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The explosion was felt by every human being on the planet as it shook it to its core. Only those beings with the ability to sense ki knew what had caused it, and what that meant. Gohan had sacrificed his life for the planet, taking Majin Buu with him, having created just enough power, and the right situation, to do it. But it would be fine, they would be able to bring him to life soon enough. Surely it was just a matter of finding the Dragonballs, wasn't it?

At the moment, all of those that knew what had happened, and those related to them were gathered on the Lookout high above the earth, summoned there by Kai-Oo-Shin, the Supreme Kai. Videl didn't have a clue what was going on, she was dumbstruck by the whole situation. Talk of dragonballs and super saiyans meant nothing to her. All she knew was that Gohan, the one she loved, the only one she had thought she would spend the rest of her life with, was dead, and he wasn't coming back.

"Why can't I do it?" Goku pleaded with the Kai. "I'm already dead for goodness sake!"

"No, Gohan is the one I chose. There will be no other." He stated monotonously. "Gohan knew what he was getting himself into. I know all about the dragonballs and their abilities, and I warned him before he fought Buu. If he died, he would not be coming back. He had the choice not to fight."

"He wasn't exactly the type to just run away. He did what he had to do." Vegeta said. He and Goku had ended their fight after sensing Gohan and Buu's destruction, Vegeta returning to normal soon after the wizard was killed by Piccolo. The two of them felt unimaginable guilt at their actions. If they had not fought as they did, Buu may not have been released.

"Nothing that you say will change my mind. And do not attempt to summon him here with the dragon. I have erected barriers that not even the eternal dragon can breach. Gohan died a hero. Remember him for that." A number of the women were now sobbing, Chichi in particular, who then decided that it was time to faint.

"When I return to other world, will I see Gohan?" Goku asked.

"You will not be returning to other world Goku. This planet needs its protector. With Gohan gone, there is no one."

"But what about Vegeta?" All that was needed for that idea to be thrown out was a snort from Vegeta. Perhaps it was best for Goku to return. All he had to do was travel to New Namek by Instant Transmission and summon the dragon there. "I've been gone for seven years. I can't just walk back into my family's life."

"You will have to try. I'm sorry to all of you, but this has to be done. Come now Kibit, let us go home." Without further discussion, the Kai and his assistant had gone, before Goten had reached them with his own pleas to bring his brother back.

Goku sighed. This was a difficult situation. He couldn't leave his family now, they had just lost Gohan and they didn't need the added pain of him leaving once again. But it would be hard. He couldn't replace Gohan, who had been almost like a father to Goten, he would never be the same. He wished now that he had stayed on earth after he had died. All of this could have been avoided. This was not the time for 'what ifs' though, he had to bring himself back to life.

He attempted to contact Kai-Oo-Sama, telling him to alert the Nameks, ready for him. He was sure that they would allow him to use one of the wishes of the dragon, they had given him a new Kami for the planet last time he was there.


Videl returned home after a few days at the Son's home, her life now altered completely. Her father had probably been looking for her, but she didn't care about him. He was a failure in her eyes now, after discovering the truth about Cell. He wouldn't be too happy about the little surprise that she was about to spring on him. She hadn't yet told anyone directly, she had only visited the doctor to make sure. She felt she at least owed her father the privilege of being the first one she told, but he wasn't the first to know. Mika and Gohan had known, but she had hoped Gohan would be the first she told, the father should be first to know. She wasn't sure if it was a good thing that he had found out before he had died or not.

She landed on the driveway of her father's mansion, ready for the onslaught that would ensue. Opening the large oak doors, she spotted her father asleep in an armchair in the hall, awaiting her arrival. He looked worse for wear, the bruises Gohan gave him still clear on his face. The sound of the creaking door as she closed it roused him from his slumber.

With a loud snort, he shot to his feet. "Videl!" He shouted. "Where have you been! I saw you with that kid at the tournament. You'd better not of been with him."

"He beat you didn't he." She said acidly. "And quite easily I might add. Do you know who he was dad?"

"Something like Gohan, I don't know."

"Well you should. He was that boy from the Cell Games. The one who really beat Cell." Mr Satan stood staring in shock. How did she know that? She moved closer to him, just a foot away. "I thought you were a hero dad." She said, exasperated. "I thought you were a true champion, a saviour. But you're not. You're just a loser." That hit him hard. His daughter calling him that in such an honest fashion, as if she really meant it, hurt.

