Chapter Two: Thrown Out

The next morning Lily came down with tears running down her face and her hand on her still flat stomach. Seeing James on their favorite red leather couch she moved to where he was and sat down beside him cuddling up to sit as close as she could come.

"What's the matter, baby?" asked James looking at the tears on his girlfriend's face. He kissed a few away before settling back to look at Lily.

"Yuri. Her parents kicked me out of her home and she is forbidden to see me because of my baby. Why are they doing is this to me?" Lily was screaming out her pain towards James and he looked surprised at the new information.

"I'm so sorry, Lily. They just can't understand that some people aren't perfect even though I don't think what we did was wrong. I wish I could say that my parents would allow you to stay with me, but I've already asked them once I heard the news and they refused. Do you have anywhere else to go?" asked James more worried about Lily than anything at the moment.

"You know my other friend that I sometimes hang out, Cierdesa Bradford? Don't tell anyone this because I don't think anyone has ever known, but she had a miscarriage when she was fourteen years old. Her parents really accepted her when she was pregnant and they said they wouldn't mind if I lived with them even if I had the baby."

Oh no, now she can keep the baby, was the only thought that was running through James' mind at the moment when Lily told him the news. Of course he was happy that she had a place to stay, but he knew the reputation that Cierdesa had as the 'bad ass chick' of Hogwarts and he didn't really like it when Lily hung out with her.

Pushing his feeling asides at the moment he put a smile on his face and replied, "that's great, hon. Is she coming with us to breakfast?"

As he said this he knew he didn't need to go further because he saw the girl that was the talk of all the worst rumors to go through Hogwart's history come down the stairs at that moment with a frown on her face. She had a very small figure he noticed since her shirt came down to where her midriff showed he could also tell that you could see most of her ribs. Grimacing slightly to himself, he watched as her black hair with hot pink, purple, and white highlights swayed in her ponytail while her alarming pale blue eyes stood out.

"Hi, I'm Cierdesa, I'm sure we've met before," she said walking up towards the couple who were now standing beside the couch.

"Yeah of course, I'm James. I'm sure we'll be seeing each other a lot more since you'll now be around Lily a lot more." He stretched forth his hands toward her and alarmingly, to him anyway, she just raised an eyebrow before shaking it and giving him an obvious faking smile.

"Well, I'll leave the cute couple alone now, shall I?" Once she said this she left leaving the males in the room to stare at her go since her skirt was cut off right after it reached past her bottom.

Glancing at her James shot her a look and then glanced back at the now smiling Lily, "well isn't she the ever polite one?"

"I know she isn't that nice and everything, but I don't care. She's really cool I think. She doesn't care what people think about her and that's the kind of friend I need right now. I'm going to go catch up with her and I hope you do too once Sirius catches up with you, okay?" Giving him a kiss goodbye she left him to wonder about her sudden mood-swing.

Sitting back down on the couch and making himself comfortable he was upset when only a short time later he was upset by a sudden distraction at the top of the boys' staircase. Looking up he saw that of course it would happen to be the person he was waiting for tumbling down once he tripped on a shoelace.

Dusting himself off he spoke in his deep voice towards friend, "Why hello Prongs, where is Lily this fine lovely morning?"

"Oh she's with her new friend Cierdesa. Do you know her?"

"Yeah. We dated each other in fourth year. She's a real good fuck too so you know if you ever break up with Lily and need rebound sex you could always go for her," replied Sirius looking slyly at James who looked disgusted.

"No thanks though she does look like your time so I should have known."

"Oh? I have a type?"

'Yes you do, Padfoot. Now be quiet, we're at the Great Hall and we're about to see them."

"Aw yes, hello Cierdesa, Lily, my beautiful ladies. Can I assist you at all this morning in any way possible?"

Lily laughed at Sirius' antics that she was now used to by now, but Cierdesa winked at him and suggested at him to 'meet with her at her bedroom later'.

"You want to come with me to our next class?" said Sirius winking at Cierdesa making Lily laugh at the two as James rolled his eyes.

Noticing something as they walked off together James turned towards Lily who he laughed at since she was once again on her hungry rampages. She was eating pancakes, eggs, sausages, and bacon not bothering to stop when he started asking her a question.

"Why does that girl have pointy ears?"

"Hm, I never really noticed I guess. I don't think I should just go up to her and ask her about it though. I mean, I doubt it to be very nice," said Lily still munching on her breakfast.

Shrugging his shoulders and placing his plate towards the middle of the table making the food disappear he waited for his lovely 'angel' to finish her meal. Once she was done they got up and headed to their first and most hated class, Potions. Sliding into her usual seat next to James she noticed Cierdesa and Sirius sitting by each other and a jealous Severus Snape looking at the two with distaste that was sitting in front of her.

"Has Severus ever dated anyone that you know of?" whispered Lily trying to keep it as low as possible so Cierdesa wouldn't hear her.

"I heard he dated someone once for a year, but something drastic happened and she dumped him breaking his greasy black heart," said a gleeful James grinning at the prospect of a broken-hearted Snape.

"That's interesting, what house was she from?"

Lily was now quite interested, but tried to hide it from James by raising just one of her eyebrows looking normal. He sent her a funny look wondering why she would want to know the information, but provided her with it anyway.

"That's the weirdest part about the relationship. Everyone knew that he was involved with someone because his personality changed and someone, as in Remus, found his diary on a raid in his dorm and it was filled with thoughts of love for his girlfriend, but it didn't mention any specific information about her. Probably just some bitch from Slytherin, no girl from any other house would want to go out with Snape."

"He's not that bad, James, but thanks for the information. I was just wondering because he always seems so lonely."

"Yeah, well he deserves loneliness. When he grows up he'll probably be killing off all the muggles he can with a flick of his wand."

Lily kept silent for the rest of the class keeping notes of the next potion they were to make in the class tomorrow and making a note to ask Cierdesa if she knew why Severus would be looking at her like that. Picking up a piece of paper she wrote doodling on her own, Hush now my baby, Kalika. I'll see you soon.

Yes, she would keep her.