Author's Note - This story is an au where Gohan has a twin sister, named Mika. It primarily revolves around Gohan and to a lesser extent Mika, and will be Gohan/Videl. It concentrates on how Gohan's mind could have changed after Goku's death, and if it will return to normal (he won't be insane). It begins after the Cell Games, and everything in the story went as it did in the show up until that point. Mika started to train with Gohan when he got back from Namek, and trained for the androids. She also went inside the rosat with Goku and Gohan, I don't care about the two people thing, since Toriyama didn't seem to either, e.g. Buu saga. They discovered girls can't go ssj. I am not a sexist but it just works better for the story, and I'm going with Toriyama who said girls can't. She will be strong though, exactly as strong as base form Gohan. I'm really not sure how long this will be either, but I doubt it will be too long.


Gohan lay on his bed staring into space. His mother's muffled sobs could be heard through the thin walls. She was crying. Again. A week had passed since that fateful day and Gohan had barely moved from his current position since returning home and telling his mother the news. She had tried to keep up with her housework, her cooking, tried to keep busy to take her mind off matters, but it showed how distraught she was.

Gohan mentally cursed himself. It was all his fault, he felt like giving up completely, just ending his life quickly. He had soon come to realise this would not atone for his errors, it would not bring his father back. His father's death had pushed him over the edge. He would never get over this. He would never be that happy, smiling child again. Years of training and fighting in a constant struggle for survival, travelling to far distant planets and witnessing further cruelties of the universe and being so close to death himself on so many occasions had taken their toll on him. He had been able to bottle the feelings up for years, relying on his childhood innocence and good heartedness to banish them to the back of his mind, remembering only the good memories. However, now they had all returned.

He could see the complete indifference to others that Vegeta probably felt, born out of years being subservient to a ruthless tyrant. Who knows what he was forced to endure under Frieza's rule, what horrors had been forced upon him. Gohan was not a fool, even before his innoncence had been stripped away from his mind, he was confident that Vegeta had probably been beaten to to near death, tortured mercilessly and God knows what else by his superiors as a youngster. A person does not go through that sort of life without it affecting them in the long run. It had shaped and moulded him into the uncaring, hate filled being he was know, and he could sense it happening to him know, but to a very different degree.

His sister, his twin Mika was probably faring a little better, she had not endured the same hardships as Gohan from such a young age, only the last three years, in preparation for the androids had she begun to really train, to harness her power, and join the struggle. That was one reason why he had chosen not to destroy himself, he had to be strong for his sister, his mother. His family. That would probably send them both into the darkness he now languished in. It would destroy them both as well. Along with the child that was now obviously inside Chichi, that he had sensed just two days ago.She had not yet discovered her pregnancy, it was still in its early stages, and Gohan had found no reason to tell her yet, it would just upset her so much more, to know she would have a child that would grow up without a father, a father that he had killed through his own stupidity and arrogance.

Gohan herad his mother opening her door, probably getting up to cook the children their meals. It was a job she shouldn't have to do right now. He decided to stirr himself from his vegetative state and give her a hand. He slowly walked over to his door and opened it. He saw his mother walking morosely down the hall to the kitchen. He slipped out of his room and followed her silently. As they both reached the kitchen he decided to make his presence known to her with a slight cough. As she turned he quickly averted his eyes from her gaze and looked down to the floor.

"Are you alright honey?" she questioned in a motherly tone.

Without looking up he replied "You shouldn't be up, you should rest."

She noticed his downward cast gaze "Why won't you look at me honey, you haven't since you've been back, have I done something wrong?"

"Of course not!"

"Then what is it?"

"How can I look you in the eye after what I have done. I killed your husband, my father. I'm a disgrace." He kept his eyes down throughout.

"Don't think like that, I didn't even think you thought that way, none of it was your fault. I don't blame a thing on you, your father's death was almost certain, he died in the other timeline, I think that this was his time Gohan, nothing you could have done would have stopped that, I think that's why he chose to stay dead." She reached a hand out to his chin and forced his head upwards. Gohan decided now would be as good a time as any to look into his mother's eyes. Her puffy, red eyes were showing obvious signs of almost unrelentless crying, but he saw love for him in them, and importantly, forgiveness. It was obvious Chichi had forgiven her son, she truly did not blame him. Shame he couldn't forgive himself. She pulled him into a tight hug for a few short moments and released him. "Now go and find your sister, see how he is, I need to start your dinner." He advanced to the front door to locate his sister. He found her just a few feet from the door. She was sat leaning against the wall of the house with her eyes closed.

"I heard you and mom" she kept her eyes fixed shut. "I can't believe you would think we all blame you." He sat down beside her.

"So you don't blame me either?" She suddenly turned towards him and stared deeply into the eyes they shared, identical to one another. In her eyes he could see the same things as in his mother's, full of understanding, forgiveness, compassion and love.

"Not a bit." She replied simply, turning away, putting her arm around him in a comforting embrace.

"Did you notice mom?" he whispered a few moments later.

"The baby? Yeah."

"Should we tell her?"

"No, not yet, just let it lie for a while. I was thinking, about what dad said, when he spoke to us."

"Which bit?"

"About keeping up our training a bit, keeping our strength and our skills. Just in case."

"Yeah, we should, but not too much, we should study for mom as well."

"Just a bit of light sparring every night or so."

"That should be enough, fighting isn't something I want to be doing constantly anymore, I'm so tired of it mentally."

"That'll be enough for me, but you probably need a challenge, someone to fight at a higher power level."

"I'll be fine just with you."

"In your normal form yes, but you need something more, maybe Vegeta?"

"He wouldn't have any of it! Would he?"

"I dunno, maybe if you tell him it'll help him get stronger, which it will of course. He can't just keep doing push ups in high gravity, that's so boring."

Gohan smirked. "I suppose I could think about it, we'll see. Now come on, let's get inside."

They both rose to their feet and Mika began strolling to the door. She looked round when she noticed Gohan wasn't following. "You coming?"

"In a minute." He looked up at the sky. His talk with his mother and sister had taken his mind off matters, but now he was dwelling on the changes taking pace in his mind. He would have to be strong for those he knew, the ones he cared about. He would try to be happy for them once again, but soon he wouldn't be able to at all, he would just have to be there for them. He thought of the world he had just saved, of the people. That fool Satan had taken the glory, and ridiculed the other fighters who had been present. Gohan didn't care of the glory being taken from him, but he did not approve of the fact that those fools would never know of his father's sacrifice and his friends' efforts. He could feel a deep dislike and indifference to the people of earth in general now. He would still protect them if need be physically, but mentally they could all go to hell, they didn't care so neither would he. He wouldn't care what they thought of him, or what he did. He felt the uncaring, unemotional mask creeping up his face, one that would only grow over the next few years. He knew now for sure. He had changed.