"And you know where he is know dad?" Tears had begun to stream down her face. "He's gone. He's dead." She sobbed. The man didn't know quite what was going on, so he did all he thought he could do, and enclosed his daughters petite body in his arms, encircling her. She began crying heavily into his chest, soaking his shirt. Had this person meant this much to her? He sank back into his chair, with her in his still in his arms.

Never before had he seen her like this, not since her mother had died, at least. They stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity, before Videl was able to get a hold of herself. She whispered to him slowly. "I'm going to have a baby." There. She had finally said it, and she was now prepared for his reaction.

He stood up sharply, and she dropped back to the floor on her feet, having expected this.

"You're getting rid of it now!" It didn't matter if she had been given this by someone that saved the world, someone that was immensely stronger than himself. All that mattered was that some kid had got his daughter up the duff. He was met with a fist in his jaw, right where the contact that had been made in his fight that knocked him out. He was sent back into his chair, clutching his face.

"This child will be the only thing left of Gohan, and you want to get rid of it! You've already taken away the credit from his victories, now you want to do this! You are a bigger disgrace than I thought." She had thought that there might be a chance he would understand, but it didn't appear to be happening. "If you try to do that, you will never see me again." She said this with deadly assurance in her words, staring him in the eye. He turned away, he couldn't take that look. Obviously she was prepared to sacrifice her relationship with her father for this.

He brought her back into his arms. "I'm sorry. I should not have said that." He whispered into her ear. "Did you love him?"

"Yes." Was all she could mumble into his chest.


Seven months down the line, Videl was sat, legs out in front of her on the lush green grass of the gardens inside Capsule Corporation, one arm behind her back propping her up, one resting on her expectant stomach, that was both a blessing and a burden, left to her to carry by Gohan. Her hair cascaded down her back, she had not had it shortened since he had died. She had been lost for the first few months, she didn't know what to do without him. She was seventeen, expecting the baby in a month's time. She couldn't face school, not as a pregnant teenager, and had taken up homeschooling, but at a slower pace than normal.

She came here every so often, and just sat. A headstone was in front of her, that simply said 'Son Gohan'. It was roughly in the same place as one that had formerly resided here, the one for Goku. That one had been removed, it was hardly appropriate for a living person to have a gravestone.

The last seven months had been insane. Telling Chichi about the baby had been difficult, she had said she knew something was going on, but didn't realise they were that close. Her father had felt guilty about the whole Cell fiasco, and had admitted to the world the truth. Goku had been informed of the press conference Mr Satan had organised, by Videl, and managed to explain to the world that every fighter present had done their equal part, Gohan just dealt the killing blow, and Mr Satan was just stressed from having to keep the whole thing a secret, which they had asked him to. Luckily this prevented the masses from lynching him.

Mr Satan also told of how Gohan had saved them again, but died in the process. He left out the part about his daughter and the boy though, at her request, it was best the entire world didn't know everything about her private life.

She didn't know much about the child growing inside her, only that it was healthy. As was normal for Saiyan babies. That certainly had come as a shock. Chichi felt it was necessary for her to be told the whole truth about Gohan and the others. It did make perfect sense, she didn't know any humans that could change their hair and eyes at will.

Among Gohan's titles, along with him being the person who had finally killed Cell and saved the world from another monster that no one knew much about, was Martial Arts Champion. Since all those fighter that had moved on to the semi finals, or those left in the quarters awaiting their matches, had left, they had been disqualified. The crowds had simply been refunded, and an announcement made that the one who had beaten the former champion would be named as the new champion. That was of course Gohan.

Mr Satan could not remain as champion, despite the disqualifications, as he had lost in the first round, hardly befitting a champion.

She suddenly felt a presence behind her, and a warm hand on her shoulder. "How are you Videl?" Bulma asked.

"I'm fine." She replied. "Do you want me to go?"

"Of course not, you know that you're welcome here anytime." She said down beside the young girl. "He wouldn't want you wasting away like this. You should be getting on with your life."

"I know, but I can't just forget about him."

