Title: Hey, Stranger

Author: xiaou-xijiang

Rating: T (for a bit of language, violence)

Summery: set in vol. 9, what if Kira didn't take Harumi's advice and didn't go after Rei? What if instead she met a foreign exchange student who taught her that every moment in life is to be lived? What if this foreign exchange student brought out the jealously in Rei making him question his decision in breaking up with her? Will he do something about it? Or will he walk away?

Disclaimer: ((looks over shoulder)) who, me? I'm not Fuyumi Soryo. So I obviously don't own MARS.

Author's note: all right, my ladies, gentlemen, and others; this is my second fic ever .In this story I wanted Kira to take a different path than what she took in vol. 9. Also, instead of school letting out, like in vol. 9 were going to say that it's second term. Hopefully the characters aren't too OOC. So without further ado, I present…

Hey, Stranger by Xiaou

Chapter one: when no one's looking

Aso Kira walked slowly down the street, her eyes fixated on her shoes. Her steps where being memorized in her head. Right foot, left foot, right foot, left. Anything to distract herself from the memory of…

"I've had enough! I can't go out with you anymore."

She winced. It hurt. She never imagined it would hurt this bad. Like some one was squeezing her heart. It was worse whenever she saw him.

Rei Kashino: playboy of Tokyo High. The boy who stole her heart. The boy who protected her. The boy who held her. The boy who shattered her. He was dating again. She couldn't even think about what was worse: that he was dating or that he was dating only two days after their split. She couldn't decide... it hurt too much. This loneliness, it ate her up inside. It killed her. It scared her. And she hated it. The emptiness she felt, the loss, the failure…she hated it all.

Right foot. Left foot. Right.

Her clammy fingers clutched her purse tightly to her as it hung lifelessly, swinging with every step.

Left foot, right, left.

Her curtain of blond hair fell over her shoulders and over her face as her hair hung low; the limp locks covered the traces of tears.

Right. Left. Stop.

Kira stopped at the crossing light; gently bumped by the crowd. The people of Tokyo always in a hurry were faceless and distorted. Before, he…he left her, Kira would see every person as a work of art. The different facial structures, rich and coarse textures, fine and broad contours stood out above all else. Every person a swirl of colors and a tapestry of emotions that Kira would find fascinating.

Now she couldn't see a thing, nothing and no one. No one but a single person. A beautiful, dangerous, loving, hurtful face. The sun glinting off fine golden hair, reflecting like the richest gold.

Green light. The people moved like a sea of traveling flesh. Kira stayed still for a moment, letting them curve about her; eager to be on their separate ways. She had no such enthusiasms. Where would I go?

She was already late for school, but it was better this way. No looks questioning her, no words, whispers behind her back They probably wouldn't even care that she was gone. She was his ex, so she didn't matter any more. What hurt the most was that he didn't even bother trying to deny it.

'Crying again,' she thought as her hand came up to wipe at her tears.

'No wonder he hates me. I'm such a wimp. Nothing like those other girls.' This just made her cry harder, and she clenched her teeth in an effort to keep her sobs silent.

She knew she was being a coward, but she couldn't handle seeing him at school: laughing without a care. Laughing while she desperately tried to keep her sobs inside. Harumi would yell at her, accusing her of hypocrisy. She could remember her words just yesterday:

"What are you being a wimp for! You keep blaming yourself for everything. If you really love him why don't you go for it like you mean it?"

Harumi couldn't understand. She couldn't possibly understand that he didn't need her anymore. And as much as she wanted to lean on him, to hold him and never let go, that would be selfish, and it would trap him. And he would resent her for tying him down. So she hadn't done anything. She had turned and walked away.

Kira grimaced. 'I should have seen it. We would never have made it. I should have known that he was going to break my heart.' Kira's smothered sobs turned to pained whimpers.

Green light turned to red.

Kira had missed her chance to cross the road.

In so many more ways than one.

Tyler coughed as he skated through a sea of people. Tokyo's cogitation was a killer on his sinuses. He could barely breathe. And I thought New York was bad. He was running late. His first day in a Japanese school and he was late.

'But on the bright side…' He ogled two young women in the shortest skirts he had ever seen. Tyler gave them a brilliant smile. The tallest giggled and winked at him. The shorter one just gave him a flirtatious smile.

