Iruka knows a lot of things.

"You know, fireflies only live a few weeks after they reach adulthood. They spend all of that brief time searching for a mate… not even stopping to eat… and then they die."

"Is that so, Iruka-sensei?" Kakashi's voice drawls from somewhere to his left. They sprawl on the grass a little after dusk, watching the fireflies light the forest. "Seems a little silly to me."

"Is that so?" Iruka says, as miffed as he can manage to sound on such a beautiful night. "Well, if someone were to describe shinobi, I suppose they could say they're born, reach adulthood, and spend most of their brief lifespan trying to kill each other."

"Maa, I suppose you're right. Do you ever regret it?"

And because it is night, and he feels safe, he can answer honestly, "No. Do you?"

"It's who I am."

"…but you still think fireflies are silly?"

"Well… their asses light up. That's one thing shinobi have over fireflies… unless you're counting Gai's spandex'd one..." Kakashi pauses. "Though I am impressed by the thought of spending your entire lifespan trying to get laid. It's a noble goal."

"You don't have a romantic bone in your body, do you?" Iruka comments lightly.

"Come over here and say that."

And because Iruka knows a lot of things, he does.

It's a beautiful night, after all.

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