"You don't need to do that, just think of what it'll be like when the kid comes along. You won't have time to come here then. A baby is a big responsibility, especially for a single mother. Just concentrate on studying or something to take your mind off things, I'm sure you'll want a career. Your father can't take care of you forever. And besides, you'll have plenty of time to think about Gohan when he gets back."

"What do you mean?" She asked, perplexed.

"Well, you can't expect him to stay away forever, can you?"

"But the Kai said-"

"The Kai said a lot of things. Goku came back, didn't he, and we never expected that. Things change Videl. Wait and see." Bulma got up to leave, speaking no more of it. Videl rose to follow her, taking her advice in. She had hoped and prayed he would be back one day. Now she knew that the others thought he would be too.

"Bulma, do you think he had been afraid of death?"

"Before he met you, Gohan was a bit of a miserable bastard. He even admitted to me that he had actually thought of ways to kill himself, which wasn't easy. Destroying the most powerful being in the universe is not an easy task. I asked him that same question once, and you know what he said?" Videl shook her head, not having a clue.

"He said, 'I'm not afraid of dying, just what my mother might find in my bedroom'. He said that with a smile, as if he truly meant it. I think the only thing he was afraid of was leaving people behind alone in the world."


Pan wandered through Satan city park, her black eyes darting about it like a hawk's, waching for trouble. It had been her birthday a few days ago, she was now seven years old. She was told that she was incredibly mature for her age, much like her father had been. She wanted to emulate him, and tried her hardest in everything she did. She heard so much about him from her uncle and grandfather, among others. How strong he was, how clever he was and what a great brother and son he had been.

All she wanted was to meet him. Her uncle had been in a similar situation to her, not having a father for the first seven years of his life. His had come back though. She knew all about how her grandfather had returned for a day, and then been wished back to life. Why couldn't her own father have that privilege. She had grown to almost hate the Kai that had taken him away from her before she had even been born.

Her mother never really spoke of him to her, grandma Chichi said it was too difficult for her to do so, and that she shouldn't ask. Her mother missed him more than anything, that was all she knew. She slept with a picture that held the two of them on her bedside table, and wore one of his old shirts when she went to bed.

As the bench that she normally sat in came into view, she noticed that there was already someone sat there. His face was hidden from her, as he held it in his hands. His hairstyle brought a faint smile to her lips, it reminded her of her father's. Spiky and midnight black.

"What's up mister?" She asked as she approached. He didn't look up, but answered her.

"Nothing kid, just leave me alone, you shouldn't talk to strangers."

Pan stuck her chin out defiantly. The only people that could harm her on this planet were people that she knew. Her weekend training with Grandpa Goku made her one of the strongest left on the earth. Only Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and Goten were stronger than her. She had even surpassed Mika. She had been told that her father was even stronger than any of them, even Goku, adding to her image of him.

"I'm not worried, I can do what I like. Why don't you tell me what's up with you."

The man sighed. "It's just...difficult. I've only just got back into town, and I've been gone a long time. A very long time."

"Yeah, go on."

"When I left, my girlfriend was pregnant. I don't even know if my kid is a boy or a girl. I don't even know if they are even alive." The story sounded like her father's.

"I understand. My dad died before I was born. I don't even know if he knew I was on the way."

"I don't want to walk back into their life, as if nothing has changed, we were younger back then, people change. I've changed. I don't want to cause upset."

"All I know is that if there was a chance for me to meet my father, I would take it without even thinking."

"But what if they told the kid things about me. I know my family would have told them all about me. Built me up into something I'm not. Then when they meet me, they could be disappointed."

"My own family tells me all about my father, but I know that no matter how god they make him sound, he can't be perfect. No one is, everybody should know that. I think that you should go to your family, and at least see how they are doing. Don't just make a decision before you know all of the facts."

"You talk like you're a grown woman. You act far too mature for your age. The pitch of your voice doesn't make you sound a day older than ten." He still hadn't looked at her, and she still couldn't see his features due to his large hands covering his face. He stood, now facing away from her. He wasn't the tallest man she had ever seen, but above her grandfather. He had a powerful and daunting presence that she felt instantly as he stood, and she could sense his ki. It was at a normal level, but something seemed off about it. "Thanks kid." Without another word, he strode off.

"Pan sat there for a few more minutes, thinking about anything and everything, until she decided to take off into the air and flew the short journey home to her grandfather's mansion. She lived there with her mother, who had remained there while she attended university. Videl had taken a number of years off school to care for her daughter in the early years, and had only just begun university.

