Click, Click, Sliiide

Chapter I: Ghost Stories

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The short-fused-orange-haired teen sat there, boringly gazing out of the window wishing the teacher would just crawl under a rock and die.

A small bird had perched itself on the windowsill outside. To Kyou's annoyance, it stared back with it's dark gaze in mockery. Well, mockery to Kyou that is. An insult to him that meant that the bird was free while a huge box trapped his little body with tons of other little bodies……

"Damn you bird, don't make me bit off that feathery head of yours……" he whispered so only the creature and he would hear this.

Tilting it's head to one side, it gave a joyful 'chirp,' and flocked away. The short-tempered cat smiled in triumph and chuckled.

"What is it now carrot-top? Talking to birds? I didn't know your life was this lifeless."

Kyou twitched at the voice he oh-so-hated. He slightly turned around to see a smirking blonde-headed girl with a closed notebook in front of her, signaling her completion of work.

"Shut up Yankee. Not like you have a life anyway," he spat back, not willing to lose another verbal fight.

"Well, all I'm doing is trying to help you," she shrugged, "by letting you know, carrot-top, that talking to birds or menacing them is making you look even lower," she retorted in a hushed voice.

"THAT'S IT!" everyone's attention turned to Kyou as he leaped out of his seat and pointed an accusing finger at Uotani, "WHY CAN'T YOU GO AND BOTHER SOMEONE ELSE! SOMEONE WHO C-A-R-E-S, CARES!"

"Care?" Arisa's voice now echoed through the class as she tried not to laugh, "You seem like you care enough to start SHOUTING in the class."


"Souhma Kyou, Uotani Arisa! Get up this instant and out the door you go! The principal of this school will gladly take notice of your disturbances in class for the hundredth time!"

Uotani just got up emotionless and walked out the door while Kyou was having a hard time. Stomping his way out, shoulders tense and clenched teeth always signaled he was furious. Hana gave a little shock to Kyou.

He spun around to face the psy with a deadly glare but before he could snap any nasty insults, Uo grabbed his wrist and pulled him out of class.

The prince shook his head and continued his work while Tohru gasped and tried to convince the teacher about the punishment.

"Miss Honda! I believe this isn't any of your business! You should feel insulted that they have taken some of your learning time."

Tohru winced at the teacher's strong voice and lowered her gaze.

"It's all your fault Yankee……" Kyou muttered.

"Now, now Kyon-Kyon, don't put the blame on others."

"DON'T CALL ME THAT! Well aren't you angry that you're being sent to the principal's office?"

"……… I've been sent a million times now. Does this make a difference? Let it be a million and one times then, carrot-top," she smirked knowing that her reasonable answers would only make him burn more.

The long corridor directed the sent students to a normal door with black, bold prints on it, firmly confirming the owner, 'PRINCIPAL.' There were a couple of chairs against the wall, probably meant for the students who misbehaved themselves during class time.

During the time they waited, everything fell silent between the two which was pretty rare at times when they were in a place together. Kyou stared absent-mindly on the floor tiles thinking about a certain girl that lived with him. She always took care of his laundry... dinner... and so much more. One day, he'd have to repay her all that... but how? He did have feelings for her, which was hard enough to admit to himself last week. The cat sighed as he glanced at Arisa from the corner of his eye. She too, seemed to be smooched up by thoughts, though the subject remained a mystery.

"This way if you please," a lady who Kyou presumed as the secretary opened the door and led them in. It was fortunately, the cat's first visit to the boss of the school, though HAD to be with his most-hated enemy.

The room was dark and quite spaced out with barely any light. The only luminosity radianting in the room came from the small lamp that reflected upon the desk.

A manly man…… (eew) sat at the high desk with his fingers drumming on the wooden figure of the table.

"Please have a seat," he gestured towards two leathery chairs, "Miss Uotani and Mister Souhma…… I have been notified that for the last few weeks, you two have been a 'pain' to your instructor," he removed the spectacles from his eyes and rubbed his temples.

