Justin and Monique were flipping through Monique's photo albums.

" This is a picture of us at Middleton Days when Kim was under the moodulator. That was on crazy week for all us."

" How so Mon?"

" Cuz Ron and Kim both had feelings for each other but was to scared to tell the other. So I was suck in the middle of it. I tried dropping them hints but I guess they were both to dense to see them. And Kim was to worried about the food chain thing."

Monique then flipped the page.

" Oh this was us at our junior prom. Where they finally hooked up."

Justin studied the picture as thoughts from his own past started replaying in his mind. Monique flipped the page to one of there graduation. The picture was of Kim, Ron, Felix, and herself. Ron was holding Kim while Monique and felix were right beside each of them.

" I really thought those two would last forever. I mean they are maent to be. Well at least I thought so." Monique sighed.

" Hey you never know. There is still hope, right?" Justin asked but never recieved an answer.


" Coming," Monique yelled from the kitchen. She got up to answer the living room door. As she opened the door she got a surprise of her life. She let out a scream that sent Justin running to the door.

" What do you want Monkey Man?" she yelled.

" Nothing from you young lady."

Monty spotted the young man he was looking for.

"Aw, Mr. Black may I have a word with you?" Monty asked Justin.

" Do I know you?" Justin asked.

" Don't trust him Jus. He is Kim and Ron's enemy Monkey Fist." Monique said as she threw a vase at Monty. But Monty caught the vase with ease.

" Trust me dear I am not here to harm you or Mr.Black. I came to see if Mr. Black would help me."

" Well I am not interested in helping the enemy."

" Really, well this might change your mind." Monty said as he handed Justin a picture. Justin looked at the picture and tears instantly started to fall.

" What have you done to Janesa?" Justin screamed at Monty.

" My dear boy I have done nothing. I am trying to stop this girl you call Janesa from ruining her life."

" What do you mean ruining her life?"

Monty started to laugh at his question. ' How dumb can he be? And I thought Stoppable was denses?' He could tell Justin was growing inpatient with him, so monty thought he would help him out.

" Tell me young lady does this girl look fimilar to you? Take a good long look."

Monty said as he took the picture from Justin and handed it to Monique. She studied the picture for a minute ot two before it dawned on her.

" No way.It's...It's Ash." she said. That's when it hit Justin.

" No it can't be," Justin said in pure horror.

" Oh but it is dear boy. I need your help to stop her from killing dear Kimberly. So what do you say Mr. Black? I konw you don't want to have dear Kimberly to share the same fate as Melissa do you?"

Justin was shocked.' How does he know about Melissa?' Now he knew he had to go.

" I will. Let's go."

Monique ran in front of Justin to stop him.

" don't Justin. You can't trust him." Monique was begging him. She held his arm trying to stop him, but he removed her from him gently.

" I have to Mon. I can't take the chance." Justin said as he gave Monique a quick kiss and left. Monique touched her face where Justin had just kissed her. She started to cry as she slid against the wall until she was on the floor. She pulled her knees to her chest and started crying. She feared for Kim and Justin's safety both and wondered if that was the last time she would see them both.

Hotel Japan

Ron was laying on the bed watching Kim sleep peacefully on his chest.' She looks like an angel.' He started to stroke her hair gently. He had a million thoughts running though his head at a speed that felt like million miles a second. Most were of Kim but others were of Ash and the mission. ' I am not losing Kp again.' He just had this bad feeling that this mission was a trap. Sunrise was starting to creep through the room, Ron knew he needed to get up and start the day. But It was so hard to, this was the moment he had waited for so long. He never wanted it to end. Looking down at Kim, he saw just how beautiful she was as the sunlight hit her. She was truly glowing like an angel. He felt her moving.

" Good morning sunshine," he said to the waking beauty.

" Ron?" she said. Ron felt his heart drop as he spoke.

" Yea KP is something wrong?"

" No Ron not now. Not ever. I thought last night was just a dream, but I am glad it was not." Tears started to fall from Kim's face. Ron wiped them away.

" Why the tears KP?"

" Cause I am so happy that I have you again. I never want to leave you again."

" Same here KP. Amp down no one is going anywhere I promise."

He gave her a kiss on the forehead as she laid back down.


Kim grabbed the communicator by the bed stand. Kim answered it.

" Ro- Kim Whoah," Wade turned from the screen. It only took Kim a minute to realize she gave Wade a show. She covered herself up before she continued to talk.

" Sorry Wade. What's the stitch"

" Actually i was trying to get ahold of Ron but I guess I got the wrong communicator."

" Actually Wade you got the right one," Ron said coming into Wade's view.

" Wow I guess Dr. Director's plan worked and a little too godd."

" What plan Wade?" Kim asked in an annoyed voice.

" Uh nevermind. Not important now. Ron I got news on Ash."

" Spill Wade," Ron said.

" You were right Ash is Shego's cousin."

" That's not good," Ron siad.

" It get weirdier. I couldn't find an Ashalynn Go but I I did find a Janesa Ashalynn Go. I also believe that Ash is working with Drakken, Shego, and Monkey Fist."

" That's just great. I knew this mission was a trap," Ron said.

" Oh no, I know who Ash is," Kim said.

" Uh yea KP we all do. Remember I about married her." Ron said.

" No Ron It... it's Justin's exgirlfriend that went missing after nevermind. Wade call Monique's NOW." Kim shouted.

" Ok ok. Calling and here," Wade said before he was cut off by ringing.

" Hello," Monique said in a low voice.

" Mon, are you okay?" Kim said.

" Kim. Thank god you called. Monkey Fist took Justin!"

" What!"

" Yes he did. He said something about him needed his help to stop Ash from killing you. What is going on Kim?"

" It is a long story Mon. I got to go. I promise to explain everything later."

" Okay be careful Kim."

Then the screen switched back to Wade.

" Did she just say Monkey Fist is trying to save you?"

" Yea she did. I don't like this Wdae. Something is up. See if you can find out more for me please and thank you."

" Okay Kim. Wade out."

Kim looked at Ron like she was about to break down. Ron pulled her into an embrace.

" Don't worry KP. we will get him back. I promise. Let's get going."