Brief note about the story: Kim had moved away from her family and friends to go to college. As a result, Ron and her split up. She also took a break away for saving the world. But she would only go on a mission if GJ couldn't handle it. She has only been on four mission in the last four years.

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It was her last year of college, she had just graduated about a week ago. She was in her room packing up the last of her things,when she stopped front of her dresser. She picked up th picture that was sitting there on her dresser and a tear rolled down her cheek. The picture was of Ron and her when they were little.

Everyone's got something they had to leave behind

She missed him so much. She hated herself for leaving him.

One regret from yesterday that just seems to grow with time

She has so mad at herself because they lost contact three years ago. ' Could he be mad at me for leaving,' she wondered. She then started wondering if she even did the right thing. ' Was it worth leaving and problaby losing Ron?'

There no use looking back or wondering. How it could be now or might have been

She knew she did the right thing, but it still hurt her deep down inside.

Oh this I know but still can't find ways to let you go

She had been feeling so empty inside since she left him. She couldn't wait to go back home to see him. Without him in her life, she couldn't have done half the stuff she did.

I've never had a dream come true Til the day that I found you

But yet at the same time she was afraid to return. ' What if Ron has moved on or doesn't want to be around me anymore?' She thought to herself. ' I'll just have to be happy for him and move on to, I guess.' But she didn't want to think about that.

Even though I pretend that I've moved on you'll always be my baby

She just prayed to herself that he didn't. She didn't want to see him with someone else. She put the picture in the box. She open the drawer to the dresser and pulled out her clothes. Packing them away, she found her photo album. She took it out and sst down on her bed. As she started flipping though it, she started to cry again. Looking at the pictures of Ron and her, she remembered all the times they spent together. ' He couldn't of moved on without me.' With that thought, she put the album away in her box. Suddenly she heard a knock at her door. She quickly dried her tears and told whoever to come in. It was her friend, Justin. She had meet him the first day of college. He was built and nicely tanned. He had short spikey brown hair and hazel eyes. She had dated him her second year of college, but broke it off a month later because all she could think about was Ron. Ron and her decided they should date other people, but she just could imagine being with anyone else. Luckily, Justin understood and still wanted very much to be friends with Kim.

" Hey Kim. What's the matter looks like you have been crying?"

" Nothing Justin, just glad to be going back home that's all."

"Ok, well are you ready to get going, cause I can't wait to finally meet your family."

He was excited to meet them because that was all Kim talked about.

" Yeah well my family is going to love meeting you, Justin. Oh thanks for helping me move."

" It's no big, like you say. Well we need to get going cause I need to find a place to stay until I can get an apartment."

" Why don't you just stay with us?"

" Well... I don't know. I would hate to be trouble for your family and..."

" You won't be. Trust me my parents won't mind."

" Ok... I guess than"

" It Final your staying with us."

Justin didn't argue cause he knew how Kim could get. But he still felt unsure about staying with her and her family. He really didn't know of he could deal with it. At the beginning of the year, his parents both died in a car wreck. He was the only child, so he really had no family to go home to and thats when he decided to move to Middleton with Kim. Kim was such a loyal friend to him. She help him out big time with the death of his parents. ' Maybe this will help me let go.' he thought.

" Hello... Justin are you there... JUSTIN BLACK!"

" Wh... What?"

" You were zoning out on me. Are you ok?"

" Yeah just fine. Let's get going."

With that they picked up the few boxes still left in the room and went to Justin's car. After they loaded the the boxes in the car, they took off for Middleton.

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