Chapter 2-Ice Blue Eyes

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When the guy came into my room, i assumed it was Dopey.

So i yelled, 'Knock much?' And was greeted by a figure in black.

his eyes were what gave him away. Ice Blue eyes. Almost at once i leaped out of bed, my eyes glowing. He raised his hands. The doors & windows closed. I looked to the glass window. I caught a glimpse of ghosts outisde--just before that complete COWput a wooden covering on them.

I knew i wasn't supposed to, but i created a huge fireball with all of my energy and hurled it at Paul.

That shifter totallt beat the crap out of me. He sent a wave of electricity thru me, and I did the only thing i could.

I thought of the shifter place. The fog overwhelmed me.

My head hurt so bad, but it was better than being electrified, or whatever. The whole place was like swirling fog.

Someone, or something walked up to me, seeming unperturbed (that means, didn't give a damn) by the blinding fog.

"Please! Please!' I called, almost energyless. But the thing shot out a flash of light. Screaming, I fell into the hellhole.

Ice Blue Eyes.

I awoke on the ground, freezing, damp with sweat, and with another blinding pain. Thank God, I thought. Slater had gone. But what troubled me was that, so had Jesse.
The clock woke me up, and so did a small child of about, 8.

"Wassup kiddo?' I asked, melted by her quivering lips. 'Are you the-the-medi-thingummy?' She asked, eyeing me nervously.

'Suze Simon to you.; I smiled, and shook her hand. That kid flipped me! Damn. She was like a mini-karate kid.

"Wat is it?' I growled out with difficulty.

'I'm Ayaka Nakamura.' She said. She was Japanese.

'My sensei, Kisara Azuzu is gonna award Karate Kid of the Year to some other joke now that i'm dead. I mean, she's like, 17. And she's an albino--' My breath caught in my throat. 'And who'd give a Karate award to CeeCee Webb?'

I snapped, 'Hey, that's my best friend! Kind of.' Wrong answer. Ayaka laughed and my door fell at my feet.

'You. Get. Her. Out. Of. The. Way. Or. Else.' At every word an object in my room fell.

Alright, I thought, she asked for it.

"Nosetic mosetu!'

Ayaka screamed and disappeared. She's lucky I didn't have time for a excorcism. No one, no one tried to kill CeeCee Webb, if i could helpvit.

But as Ayaka left i heard her yell, "you'll help me, because i have Paul on my side!'

I was scared to death.

Adam & CeeCee came over. "Ceec, why didn't u tell me u do Ka--" CeeCee gave me a death look.

"Rate." I finished. CeeCee burned. ' No shit sherlock. Because I'm a level 5! Thaat dead girl, Ayaka is level 8, at 8 years of age! You know what? I'm glad she's dead!'

I had been noticing Ayaka in the corner of the room. All of a sudden a piece of wood dropped near CeeCee's white head. Oh, suck shit Suze. Thought you'd given it to her...

'Ceec, you might want 2 take that back...' I said, but CeeCee looked nervous.

'No, I'm friggin gl--' The word knocked CeeCee unconscious. Adam looked horrified.

'Suze?' i knew what was happened.

"Adam, go home. I'll helo Ceec.' Adam nodded and left.

Ayaka's head appeared from out of the corner.

'Man! That face! She didn't know what was coming to her!' Ayaka had a malicious gleam in her black eyes.

'Is she dead?' She asked hopefully.

'No, i can feel a pulse.'

'Shoot. Maybe i'll go haunt my sensei now...' Ayaka yelled.

As she left, Jesse came in.