Set during "Do No Harm" while recalling past events from previous episodes. A ficlet of 250 words, describing how Boone is always willing to help others in need, but who would be there to help him as he's dying. A short ode to the Boone.


Boone was always one to help out when he could.

When he thought Shannon was being abused – or rather when he was fooled into thinking that, he offered to pay her boyfriend 50,000 big ones so his sister wouldn't have to suffer under the hardships of an abusive relationship.

He tried to perform CPR on a stranger in need. Running off to find pens to help Rose, Boone returned within seconds with several. I didn't know which one would work best, he explained to Jack.

He wanted to be fully prepared and of complete use. One day he'd be sorting out the belongings found in the remnants of the plane, the next he would take a beating from Sawyer in order to retrieve necessary medicine for his sister, and yet another day would have him searching the jungle to find missing Charlie and Claire.

Everyday, Boone would follow Locke out into the forest to deal with the hatch. Everyday, he stood loyally by the man, complying with his every wish. Everyday, he would work together with Locke, despite his skepticism in the hatch in the first place.

Everyday Boone would be a daily hero in his own minor, unnoticed way. Until the day that he made his fateful trip into the suspended airplane, trying to get a message through, and would plummet into the depths of peril.

Boone Carlisle was always willing to help someone out. But who would be there to help him when he needed it the most?

- -

This is just something that occurred to me while watching some episodes. Boone's character always has been pretty supportive of the things he believed in and he always has tried to help the best he could. Yet when he needed help, no one could really offer it to him (even though Jack tried nearly everything to save him).

Anyway, this was just something I felt like doing in order to dedicate a little piece to Boone. Please feel free to leave reviews of any kind.