Chapter 1-So much for my Happy Ending

I brushed the stray rosebuds out of my hair. Please don't ask. It's really no biggie. As if. Encounter with a ghost. A big ghost. Courtesy of Paul Salter, Shifter of the Year. man, I can't wait until i'm old enough to own a licensed M16. Paul, no, make that, Slater totally tried to pull a Tom Cruise on me. But no way was he gonna be my knight-in-shining-armour. Just my luck tge only 2 guys i have a thing for, or vice versa are both, so to speak, paranormal. Jesse, sadly, dead. Paul, unfortunately, serial killer. My life so sucked. Well, the only way i could get away from Paul's passionate (ahem) passion was to nix the pride and get away old school. You guessed it, i frickin jumped through the window, glass and all. Ok, i'm being serious...ish. I opened the thing and jumped only about three ft, landing in a rosebush., Although i was lucky i didn't drop onto the concrete, shikes, couldn't i do my Drew Barrymore (Charlie's Angels) leap into a patch of pillows? Believe me, rose petals weren't the only thing i was pullin' outta my a-----all of a sudden Andy yelled up the stairs,

"SUZE! BRAD! JAKE! AND DAVID! We have T-minus 2 hrs to get this place clean for the party!"

Andy Ackerman (who BTW --A/N By the Way---is my stepdad is OK, but a real neat freak.

Groaning, Dopey (Brad), Sleepy (Jake) and Doc (David) trudged down the oakwood stairs. I dollowed them, minus my new C.K. flats. No friggin Jimmy Choo mules for me. Ever AGAIN. (See Mediator, book 5, Haunted) But as i reached the 4th step, something (or was it someone) materialized in front of me.

Oh no. I thought. I, determined to keep my Jo March tomboyish look sauntered off down the stairs.

Jesse blocked my way.

'We need to talk.' he whispered. 'Querida.' He added. Instantly my heart melted.

"Erm, Andy, got to go, i really have to pee. Be upstairs, mm'k?' I called. Andy sighed heavily.

'GEt to it, boys!"

i walked up to my room.

'What is it the reason you've graced me with your supernautral, paranormal presence?' I asked in a tired voice.

"Susannah." I stopped him.

"Suze." I said.

'Suze...annah, look at me." He said. I refused to. He was cheating! JEsse was too precious to have me junking him with my (ahem) ways. (A/N, i'm not being perverted! Kind of.)

'Querida...' he warned. I looked up.

"Faqther dead.'

I looked up at Jesse, deep into his dark, fathomless eyes. My tears began to fall. I felt no happiness, even when Jesse held me close.

"Come on, he's like 68!" I cried, banging my head on the wall.

'This was no ordinary death. The priest had a run-in with Paul Slater.' Jesse said quietly.

i groaned. It had to be Paul.

But i had a feekung Jesse was keeping something from me.

"Why'd he kill Father Dom?' I asked between sobs.

Jesse looked uncomfortable.

'Because of you, Susannah Simon. Because of you."

Let's talk this over,

It's not like we're dead,

Was it something i did?

Was it something you said?

Don't leave me hanging,

In a city so dead,

Held up so high,

On such a breakable thread,

You were all the things i thought i knew,

And i thought we could be...

...All this time you were pretending,

So much for my Happy Ending. happy Ending, Avril Lavigne

I thought about the day.

I shivered in bed. Why was Paul out to kill those i love most?

But a little corner of my mind sang, So much for my happy ending over and over. My H.E. was really over. Especially when Paul Slater appeared in my room