Ruby: Hello, everyone!

Ray: Here she comes again… with a new fic.

Kai: (rolls eyes) Explain to me again WHY you're starting another fic while you CLEARLY haven't finished Dried Tears II?

Ruby: (glares at Kai) 'Cause I've had this idea in my mind for quite a while now, and I can't get it out of my mind, ok? .

Ray: She's right… if she doesn't get it out of her mind, she won't be able to continue her other works…

Kai: Fine… do what you like.

Ruby: (winks and nudges Kai) Besides, you KNOW you wanna be in another fic where you and Ray get together…

Kai: (blushes) Whatever…

Ruby: Well, let's start. This fic is in experimental stages. I may or may not continue it… it all depends on my readers… and of my inspiration. I really have no idea where this is going, but if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to voice 'em out! .

Dedicated to Hikaru Fan, because he is extremely special to me. Thank you for everything you've ever done for me. This is for you. (wink)

Haunted by Darkness

Chapter 1

"The last thing I remember… was being covered in their blood… he was stalking towards me, crimson knife held high…"

"When I woke up… they were gone… I sobbed… they were gone forever…"

The young raven-haired child let out a whimper and cowered under his simple bed sheet at the thunderous sound crashing all around him. It was nighttime, and instead of being blessed with pleasant dreams, the child was haunted by a terrible thunderstorm. Every time a thunderclap roared, he would hide under his covers, wishing for it all to stop… to stop and leave him alone.

An especially loud crash made him leap up and run out of his room, crying for his mother and father. His mother, awakened by the child's voice, patiently sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes to get rid of her sleepiness. The boy quickly scrambled onto his mother's lap and hugged her tightly.

The beautiful woman smiled. Her sun-kissed complexion was exquisite, and her face was gifted with a perfect pearly smile, and beautiful golden orbs. Her long raven hair cascaded down her shoulders and pooled around them both. She leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her son's forehead.

"Don't worry, my Rei Rei. Mama's here." She whispered softly, her lean arms enveloping the child on her lap. The little boy sniffed and looked at his mother with teary golden eyes.

"Will you stay with me always, mama?" he begged cutely, and the woman giggled. The sound was simply musical.

"Of course, my darling. "

Rei gave his mother a thankful smile. With that reassurance, he cuddled into his mother's arms and quickly fell into a deep peaceful slumber. The ongoing thunderstorm was the least of his worries.

A noise startled him; somewhat like the crunching of wood. Little Rei listened intently. His ears picked up another sound… the sound of steps… of light, quiet steps. Frightened, the child shook his mother, trying to wake her up.

"Mama? What is that?" he cried out. His mother suddenly sat up, her eyes wide. Her ears picked up the sound of ghastly steps, which seemed to be coming closer and closer. Alarmed, she shook the body next to hers.

"Yin, honey, wake up!" she begged desperately. The man rose from his sleep, rubbing tired hazel eyes… hazel eyes that quickly narrowed when his ears too picked up the sound of the steps. The steps were getting louder, and louder. The child held on tightly to his mother

"Mama, I'm scared!"


"No, stop! Please!" the woman pleaded, shielding the view from Rei's eyes. The looming dark figure only laughed as he pulled a crimson-stained sword from the now dead body of Yin Kon. Little Rei Kon shook uncontrollably and tears rolled down his cheeks.

"D-Daddy… Dad!"

"Done with him. Your little boy is the only one that's left! Then the last descendant of the Kon neko-jins will be gone." The figure sneered and raised his sword.


Rei's eyes widened at the sound of blade against flesh. He did not feel any pain but red liquid started to seep all over him. To his horror, he noticed that it wasn't his own blood, but his mother's blood. The shadow had killed his mother as well!

"I-I'm sorry, Rei…" the beautiful woman gasped, before falling limply on top of her son. She had sacrificed herself, only so he could live one more day…

"M-mama? Please… don't leave me!" he cried, clutching to his mother's still warm body. But there was no use. She was not coming back.

"A shame to kill her, really… a very beautiful woman… too beautiful, if you ask me."

Little Rei turned to face the shadowy figure, who advanced towards him with a crimson knife held up high. The young neko whimpered in fear. He was terrified. He didn't understand what was going on. What was he supposed to do?

"Who would've thought that YOU would be the only thing to stand in the way of the complete extermination of the pure Kon neko-jins? Well, I'll be able to sleep soundly tonight, knowing that I've finally gotten the job done." The figure smirked wickedly as it gleamed the non-bloodstained part of the blade in the moonlight. The young neko shut his eyes tight in fear as the madman raised his knife.



Ray gasped as he sat up on his bed. His breathing was labored, and tears streamed down his cheeks. Outside his window, lighting and thunder showered the night. The heavy rain plopped down against the wooden dojo roof. The neko-jin was scared… terrified even. Grabbing his pillow, he hugged it close to his body. He shut his eyes in an attempt to stop the tears that kept on coming. It felt real… it had felt so real…

"No more…" he begged in a whisper, and then he broke into sobs. "Please… no more…"

It had come back to haunt him again… He hadn't had that nightmare for years… yet here it was again.

A loud thunder crash brought him back to his memories, and flashbacks of that night kept flashing before his eyes. The storm… the thunder… the blood… the pained screams of his parents… It was too much. He freaked. His skin crawled as he suddenly felt invisible eyes locked onto him. He turned sharply, looking around him like a crazed animal. He could hear things… sinister things… whispers… of blood and death. They sounded so close… they were calling him… calling him by his Chinese name, like that night.

"Rei… Rei… REI!"


The terrified boy leaped up from his bed and flattened himself against the wall opposite from his bed. Slowly, he slumped down the wooden surface until he was nothing more than a horrified neko-jin pile. He was shivering, shaking, sweating. He looked around wildly once more. The shadows played games with his mind. In every turn, every corner, he could see bone-chilling images of blood and death… The moving shadows extended toward him like frightening bony arms that seemed to want to grab him. He jumped up in alarm.

"NO! Leave me alone!" he cried out and his back crashed into his door. His hand frantically searched for the doorknob while the shadows kept calling his name. When he finally found it, the door opened and Ray fell backwards into the dark hallway. He sprang to his feet and dashed away from his room, as terrifying thunderclaps resonated in the night. He looking back, having the horrible feeling that something ghastly was following him. He didn't notice the something or someone that stood in his way until the collision. Without warning, arms closed around him. His eyes widened in horror.

"No! Please! Stop it! Get away from me!" he screamed, tossing wildly, struggling to get out of his captor's grip. But the other wasn't about to let go of Ray any time soon.

"Ray, Ray! Calm down! What's…" The other started, but the neko was still struggling savagely. "Ray! Stop! It's me!"

He placed his hands on either side of Ray's head and forced the neko to look at him. "Ray!"

Ray gasped when he found himself staring into shaken crimson orbs, belonging to none other than his team captain. Kai's eyes widened in surprise when Ray threw his arms around his neck and hid in his chest, still whimpering in fear. He was shaking like there was no tomorrow.

"Ray, what's going on?" he whispered and wrapped his arms protectively around the other boy's light frame. The neko just burst into sobs.

"Kai, please don't let him get me. Please don't leave me alone…"

Kai widened his eyes once more. "Get you? What are you talking about?"

"Kai, he wants to kill me!"


Ruby: Well, there it was… chapter one.

Ray: Oh my God… (shivers)

Kai: There, there, kitten. I'm here to protect you. (wraps his arms around Ray protectively). God, Ruby. That was harsh.

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Kai: (growls) It's not worth it if it makes him like this.

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