I been trying to work on my Hellsing story. I'm more preoccupied now though with my own original story I'm finally conducting. I will finish this story though no matter how long it takes. The chapters maaay be shorter, but I'm going to put as much detail as I can into it. -me not thoroughly happy with this chapter...seems too rushed but I'll let others decide.- Until next chapter!

Order 46: Sneak Attack

-Night. 9:00 P.M.-

Her coat ruffled like a dreaded flag. With arms crossed in front of her, tight like iron, she stared at the Vatican buildings. Behind her, was the villain, the devil whom had beckoned upon thousands of vampires across Europe to wage this war. The partially shown waning moon was high and the stormy skies still swirled like disturbed smoke. Thunder rumbled a call. Skey let the vampire Malakai wrap his dark arms around her and nuzzle her neck affectionately.

" Now, my love...you can fulfill your revenge on them. Kill the priest that disowned you and admitted his own hatred. Show him who really cares for you."

Skey nodded solemnly with closed eyes. True Malakai's words could easily bathe you with calmness and usually convince you, but something still locked in Skey gnawed at her. Something that wouldn't let her off so easily about the ordeal she was about to partake in. Malakai stood a step away and looked down to his victim's house with the slyest grin. his hand shot up into the air and halted. Light glinted off the shiny leather glove. Then, his hand came down quickly, pointing to the innocent looking Vatican with a roar as that of a lion. The vampires all armed and eager to draw blood started forward in quick speed. Feverish red eyes and hungry, hanging mouths headed straight for the Vatican from a formated semi-circle. From all around them, vampires zoomed past Skey and Malakai as both looked on.

-The Vatican-

It was dead silent. Hellsing and Iscariot guards stood their posts, one or two leaning on against something close and dozing. Anderson and Alucard stood respectively side by side, ready for attack on the Vatican steps overlooking St. Peter's Square. Both were on toes, ready to jump into any brawl or if anything, create one. Their masters as well stood behind them, keeping a careful eye on their stone-like subordinates. It was in a way, kind of admiring. Both stood tall and straight, their eyes focused on the outside as if to peer through miles and miles. Their shoulders were back and their faces tight and cold like stone. Both had curled fists at their sides, their gloves tight over the muscled hands. Both had their own handsome features, but also their own kind of unique war faces. Still, despite how intent they were, nothing presented itself yet to challenge these two.

" Were they bluffing, Maxwell?"

" No. I'm sure of that."

Of course, Maxwell had his doubts. The information they've been given was by a vampire. Should Maxwell had trusted a vampire's word? If this was a mistake, he would never hear the end of it from Integra.

The vampires entered the Vatican through the gardens. Weary guards had been quickly disposed of and taken of some blood.The poor souls had not even a second to scream as a vampire would leap onto them and take them down like basic prey. Quickly the vampires charged, homing in on the building.Watching the garden was a lazy guard of sorts, but on this day, he would be of actual help. Speedy shadows zipped through the garden and the guard's eye caught them. Not sure at what was going on, he radioed to Father Maxwell, a shiver of fear arresting his spine.

" Maxwell! Father Maxwell! Shadows reported in the Gardens! Coming in on the Vatican buildings!"

The staticy radio relayed the message. Both Alucard and Anderson knew what this meant. It wasn't long before both were gone in a blink of an eye, heading straight for the Gardens in the back. Maxwell and Integra hurried themselves inside, locking the doors and arming themselves. The day of reckoning for the Vatican had begun. More soldiers of Iscariot and of Hellsing were sent out to the Gardens to meet the vampires head-on. Maxwell radioed a message to other guards to watch the front and sides of the Vatican and to radio any suspicion of vampires. The Vatican's buildings were now under high alert. The tensing, restrained panic that had held everyone's hearts now broke. Frantic people sought for shelter somewhere where they would be safe. Maxwell got Renaldo to lead them all downstairs to the archives. Right now, it would be the best place. He was going to use everyone he could to make sure that vampire filth wouldn't get into the place.