Flying in through her mother's bedroom window, she landed on her feet by her mother's bedside, where she lay, reading, still under the covers. It was early morning still, perhaps seven o'clock, and she was wearing the white shirt that Gohan had left after the first time he had spent the night.

"I just spoke to someone in the park."

"Who was that?"

"Just some man."

"I told you not to speak to strangers, no matter how strong you are. You're still a little girl. There is always someone stronger than you somewhere." She smiled, remembering the words Gohan had said to her so many years before.

"He looked so sad though, I just spoke to him for a few minutes."

"And why was he sad?"

"He said he'd just got back from a trip, and he wasn't sure if he should see his girlfriend and child. He hadn't ever met the kid. Sounded like my dad."

"Yes, but you're father's not on a trip, he's gone for good." Videl only half believed this herself, Bulma's words from seven years before had inspired her belief that he would one day return for her and the others. She didn't want to give Pan any false hope though.

"Will you tell me about my daddy?" It wasn't often that she used that name for him.

"Why? You hear all about your father when you see your grandparents at the weekend."

"I know, but I want to hear about him from you. I know that it's hard mommy, but I want to know." She only said 'mommy' when she was begging for something.

Videl sighed, and picked her daughter up by the waist. She brought her to sit on her lap in her bed, and got herself comfortable again. She picked up the photograph that stood in its simple frame on her table at the bedside. It was the one Chichi had taken when Videl was learning to fly. Gohan was holding her by the hips high in the air. It was too difficult to make out their expressions, but she remembered as as good memory.

She traced a finger along the outline of Gohan. "There's your daddy." She closed her eyes, tears forming within them.

"What was he like?" She was asking as though she knew nothing about him. In truth, she didn't have a real idea of her mother's opinion of her father.

"He was so strong. Much stronger than the others. But there was so much more to him than that. He was loving, brave, courageous and he cared so much for his family. He would love you so much You know all about the battles he was in with the others, don't you?" She nodded, she heard tales of them all weekend long from Goten.

"Because of those fights, when I first met him he was so miserable and cold, a bit like Vegeta."

"But Vegeta is happy now isn't he? Most of the time?"

"He is now, but didn't used to be. Imagine Vegeta being grumpy all day long, and that was how sad your father was, for years on end. Your father taught me to fly, he was a good teacher. For a while, before he died, he was happy. That's how I remember him. Those two weeks were the best of my life." She had a dreamy look on her face, remembering back to the time.

"Did you love him?"

"Of course I did. The only thing I love more is you. But you know what?"


"I never told him. And I wish I had. We both knew that we were loved by the other, but we never told each other."

Pan held her mother close, as she began sobbing, memories coming back to her. If only she hadn't found out Mika's identity, and made them enter the tournament. Videl often found herself blaming Gohan's death on herself, but the idea was dismissed by his family constantly.

After mother and daughter remained in each other's clutches for a portion of the morning, both falling into an easy slumber, they were roused by an alarm signalling that it was time to finally awaken. Today was the day of the 27th Budokai. After Gohan had ended up as winner of the last one, they had held another only two years after. Mr Satan had won, with all of the z-fighters remaining absent.

This year, however, five years after that one, some of them would be competing. Goku and Vegeta were to participate, along with their sons. Pan wanted to fight too, and Videl had decided it would be all right. After all, Goten had competed in the child's division at the same age. Pan, however would go straight into the main event, there was to be no youth division. Only eight places were available for the finals, and the other three were made up by Piccolo and Mika. The final one would be anoher, outside of the group.

Mr Satan had retired after his win at the 26th, ending his career on a high note. Videl had a foreboding feeling for this day. The stage certainly was set for a possible return, but she didn't want to get her own hopes up.

She travelled to Papaya island with her father once again, along with Pan. He then left them, to join the other judges, while the young mother and her daughter went off to find the rest of the family. They found them in the food court, the Saiyans stuffing their faces, and Pan joining in, despite rigorous etiquette training from her mother and grandmother.

Looking round, she saw all of the assembled fighters and fans, ready for the tournament. Gohan would have hated it, she knew well of his hatred of crowded places, and this certainly was one of them. She silently said sorry to all of the warriors that had come here for the chance to compete. With the seven here that would be competing, only one had a chance to get through the preliminary punch strength test, and after that, no chance of advancing pastt he first round.