Yup, definite bright side. Even if he died of suffocation, there was still a bright side. He lifted his backpack higher on his shoulders and kicked off on his skateboard. He continued forward to the crossing light. He lifted his skateboard and stuffed it in his bag.

'Damn back pack,' he grouched as he lifted the pack, the weight lying heavy on his shoulders.

He stepped forward in the mass of people.

'Damn crowds.' He growled as yet another person was brushed against his shoulder blades. He could even feel people breathing hotly down his neck.

'Is that...' Indeed. Someone had slithered their hand down his ass. He counted in his head. 3...2...1..."YO! Leave my ASS alone!" he shouted. People stared. They pointed, they whispered. Angrily he tightened his grip on his book bay and shoved towards the curb, away from the invisible ass grabber. 'To hell with this.'

He reached the curb and stood, waiting impatiently for the light to change back to green. From behind him, he felt some one touch his board.

"Oi! Knock it off!" he yelled irritably as he swiftly turned to the crowd at his back. As he turned he felt his board strike a skull and he heard a faint "ow…"

He paused and cursing looked at the person who had been unknowingly standing beside him.

"Jesus, I'm sorry. Guess I didn't see ya there…" he smiled apologetically. He had hit a girl. A girl that wasn't even listening to him, just standing they're with her head bent, soft blond hair falling in her face. Her hand was lifted rubbing the tender spot where he had unknowingly hit her. His face shifted to worry. 'Why isn't she saying anything? Is she that pissed?'

"Hey, you okay?" he asked he reached for her. His hand had only just touched the softest blond hair that he had ever felt before her head snapped up, blond curls flying. Her blue eyes were large on her face. The deep blue was drowning in tears, and even as he watched large droplets fell from her eyes, to roll down red cheeks. Her lips were flushed red and he was taken aback by the gentle shape of them.

Green light. The people moved as one, blurring around them as they stood in a stare down. Their gazes were locked.

'Who is she?' Tyler couldn't have looked away if he tried. 'She seems so sad.' The girl stared at him, her eyes going larger the longer he looked at her. For a single moment, time stopped for them. And then that moment passed and the girl turned her eyes down and stared at her shoes.

She continued to stare at her shoes as she turned and crossed the street just as the light turned red. Her eyes stayed on her feet as she moved, not noticing the life that had started again at the change of the light. Tyler watched her, before coming to his senses. The car was coming, but that girl still kept her eyes on her shoes, walking slowly.

His heart raced and contracted. Before he knew what was happening he was moving. His arms cradled her and for another single moment, time stopped.

Kira didn't know what happened but all she knew was that the car was coming towards her, faster than she could fathom, but she couldn't move. Her mind was numb, her body was motionless, and all she could think was 'Oh, Rei. Would you care?'

Then something hit her with enough force to stop her heart. For a moment time stilled and she was floating. 'What?' she thought as gravity started again and her side hit the pavement with a sickening splat. They rolled stopping only when Kira's head hit the street.

She barely registered certain sounds. The squeal of tires as they burned the street. Screams. Her eyes where looking at the sky. Pain was a dull ache, and she was feeling…faint. Fluffy clouds passed over the clear blue, and white was seeping at the edges of her vision. Then he was in front of her eyes. People were crowding. Maybe. Her vision blurred so only the face painted with worry was clear. Green eyes implored her and his mouth was opened. Was he speaking? She couldn't hear anything, except the fluttering of her own heart.

The white faded to black, and soon, only his eyes were clear. But they too were fading; she opened her mouth to what? She couldn't remember, but words were coming from her mouth…

Blue eyes were focused solely on him. He had felt her hit the pavement, and he could see she was fading in and out of consciousness.

"Some one, call an ambulance!" he heard a person shout. People were crowding around him watching the girl. He barely saw them. His hands supported her neck as he gently moved his head from the pavement to rest on the crook of his arm. Her eyes held a deep concentration and realization, but they were going dull. He felt blood seep between his fingersfrom the back of her head.

"Hey, hey, girl are you okay? Don't…don't go to sleep on me yet okay, hold on. The ambulance will be here soon, okay? Okay, kid?" He was babbling, he was sure. But, with the way she hit the pavement…

Her eyes focused. He noticed that blood was coming from the corner of her mouth. Her hand fluttered weakly and grasped his jacket. Her lips turned up in a small, shaky, dreamy smile.

"Hey, stranger."

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