The Tenseiga

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Chapter One: Shatters

Rin stared with curious eyes at her lord as they passed through the winding trees and scattered streams, sitting atop his demon horses with a little hop from her seat from each step they took. The small girl wondered what was wrong with her demon companion, for it seemed as if he was searching for something rather peculiar. Sessho-Maru didn't say a word to her as they traveled along; he really was a man -- or demon -- of small words. The demon lord glanced down at his servant to see him looking about his surrounding nervously, the staff with two heads shivering with the toad's clammy hands. Jaken looked up and took a nice gulp of air before speaking.

"L-Lord Sessho-Maru," Jaken announced, giving a shaky, toady smile, "may I, perhaps, ask where you are leading us? I feel a rather ominous air in these woods. . ."

Sessho-Maru raised an eyebrow at him. "Are you afraid?" he asked simply, moving onwards. Jaken shook and stumbled to catch up, dragging the ropes of the demon horses with him. The creatures barely noticed him; instead they dragged him along.

"Oh, no my lord," Jaken said, looking at Rin with feverish eyes. "I was just. . . Cautious of the girl's fears, is all. Yes, for it may be that Rin here is afraid of th--"

"I'm not afraid," Rin stated, tilting her head towards the small demon. Sessho-Maru stopped and looked back at the girl, his same glare now exacted at her. But Rin knew that he was meaning otherwise; sometimes she thinks that's the only expression her lord knows. But she knew that wasn't true.

"You aren't?" Sessho-Maru asked her, his voice just a bit softer. Jaken noticed the change wearily.

Rin gave a grin and shook her head, saying, "What's there to be afraid of, Lord Sessho-Maru?" The demon was silent, staring at the girl for a moment. Then he himself grinned.

"Nothing," Sessho-Maru replied, continuing forward. As the small group crept on, Sessho-Maru continued, "Actually. . . We are going to meet an old friend of mine, who lives in caves not too far from here. . ." The demon looked at his surroundings and found a well bodied stream, and sat down. "We shall rest for now."

"Yay!" Rin yipped, grinning again and hopping off of the demon horses, laughing and running to the crystal water. She rolled up her kimono and splashed her feet into the cold surface, shivering happily as she felt a wash of iciness move through her legs. Jaken sighed deeply and fell atop a nice area of grass, trying to forget the ominous feeling he had before.

Sessho-Maru watched Rin as she played in the water. He was partly lying about what he said before. They weren't visiting a friend of his who lives in a cave; in fact, he wanted to go back to the village of where Rin first came from to investigate the strange aura he felt nearby. He also realized that the spot he was sitting at just at that moment was the same spot where Rin tried to help him, when he was rendered useless by the 'Scar of the Wind' from Inu-Yasha's blade, the Tetsuseiga. He still felt a bitterness about it, but at that point he wondered if Rin even remembered that this was where they first met. Sessho-Maru stared at the Tenseiga at his side, feeling quite calm, like he always did. Nothing ever broke his 'blood of ice'.


His train of thoughts were broken when his ears picked up a sound of crashing objects, from the same direction to where Rin's village was. Narrowing his eyes, elegantly he lifted himself up and stared at the direction of the noise. Rin stopped and gazed at her lord. "Lord Sessho-Maru?" she asked.

He took Tokigin and kept staring straight ahead. "Rin," he said, "you stay here. Jaken, take care of Rin; make sure that she doesn't wander off." With that said, he advanced forward and disappeared, Rin staring at his empty space with concern.

"Jaken, do you think Sessho-Maru is okay?" she whispered, her face clearly showing a bit of wariness. Jaken sighed once more and nodded almost immediately.

"He's a well brought up demon, Rin," Jaken replied. "Of course he will be able to take care of himself. Don't worry about him." Rin nodded, but still felt worried. And whenever Rin was worried, Jaken knew that something was going to happen. . . And it was never good.

In a matter of minutes Sessho-Maru arrived to the ruined village. Although it was many moons after the massacre of the villagers, he could still smell the scent of blood hanging in the air. There was so much of it, that it even disgusted him. He looked around and tried to search for any being of life.

He wasn't surprised when he saw a demon covered in a baboon skin instead.

"Naraku," Sessho-Maru said immediately, still gripping his demonic blade, "so nice it is to see you. . ."

"Ah, Sessho-Maru," Naraku replied, a smile appearing under the baboon's snout, "I see you still remember me."

"Of course. I can never forget the face of the one," Sessho-Maru said, raising Tokigin in the air, "who wronged me." He slashed down the blade as the wave swept to Naraku, destroying the golem in an instant. Once again Sessho-Maru suspected the outcome; he stared at his side as another one of Naraku's golems appeared.

"Tut tut, are you still holding a grudge?" the golem smirked, holding up one hand as if in response. "I have a proposition for you."

"I pass," Sessho-Maru said, making another slash towards the golem, which instantly dispersed from the blade. But then another golem appeared, with its usual, annoying grin. The demon lord grew bored of this; what did he want?

"I want you to join me in an alliance," Naraku spoke, "against Inu-Yasha."

"The last time I joined you, I failed and you betrayed me; why should I do it again?" Sessho-Maru questioned, but he let down Tokigin slowly. Naraku grinned in spite of it. "Besides, I'd much rather do it myself."

"That may be," Naraku agreed, pointing at the blade, "but Inu-Yasha grows stronger and stronger with his Tetsuseiga, and someday he shall grow so strong, that even your Tokigin won't stand a chance. And then, you will have to admit that you need my help."

Sessho-Maru frowned. "I will kill Inu-Yasha, and when I do, it will not be because of a demon like you. . . I will triumph because I shall be the stronger demon." He raised Tokigin once more and began to slash at the golem. "So thanks, but no thanks."

"Your decision," Naraku murmured darkly, as the golem once again was destroyed. Sessho-Maru placed Tokigin back in its scabbard, but there was still something wrong; Sessho-Maru swiftly turned to the other golem and caught him by his neck, but he was already too late. Sessho-Maru stared as his Tenseiga shattered under Naraku's poisonous hands. The demon glared at the golem and cut off his arm clutching the sword with one swipe of his poisonous claws.

"What have you done?" Sessho-Maru murmured darkly, the golem's neck slowly melting under his claws.

Naraku grinned. "Heheheh. . . Your maiden is dead. . . By the hands of another golem," he cackled. Sessho-Maru widened his eyes at the words. Rin. . . "And now that your Tenseiga is all but shatters, what shall you do now?"

The demon lord shook with anger, trying very hard not to kill him yet, not before he gives him some answers. "You fiend. . . What have you done to Rin?" Sessho-Maru snapped at him, shaking the golem. It just smirked.

"You should have agreed. . ." it cackled once more as it dispersed from the poison. Sessho-Maru stared as the golem disappeared once more, feeling for the first time in his life, dazed.

He didn't waste any time. Quickly he gathered all the pieces of the Tenseiga and ran swiftly to where he left his companions before, wishing with all his might that what the damned demon said was just a bluff.

To Be Continued. . .

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