Meanwhile, Malakai and Skey were making their entrance after the vampires had decimated the guards in the gardens. Side by side they walked, heading right for the building and right for the fight. Vampires had threw bombs and parts of the gardens were on fire. Now, the two walked with red glowing on their bodies. Both drew their swords, the metal tainted a soft orange from the fire's blaze and soon, it would be tainted in blood as they would take lives to make the foundation for their rising empire.

Alucard fought hard against the oncoming vampires. Their coming never seemed to stop. You killed one, five more came. Once they were silenced, ten more took their place. And now, Babylon faced off against the almighty Alucard. The girl was wicked and faster than Alucard had expected her to be. These vampires weren't just the regular, run-of-the-mill vampires. They had class and power to back them up. It only provided more of an interesting fight. Catching Alucard unaware, Babylon chopped his head off clean with her sword. Her wicked, high-pitched laugh tore through the war infested air. Fires rages, blood was being spilled and it just kept escalating. Then suddenly, a bayonet came through her stomach. Babylon coughed and pulled it out, throwing it at her giver with a turn. Anderson dodged his own bayonet then threw another one, succeeding in getting the bitch in the chest. Anderson charged and ran into her, burying a bayonet into her heart. Standing there as screams started to rise, she coughed and uttered.

" So you...are the...one...heh..."

Babylon turned to ash there, falling down to the dirt. Anderson stood there and thought about those words for a second before going on his way.
It wasn't even an hour later that the whole place had been manifested with vampires. Hellsing and Iscariot soldiers alike fell down. In return, many vampires had been taken down right along with them. The smell of guns, blood and burning wood mixed together in a strange scent. Shouts of rage came from both sides as free for all fights broke out. Anderson had teamed next to Heinkel who was fending off the vampires quite well with her colts. Yumie was shredding through the vampires like a razor, cutting down any who opposed her. Alucard was having a blast in dealing with the ones who chose him as a contender. It gave his two guns a good workout and relieved some stress he may have built up over so many centuries. Vampires fell to dust in matters of seconds, but this didn't mean Alucard went unscathed. He received wounds from lucky vampires who were able to surprise him. Of course, regenerating powers left no evidence of this. Vampires started to team up on Alucard now, seeing him as a major threat to their goals. Alucard had no choice but to release different levels. He'd went all the way to the Cromwell Approval and now more efficiently dealt with the others. Some vampires had stopped in admiration and fear of Alucard. Most were set with rage that such a strong vampire like he would ever help out the viral infected humanity. Some of this rage compelled more vampires to attack Alucard. Again, Alucard received mere wounds while his attackers received death.

" Isn't it glorious!"

Malakai had taken the head of a Hellsing guard and then that of an Iscariot. Like the others, the drive to cut down the ones who opposed their existence burned young in his heart. One after another, they fell to his sword. Orange reflections danced on shiny red blood. His red eyes were layered with an orange glow. Skey watched on and killed as well, but only chose Hellsing soldiers to kill. Still donning the coat, they had become confused. Instead of killing them as she did vampires, she closed her eyes so she wouldn't see it. Was she wrong to join Malakai? More and more kept coming. And more and more she killed. To fight back the remorse, she yelled loudly in rage, focusing her madness at Anderson onto the petty Hellsing soldiers that dared to try stopping her. Malakai watched on with pride. The girl he picked to be his choiced wife showed such violent potential. This was the kind of girl he truly fancied. Yes, you shall make a great woman... a great lover, my Skey.

From across the field, someone else witnessed Skey's blasphemous spectacle. The tall priest stood there, his face softened in disappointment as he saw his only student slaying Hellsing guards. Yet, something peculiar struck his mind. Why wouldn't she go after an Iscariot guard? If they came, she knocked them out but didn't slay. While he fought and slayed vampires, he kept an eye on Skey. Thaur may be hope for her efter a'.