"Cut the big words already……" Uo-chan muttered under her breath looking away with crossed arms.

"I am taking this seriously, and you shall be punished for such misbehaviors. Now……. A month's detention ought to be enough……"

"WHAAAT!" Kyou bounded out of his seat once again, "A MONTH! WHAT THE HELL DID I DO TO DESERVE THAT!"

"Mr. Souhma, sit down!" he raised his voice, apparently already losing patience with the trouble-makers.

Kyou grumbled but did was he was told. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Arisa suppressing a giggle. The principal's gaze shifted to Uotani, "AND the detentions shall last until ten at night, when I leave!"

Her smile had vanished in a split second as a horrid pale expression replaced it, "wh- But principal sir…… I have a work shift-"

"No excuses tolerated! Starting today, now return to class, and you better behave, or else……." He twitched his eye, which probably tried giving out the message that it was the evil eye.


"NOW!" he hollered. Arisa clenched her fist as she suddenly stoop upright and marched out of the room. Kyou chuckled behind her as he followed too.

The hallway somehow seemed longer than usual as the young ex-gang member sped down not bothering to wait for Kyou.

"Look who's regretting this now!" he sneered, tasting his upcoming victory, "If you haven't kept your mouth shut……"

"Just drop it orange-top," she sighed slowing her pace down a bit. A ringing noise rang through the hall as the lunch bell signaled the school that they could finally take a break.

Screeches from chairs being pushed in and footsteps filled every classroom with students exiting out of them chitchatting away with their friends. They recognized two faces that came their way carrying their lunches. One waved while the other just walked silently.

"Uo-chan! Kyou-kun! What happened? What did the principle say!" Tohru came running to them, carrying her lunch slowly followed by Hana.

"I sensed electrical waves of fury from you Uo-chan…… what happened?" the goth looked at Arisa with her usual blank gaze.

"Just detentions……" The tough female shrugged.

"You're used to them, I'm sure there's more to it,"

"No, just detentions Hana," she smiled, but to Kyou it seemed forced. Tohru's worried appearance didn't change as she nodded, but Hana on the other hand, wasn't one bit convinced. However, no one ever knew what she thought of due to her emotionless eyes.

"Hah! Detentions until te- bop, ouf, OW, HEY!" Kyou had lunged towards Arisa, not caring if he was going to hurt her after that hard hit on the head by a steel pipe (in which I have no idea where it came from).

She took a side step watching the orange-headed boy fall on the ground where she had previously been.

"Coward!" he snarled.

"It's called tactics, no wonder I see you always lose fights against prince."

But before he could retort any snide remarks or comments, Yuki appeared before them and looked down at Kyou.

"Anger management too," he smirked.






BOOM, CRACKLE, sprinkle-sprinkle, silence. A large steel pipe landed on the floor, causing yet again, another huge crater. Little bits and pieces of the floor itself had rained upon the fan girls as they all backed away in fear.

"NEVER, call Tohru-chan like that," the tough ex-gang member whispered to the leader of the fan club.

"I-I-I-I-I-I-I'm n-no-not afffffff-fff-ff-f-f-f-fff-f-f-f-f-f-f-ffffffraid of yeewwwss……." The girl with two pigtails on the side stuttered.

"Stop stuttering, you sound as if you were having a hard time at the bathroom," (not offending anyone o-o just a joke)

A large fire erupted from the fan girl's eyes, "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!"

"Stop looking at me with those eyes pyromaniac. You'll burn the whole school down at this rate, not that I mind much," shrugging she put her hand on her waist and stared down at her, probably looking like the devil to Minami Kinosita, vice-president of the Yuki fan-club.

Minami stood up shaking like a leaf but gathered all her courage and raised her hand. In a split-second, the hand had descended towards Arisa's face. The vice-president closed her eyes so she couldn't see if the Yankee had decided to fight back the hard way, yet nothing came……. Nothing including the impact with someone else's skin. Instead, a hard grasp had clutched her wrist.

