – she was frustrated by a piece of technology they'd found on a recently-explored planet, couldn't get it to work, so she was distracted and having trouble climaxing – so he was trying to return the favour with a little head. He loved the taste of her, loved being so up close and personal while she responded to his ministrations, except he was beginning to get frustrated himself. She was almost there, but she couldn't quite climax and he was afraid he groaning was going to attract some attention soon.

Just when he had her on the brink, there was a discreet knock on the door. " Dr. Jackson, there's someone here to see you, " came a voice.

" Tell them to go away, I'm busy, " Daniel yelled through the door. He knew he didn't have any appointments today and anyone who saw fit to barge in on his time with Samantha could go to hell.

" Doctor Jackson, you might want to take this one – it's Sarah Gardner, and she says its very important. "

At the mention of Daniel's ex's name, Samantha felt her orgasm slip through her fingers and she groaned in frustration, wriggling out of Daniel's grasp. " Tell him to give us two minutes, " she said wearily.

Daniel gave her a penetrating look. " Are you sure? " he asked. " Sarah's not as important to me as you are. "

She appreciated the sentiment, but knew the moment was lost. " It's OK, we can continue some other time, " she said.

Five minutes later, Sarah entered Daniel's quarters, looking beautiful as usual but apprehensive. " Hi, " she said nervously. " Sorry to barge in on you like this, I wouldn't do it if it wasn't important. " She glanced between Samantha and Daniel and realised she had interrupted something. It didn't surprise her that they had gotten together, although it did make what she had to say a little more difficult.

Daniel tried to be patient, when what he really wanted to do was get back to being naked with Samantha. " It's OK, " he said as convincingly as he could. " What's up? "

Sarah bit her lip nervously and clenched her fists. " Hey, Sarah, whatever it is, you can tell me. Would you rather we were alone? "

" No, it's OK – I guess if you guys are together it kind of concerns Samantha as well. It's just that, well – I'm pregnant. "