As predicted, the seven from the z-fighters' group advanced, and they were now stood in the waiting area, having just chosen the pairs that would be fighting. The one outsider was a man named Prae Validus. The others didn't see what score he got on the machine, but that was hardly a good indication of power. His ki felt odd, but it wasn't anything of note, it just seemed a bit familiar, and almost similar to the Supreme Kai's for some unknown reason. Even Chichi could probably beat him, judging from that.

His black gi was reminiscent of the one Gohan used to wear, but he didn't really look like him at all. He was the right height, and the hair was almost the same, but his face was not. In fact, it was difficult to see his face clearly. Everytime one of them looked at it, it seemed blurred, and they forgot his features the moment they turned away. All they could tell was that he currently had his eyes closed, leaning up against the wall, focusing himself. Poor guy didn't stand a chance.

The match ups posed some interesting fights. The re-match between Goten and Trunks would be a good one, and the fight between Goku and Vegeta was unavoidable. Goku would be the first to fight, facing off against his seven year old granddaughter. Pan started off well, but was eventually pushed out of the ring by Goku, who was clearly having to hold back a lot of power. Vegeta took care of Mika, now a grown woman of twenty-three.

The most furious of battles up until that point came from the fight between the two friends Goten and Trunks. Goten had his sweet revenge on his best friend, as he narrowly managed to defeat Trunks.

The next fight should have been a formality. As Piccolo stood beside his foe, he turned to him. "You don't stand a chance, you know that, right?"The man simply answered him with an amused smirk. Piccolo decided to show him, if he couldn't tell the man.

As they squared off in the ring, Prae Validus simply stood there, unblinking, staring right at Piccolo. The Namek felt like he had felt when he had been in the ring with the Kai. Scared, and deeply worried. He decided he could not forfeit this match as well, he would look a fool. He charged at his opponent, confident it was just nerves caused by these surroundings.

As he launched his furious attack, he found that none of his hits were getting through. Every single one was being blocked. The crowd didn't seem to realise the seriousness of this situation, but the other fighters in the waiting area were gaping. How had a fighter emerged that was powerful enough to challenge Piccolo.

Out in the ring, things seemed even to the untrained eye. Piccolo knew otherwise. He was in trouble. Every time he made contact with this mysterious fighter, he caught a glimpse of the true vastness of his power. If this was a new enemy, they were in deep trouble. His power dwarfed anything he had ever felt before, even Gohan at his absolute maximum before he died would not have compared, nor would Majin Buu. His weel of power seemed almost infinite, and he was being toyed with.

He caught sight of an ever so familar smirk before him, before it disappeared, and he felt a fist lodge itself into his stomach. He dropped to the floor unconscious, now unable to inform the others of what he had sensed.

They stood awestruck at this man's ability, as he strolled back to the waiting area, Piccolo being carted off to the hospital wing, where they would undoubtedly try to cure him of his 'green-ness'. Goten gulped, he would be next to face him. If he had to, he would transform, surely he couldn't stand up to a super saiyan.

After much banter between the two, Goku and Vegeta fought a long, hard battle, using all of the allotted time. The judges seemed to find them even, but found Vegeta more of a threat to their safety, and so declared him the winner. Neither of the fighters appeared to agree with their judging, and vowed to continue their life long battle after the tournament.

Goten now stood facing the ever smirking face of Prae Validus, who said something he hadn't been expecting. "Transform Goten."

"What!" It was something he was prepared to do, even in front of all these people. Most knew of the 'golden-haired warriors', and threats from Vegeta when Goku had told the world, along with Satan, of the Cell Games, convinced people not to find them.

"I want to see how far you have progressed, your maximum. Show me."

Goten prepared himself to transform. A quick look over to the others told him that they were as confused as he was, but a nod from his father reassured him. Trunks and himself had long since resigned themselves to the fact that they would never ascend past a super saiyan, despite harsh training from their fathers. They had neither the desire for power that Vegeta had, nor the need for it that Gohan had had. Goku, of course had both.

With a yell, his hair flashed gold, and his eyes a bright green. The crowd made their usual acknowledgement of the glowing boy before them. The teenager now felt confident in himself, that he could win. "Now what?" He shouted. He didn't need a spoken answer as his opponent launched himself at the boy.