"Such a weak try. What an insult to girls," Arisa's smirk got wider as she released the fan girl's hand and walked away leaving Minami gawking on the spot.

"Uo-chan wait!" Tohru called out while running after her as for Hana walked slowly at her pace. Kyou scuffed but walked away from the scene only to be gazed at by many fan girls. Yuki had left too, and now…… the girls were just there…… daydreaming by themselves about either Kyou or Yuki which left a rather awkward silence…….. or disturbing.

"I'VE HEARD YOU GOT A DETENTION UNTIL TEN TONIGHT YANKEE! MAKE SURE THE SCHOOL'S CURSE DOESN'T CATCH YOU!" The president of the fan club had just made her entrance with an empty threat.

The school hours passed by quickly enough, though there was always upcoming pain for the pair.

There were mops equipped with a bucket of water for the floors and dusting-feathery-thingies that were used to, obviously, dust the classes with. Tohru and Hana stayed behind to keep Uotani and Kyou some company but would soon have to leave due to either work, or babysitting their younger sibling.

"I feel evil waves from the teacher……. She's snickering…… and now she just muttered something about revenge……" Hana had muttered monotonely as their instructor closed the door behind her.

"So you have to clean every classroom of the school?" Tohru looked at Kyou and Uo both with solemn expressions, "How long do you have to stay here? I don't think you can be late for your work Uo-chan!"

Kyou snapped back to life, 'so that's why she seemed so persistent about having an earlier dismissal. Feh, not like her parents can't afford their own house. She probably only works to buy cheap stuff……' the short-tempered teen took the mop and stared to cleanse the floor of their own classroom.

Uotani sighed and brightly smiled at Tohru, "don't worry, I won't be. Besides, you don't actually believe that curse of the school is actually true," Kyou gave a small coughing fit as Arisa added another thing to do on her list: kill Kyon-Kyon.

Tohru sighed and smiled unconvincingly, "The curse……. Ah, no, not really…… seems pretty silly that this school used to be a slaughter house back in the days."

Time passed by painfully slow as the pushing, and pulling of the mop got harder to do. Arisa was already on her fifth classroom as for Kyou……. He was already on his tenth though she could bet anything that all of the ones he had done were still downright filthy.

The psychic and rice ball expert had already left a long time ago. She was too weary and annoyed to notice the time.

Slow footsteps could be heard coming towards the classroom in which Uotani was cleaning. The lighting outside didn't help due to winter seasons as for the sun setting early. A thin halo dispersed through the far horizon as darkness reined the city of Tokyo illuminating street lamps.

Usually she wouldn't be afraid of anything that meant harm after all she has been through in her life, but this time, Arisa had to admit it was a bit freaky. The footsteps seemed dragged on the floor with little clicking sounds……

"SHUT UP YANKEE! YOU AIN'T SCARING ME!" Arisa could hear Kyou shout from the end of the hallway while the footsteps were much closer than that……

She gulped and held the steel pipe (that appeared out of nowhere must I add) up high for any intruders.

...flashback wheee into the tunnel of darkness we go. Don't read if you do not like gore, but I must say that you'll feel a TINY bit lost...

It was a dark and gloomy afternoon, much to Arisa's advantage since sunny days weren't the best for her. Many reasons justified that and here it is:

- Too much sun, too bright…… can't……seee……. AHEAD AAAAHHH

- Too many people outside, waaay too hot, very annoyed by people pushing me……… must… kill….. them……

- I feel like I'm missing out on fun.

- Must hit passing people with walking cane…… err I mean steel pipe.

Errm, no okay that wasn't Arisa Uotani's list. It was more like mine but hey XD ahahahaha, no I'm not old. Still a kid, and nopes, not THAT unsocial. Still social………. I feel like everyone's backing away from me :glares:.

