First of all , I don't own Quest for Glory nor any of the other movies , books , animes ,

mangas , Tv-series that will be in this fan fiction. They are own by their respective

authors , directors and so on. Enjoy this version of quest for glory that my sick mind has

invented. Have fun!


-Come on , just get up already ! –the goblin had a menacing look in his eyes , our

hero's life was at a stake . The counter blinked, and said :3 , 2 , 1 GAME OVER with

bright red flashing words.

-Shit- said our hero , whose name was Matthew – Never gonna make it through this

fucking monsters .

-You're pretty dumb if you can't go farther the third level – said his well-built and

Macho-looking friend.

-Shit , it is just not my day , that's all –said Matthew to the macho.

I bet you are wondering what's happening , well….let's put it this way :

Matthew , 21 years old , clumsy , skinny , thin ,good-for-nothing who's studying

applied math's at the Seattle's university , and , who has failed for the second time

the second course (quite ironical) . With blonde hair and 1.80 of height , he was

considered a big child , rather than an adult. All because of his character : cold ,

sarcastic , irresponsible , immature …. and the list went on. Never understood anyone ,

and always hoped never to find anyone who understands him . Only friend with that

macho idiot who left studies to help his family; was good-looking , kind ,

compassionate and everything that women just love. Life's unfair .

Leaving the arcade , both of them were going down the street , talking about anything in

particular and staring at all those couples that were passing by kissing themselves until

they were breathless.

-Are you going to do the second course again ?

-Guess so .


-It's a matter of honor. I started it , and I'll finish it.

-Well , if you are sure….. the restaurant I work for is always happy to receive new

waiters ……..

If glances could kill ……..well…….you know how it ends.

-Sorry , it was just a proposal , you can't live from your parent's money all your life ,

you know that .

-Listen , I'm going to finish this fucking courses , once for all. Next year will be better.

Since professor Talcott left , I have been left with jerks instead of professors.

-Dear me ….. –said the macho ( I don't mention him because his name isn't important).

Why did she leave ?- followed the macho.

-Rumors fly , something about dark holes and so on. Poppycock , the most reasonable

explanation is that she ran away with that Greek boy , well , hope they will be just fine.

I don't care much about their sake , anyways.

-You should try to understand others , you know . Maybe if you weren't that childish ,

you shall find a girl that will care for you.

-I'm not cut for love , and I wouldn't make the cut at any rate- said Matthew laughing at

his bad pun (I'd rather say horrible).

Their chit-chat was abruptly cut off because of the usual motorbike sound of the new

and ,possibly the worst gang that roamed the streets those days around Seattle .

Carrying a bat and kicking some butt , the so called gang was baptized by the name of

"badders" (mainly because of their "bad" grammar). They went around town causing

trouble. Just the early 50's style , excluding the black leather jacket and the famous

"heyyya". No , this goons just loved causing trouble .

Life was getting really unbearable , first the so-called badders , and then , the

(in)famous girl-rapper was still to be caught .The world was getting crazy.

-Shit!-said the macho . Let's split , were in gang's territory now .

-Ok , see you tomorrow then.-gave Matthew as a response and started running , he was

indeed skilful . Pass undetected ; pick locks and throw objects from a distance was

something to be born with . And Matthew surely has been born with those abilities.

He ran , ran and ran . He didn't care where he was running. He felt useless , he felt bad .

He had failed again , he didn't have a life ; nothing to tell when he would become an

adult. He hadn't seen them for four years . Rain started pouring . Matthew looked up to

the evening sky . Black .

The street light had just turned on. Matthew's tears were dissimulated by the rain .He

wanted to break free. He didn't understand math's , he would never have a girlfriend ,

he would never see his true family. He wanted to get away ; to live something . His own

adventure , his own quest for glory. He was at a dead end .

The motorbikes were approaching , the rain was pouring down his face , down his

fingers , deep into his heart.

-I want to get out –said in a tinny-like voice.

Soon , all the street lights shut down .The wind stopped blowing , even the rain

stopped. All during the same second . A big flash of light stood in front of Matthew ,

menacing. And , all of a sudden , he vanished. Disappeared , got away , all of the


Maybe , Jill Talcott's disappearance was not entirely because of a Greek boy , maybe

there were really mini dark holes in our world . At any rate , the truth was out there ,

only to be discovered by our soon-to-be-hero.