Goten blocked as best he could, but found himself skidding backwards. His foe continued his relentless assault, driving him backwards, until he felt his feet leave ground. He tried to utilise his ki and take of, but was sunk by a heavy blow to the top of his head, sending him to the floor outside of the ring. Apparently he was strong enough to beat a super saiyan.

Worry was now rife in the camp of the z-fighters. If this was an enemy, they were deep in the proverbial. Vegeta, however, was uncaring, and relishing the challenge. So what if he was powerful enough to take down a teenaged super saiyan, he wouldn't stand a chance against a fully grown, ascended super saiyan. How wrong he was. He was put down even easier than the other two, apparently his cockiness was not liked by his enemy.

After this, they were expecting some word of world domination, procurement of the dragonballs, or perhaps the destruction of the planet. But no, apparently Prae Vailidus felt that humiliating them publicly was enough damage for one day to the Earth's 'special forces', and strode out of the arena without so much as a second glance back, much to the horror of the announcer.


Videl lay awake that night. Pan had not been upset at losing, she had only entered for a bit of fun. It chimed 12 o'clock. The day was over, and no Gohan. Thankfully, she had not expected him to appear, and had squashed those feelings so that she would not be disappointed. For a brief while, she had been absolutely certain that the man who had won it was in fact Gohan returned to life, everything pointed to it. But if it was him, why didn't he reveal himself. And if it had been his only day, why had he wasted it fighting under an alias.

Breaking from her thoughts, she heard a tapping at her balcony doors. Damn birds, she'd have to get out of bed and send them off. She rolled from under the covers, and straightened out Gohan's shirt over her body. She usually just wore this to bed, not needing much else, as it fell almost down to her knees.

She moved over to open the doors, but they seemed to be opening on their own. She jumped back when she realised there was a silhouette of a man framed there. He stepped in, his features becoming clearer. It was the winner of the Budokai, Prae Validus, but this time, his face was unblurred, free from whatever spell had masked it from view.

The eyes, the nose, mouth, everything was so familiar but distant to her. Handsome features that she had only seen in dreams for the last seven, almost eight years of her life. She let out a dry sob, almost choking. He moved ever closer, and she was stuck in the same spot.

"It took you long enough." She mumbled to him. She saw him smile as he moved inches from her, towering above her slender figure. His hands moved up to her neck, where they gently rested on either side of her face. She clasped her hands around his wrists, making sure he was real. She could feel tears welling up in her eyes.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there." She knew what he meant, and she half laughed, half cried, out loud, he would need to say 'I'm sorry' plenty more times before it made up for the last seven years of her life without him.

He moved his hands to her hips, and she groaned as they moved down slowly and snaked underneath her shirt. It had been seven very long, very lonely years without feeling those hands over her body. She had plenty of suitors, all of which she had rejected before they even got near, none would ever compare. She held out, in the distant hope he was returning, ever trying to find a way home.

She composed herself, and attempted to loosen the sash around his waist that held his gi together. It fell to the floor, and along with it went the rest of his attire. She moved her hands back to his chest, her delicate fingers once again familiarising themselves with the scars that marked his upper body and the contours of his build.

Videl stood on her tiptoes to kiss him, but he lifted her gently off the ground instead, kissing her softly along her throat and neck, savouring her soft, skin. She appeared even more incredible to him than he had ever remembered, with her long, silky ebony hair flowing down her back and around her shoulders, her fully developed, long legs peeking out from underneath the large shirt. She stayed there, inches off the ground, their foreheads pressed together again.

He had waited for so long, he couldn't be sure if this was actually real. He wondered if she thought he was just returned for the night, for her. He would tell her tomorrow that he was here for good this time, for all of them. He had a daughter to meet.

"Bit cliche isn't it? Coming in through the balcony again." She whispered. It was something she actually had always enjoyed. It made it seem so much more risky, like it was forbidden for them to be together, which it had been by her father's enforced rules.

"I wouldn't want your father to find out, would I?" He slowly set her down back on the ground, onto her shaky legs, his hands moving up to the buttons of the shirt, which he promptly began unfastening.

"You certainly wouldn't."

"You know what? I think I left my shirt in your bedroom."

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