Back to fic, here's her REAL list:

- The clouds and darkness usually suit her emotions deep inside,

- This reminds her of the day Kyoko died, so she feels stronger,

- Easier sneaking by people she doesn't like,

- ………. And rain is just plain cool.

Well those were somewhat the reasons but today was a perfect cloudy day with no rays of hope shining down upon Japan. Plus, it happened that Uotani and Hana were staying over at the Sohmas' home for another sleepover organized by Tohru.

"AHA YOU LOST! Now fork over the lottery!" Arisa outstretched her hand expectantly while Kyou's face was tormented by red-fuming-flames-not-to-mention-smoke-from-hell-fire……… Or in other words, his face was burning of fury.


"I followed the rules fair and square Kyon-Kyon, now, as promised……"

The orange-haired boy seemed to hiss while digging out the wallet from his pants, "There! You happy now!"

Uotani smiled and nodded. Suddenly, the power went out as the rain started to pour with flashes of light emitting from the windows.

"Well looks like this is going to be hell of a storm huh?" Arisa nudged Hana who just nodded.

"Yah well I bet you're going to run under the table and cr- OW!" Kyou had rubbed the spot he had been struck on by Shigure who just smiled……. Disturbingly at the girls.

"Have you heard………" everyone turned to Hana who seemed quite eerie at the moment, "of the story called…… click, click, slide?"

Kyou smirked, "Click, click, slide! What the kind of story is that? Tap dancing?"

Hana had ignored his rude comment and went on, "It is a story about a ghost……" she said a bit bluntly.

"Ghost stories…… Please tell Hana-san," Yuki looked out the window where the rain was pouring down eternally as for lightning struck out in the distance.

Tohru had just come back with tea as she sat down and smiled brightly. The psy helped herself to a cup as she started her tale, "There was a family who had just moved into a new house to start a new life. They held a happy life until the night where the husband had lost his job. That day he was furious and tried to hide it from his wife by not phoning her and getting himself drunk at a bar……" she sipped her tea, "Meanwhile at home, the wife had no idea of the misfortune and was peacefully preparing dinner for the both of them. The happy woman was cutting vegetables with a butcher knife when the husband came in seemingly ashamed."

"Some husband……" Kyou muttered.

"Please go on Hana-san," Shigure seemed quite into the tale, though he was a novelist, so it would be most likely.

"Finally the wife had come to hug him but he was too drunk to even notice it was his wife. The husband suddenly started to have a tantrum, throwing everything to the ground out of sheer anger. The wife was screaming for him to stop though he continued. After being severely annoyed by a figure he couldn't seem to remember, the husband made his way to the kitchen and took the butcher knife. His wife had screamed but he took her and started to cut her everywhere, cutting open her flesh and tearing out guts," Hana took another sip and ignored the disgusted looks she was getting from her audience, possibly too gored out to sip their own tea.

"Eep……" Tohru winced.

"The husband had cut her legs off after she had died. He was covered in blood and looked at his lost while finally realizing what he has done. Not wanting anyone to find out about this, he buried her into the sand box in their backyard. Who knows what had happened to the husband after that, because we have found him hacked up into pieces in that house. We say it was impossible for him to do it himself seeing that he would've already died cutting open one leg from blood loss."

"ABOUT TIME!" Kyou's mouth has gone dry from the disgust that lingered on the Psy's words.

"Many years after, when the incident was not mentioned anymore, a new family moved in consisting of a son and mother. When they were unpacking, the mother had told her son to go play in the sandbox behind the house. He nodded and went to go play when he heard, 'click……. click……. sliiide.' Stopping to look around, he saw nothing else than the sandbox. Looking puzzled, he went to go play when he heard once again…… 'click…… click…… sliiide.' He ran back inside to his mother, yelling that there was something out there. She had brushed him off as he was back again outside to play. After hearing it many times again, he ran back inside to tell his mother. Finally losing patience, the mother told him he was to sleep into the garage that night."

"Oh god, poor child……" Yuki muttered. Uotani just lowered her eyes as this whole garage-sleeping thing brought her back memories.

"At night, everything was peaceful, nothing went on but then suddenly the mother heard her son yell from the garage. An ear splitting scream may I add. Opening the garage door, the mother was shocked to her bones, finding her son cut up into pieces. 'Click, click, sliiide."

"ACK HANA! You're freaking me out with the click slide thing! JUST GET ON WITH I- whack, OW! STUPID RAT!"

"The mother turned around. There she was, a mutilated body with a woman's agonizing eyes. The mutilated body advanced…… first with one hand, 'click,' the other hand, 'click,' and finally she dragged her body leaving a bloody trail, 'sliiide.' I guess what happened to the mother is pretty straightforward. I suppose this story is similar to the school's curse," everyone's eyes were fixed on Hana. This WAS a creepy tale and man were they ever going to get nightmares by the little sounds caused in the house.

Tohru gasped but as much as she wanted to be in Yuki's arms, there would be no way he wasn't going to stay human. Instead, she changed the topic, which made everyone sigh of relief including the orange-hell-cat.

"You officially freak me out," muttered Uo to the Psychic as the power came back on.

...end flashback, and out the tunnel we go……...

What the hell was she thinking about! This was more like a plain slide, slide, click to her than a click, click, slide. This was totally unlike of her, to think of this as a tale.


Arisa gasped as she heard Kyou. There was something definitely wrong with the school. The ex-gang member rushed out with her steel pipe only to feel something cold trip her. Falling to the hard ground with a small 'thud.' Uotani swiftly looked up to see a tall figure bending over to her. From the moonlight outside, the light reflected upon something……. Liquid……… to think about it even if she didn't have the time, it looked like blood dripping off his hands. A blade flicked the reflection of light in hid hand as maniac eyes bore into hers. Uotani stared wide-eyes in shock as the hands crept closer and closer……

"What the fuck are you doing Yankee!" Kyou had nudged her with his foot, looking down at her from behind. Arisa gasped and turned around to see Kyou standing there, with his mop protectively on his side. Quickly standing up and looking feverishly around, Arisa shook her head in confusion. The figure was……. Gone. There wasn't even a trace of blood that could've dripped on the floor.

"…….. Wh- Why did you scream Carrot-top?" she said weakly, trying to hide the fact that something had happened to her and trying to relieve herself.

"Uhm, the uh…… I thought I saw someone…… Hey! Stop looking at me like that! I wasn't scared!" he snapped at her while she smirked, "And why were YOU on the floor huh? Tried to lick it clean?"

"I thought I saw someone too…… And no, next time I'm cleaning the floor, I'll be using your face as the wipe!"

He growled at her and sneered, "Don't tell me you were so scared that you decided to fall on the floor and whimper like a mouse," his turn to smirk.

Arisa, on the other hand, didn't seem bothered by his comment, "No, in fact YOU were screaming SO loud that we could hear you from miles away! Talk about being a man……"


Slide, slide, click……… They both froze.

"Where is that principal anyway? He's supposed to be here!"

Light from the moon shone upon the wall lighting up the walls on the corner of the hallway. A weird shadow disturbed the shape of the lighted polygon as it formed itself.

"Think fast," Arisa's fingers twitched.

A/N: ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahah oh gawd. When I was writing the click, click, slide thing I got paranoid. Yes, it's real, okay well not real-life real, but real in a sense that I heard it from multiple people. No, I'm not a wuss, it's just the way my friend told the story that made it really good. Story format with it ain't the best. Some might know about that story. I'm sorry if this fic…….. o-o ish gory……. But uhh……. Heh, enjoy? It WILL be a BIT like the Grudge so heh, hope you like it. Now please press that little button down there to review, they somehow boost my spirit and fingers up.